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Romantic Gestures

Author: Lauren Coleman

I wouldn’t say I’m one for romantic gestures. To be honest some forms of soppiness and public displays of affection really make me feel ever so queasy, however I succumbed a couple of weeks ago and probably committed my most romantic endeavour to date.

James had been in New Zealand for ten days with work. I absolutely hated it when he was away last time and so this year had a diary packed with social engagements, work commitments and project management of the new patio. To be honest the time flew though I have to note I really did miss him.

Anyway on one of these said social engagements I was chatted away in my friend’s back garden and she happened to ask how James was getting home from the airport. He was planning on getting the train back. (After a 30 hour flight – what a glutton for punishment). Love Actually was mentioned. The seed was sown and by the end of the evening I decided I’d journey down to Heathrow to surprise James on his return.

Now as the time grew nearer a few holes began to appear in my plan. I realised I didn’t know his flight number, arrival time or the terminal which I’m sure you’d all agree was kind of central to my plan. Lottie’s husband, Edd actually suggested I forget my idea as it was so flawed. This only made my will to do it stronger 😉

Some strong detective work later (eat your heart out Columbo) unearthed the details of his first flight, I deduced the details of the connecting flight and the next day I found myself in arrivals at Heathrow Terminal 3 – the location for THAT scene in Love Actually.
I’ve been making some chalk boards for a clients wedding so actually knocked up my own sign too, which unfortunately got very scratched in my bag. I realise folks normally use these to draw attention to passengers they’ve never met but I felt it added to the whole set-up. However I actually felt like a bit of an idiot holding it in the end.

Nervously I waited. What if I was at the wrong terminal? What if he’d already got on the train? How much was this short stay car park actually going to cost? Thankfully I had the right flight and half an hour later James appeared. We met. We hugged. I cried and then James exclaimed “What are you doing here?” Well I thought that would be obvious?!

The Rock My Ltd team WhatsApp group rejoiced. The girls were really rooting for me and as Charlotte replied to my updates she declared #LoveWins. And it does indeed.

Any romantic gestures you’d like to share? Have you ever taken yourself by surprise by making some form of love declaration? Let’s all feel the love.

P.S You can actually park in Heathrow long stay for two hours for free if the mood ever takes you to do something similar.

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17 thoughts on “Romantic Gestures

  1. What a cutie! This is such a lovely thing to read 🙂 you’re a girl after my own heart, tell me I can’t do something and I’ll show you how well I can manage it! 😉
    For us, it’s the little things. Like you, we’re not keen on big gestures. Bits like bringing home a sweet treat on the way home from work.

    1. Charlie I’m so with you on the little things. Nothing makes me feel more loved than finding my car window has been scraped on an icy winter morning. 🙂

  2. Love this!!! 😍 Great detective work Columbo! 🔎 Must have been such a surprise for James! Definitely got me feeling the love and thinking I must try harder! xx

  3. Lauren this is so lovely! Sometimes you need to let yourself get caught up in the romance.

    Totally agree on the small things…this week it was coming home to a choc dip and watching some trashy tv! x

    1. Now when you say choc dip Clare do you mean those KP dip with sticks on one side and chocolate on the other?! If so amazing. If not, also amazing as dipping chocolate of any description is immense.

  4. That is so lovely, I just want to send it on to people to say: “see!!!! Romance isn’t dead. It doesn’t have to be the guy that makes all the romantic moves and gestures!”

    I agree with the little things. The big romantic gestures are sweet, but who doesn’t love the everyday love that is the favourite chocolate bar at the bottom of the shopping bag, just because they thought of you midway round sainsburys. It might not be a weekend in Rome but it’s cute.

    1. It’s downright adorable Amelia. Nothing sweeter than being surprised with your favourite chocolate. We don’t need diamond rings – Cadbury’s will do nicely x

  5. I’m usually the last to leave the house and the first home, always with my son in tow, so on the rare occasions hubby gets home before me and parks on the one car drive, a romantic gesture for me is getting up the next morning and finding he took 5 minutes to move my car onto the drive when he left so I don’t have to walk down the road with my bags/nursery bags/2year old in tow. It just shows he is thinking of us and trying to make our mornings a little bit easier

  6. I love an airport greeting! We were long-distance for 3.5 years and there’s just no better feeling when you’ve battled through arrivals than seeing a gorgeous smiley face greeting you, even if they’re just keeping you company on the airport bus! Xx

  7. Aww that’s sweet! We don’t do grand guestures (unless you count a proposal at the top of the Empire State Building at sunset! The boy did good) we tend to just pick up little treats – usually food orientated! But Rob did do really well last year, I came home from a rubbish day at work to a bath waiting for me with a Lush bath bomb, flowers, wine and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It was amazing.

  8. So lush!! when our daughter was born my husband was still working in a global role and had to fly back and forth New York for 5 day stints – when our baby was 5 weeks old, the maths was hard… i knew he could wait to see me, but not Cassie, so i got up super early (hell, who am i kidding i was already awake all night!) and managed to bath her, get her changed and leave the house to arrive on time. In the place of a pretty chalkboard with his name on it (love the typography by the way!) i had little Cassie all cwtchy-and sleepy in Heathrow Terminal 3 and i have honestly never scored so many wifey-points!!

    Love reading all these random acts of kindness (and love!)

    Soppy sod i am!


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