Rock My Room 2017 {Week One}

Author: Lolly Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Last Monday I shared the first post in the new Rock My Room series which will be gracing the pages of the blog every Monday for the next few weeks. I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to all of your comments on the day the post was published; I’d escaped to the Cotswolds for a short break to celebrate my birthday but I’m thrilled to hear/read that so many of you are playing along with your own DIY projects.

I thought it would be helpful to share a bit of inspiration for both bathrooms before I launch into what I got up to in the first week of the challenge. We initially considered using the same colour palette in both bathrooms before deciding that this would be far too easy and that we’d really like to make things that much harder for ourselves by choosing a completely different look in both rooms. Insert eye roll here.

Ste and I both love marble bathrooms, statement baths and beautiful brassware. But with a limited budget and minimal space as well as factoring our time constraints into the mix we knew that we weren’t going to be able to have the bathroom of our dreams in this house. We’d do a very good job of getting close to it though. With this in mind we knew we wanted a statement bath and double sink with some soft off-white tiles in the family bathroom and then a decadent walk-in shower with an all-grey colour theme in the other bathroom. As the shower would pretty much take up all the space at the end of the room there would only be space for a single sink.

The below is what we were hoping to channel…

The Tiles

Given that the shower room is likely to be the domain of Ste and I for a few years (here’s hoping anyway) we decided that this was where we were going to channel the opulent vibe. Think grey marble and a fancy walk-in shower. I’d ordered samples of tiles prior to beginning this challenge and the only ones that I was really impressed with in our price range happened to be from Topps Tiles.

Ste and I decided that it would be a sensible idea to actually go and see multiple examples of the tiles in the flesh rather than just relying on a single sample in isolation. So that’s what we did last week. After much umming and ahhing and a huge amount of patience exhibited by a lovely man at our local Topps Tiles store in Kings Heath (thank you Nick!), we finally settled on the following tiles for the bathrooms. I have to say, before I go on, that I was so incredibly impressed by the service I received when picking the tiles, the choices on offer and the amount of knowledge that all the staff possessed, that I felt really rather assured walking out of the store.

In the end we picked some off white large tiles in an tumbled finish called Nimbus Limestone for the floor and wall behind the bath in the family bathroom. We’ve also opted for the Dorsaf Tumbled Tile for the floor in the shower room with these grey Lemon marble mosaic tiles in the shower. The shower room will have chrome and the bathroom hopefully will have matte black fittings respectively. I really wanted to go for hexagon shaped tiles on the floor but Ste talked me out of it and I can’t decide whether this is a good or a bad thing yet…

The Fixtures & Fittings

Ok so we did cheat a little bit and purchased our bath before Christmas last year. We opted for the mini Picasso design from Lusso Stone and whilst we were there we also bought this double basin to match. They’re all made from resin which gives them a soft, matte feel but which means the bath is ridiculously heavy. So heavy in fact that we’ve had to take the bannister and spindles off the stairs so that we can slide the damn thing up towards its final position. I’m actually a bit worried about whether it will come through the ceiling below.

Despite this initial sneaky buy we still had to purchase two toilets, another single basin, three sets of taps, a floor standing bath tap and all the fixtures and fittings required for a walk in shower which has meant I’ve spent the last week at my laptop ordering various bits and pieces like this toilet and this basin for the shower room. I won’t bore you with the details of each of the individual components right now but suffice to say we have managed to fit the shower tray this week and bribed the plumbers to come in and fit the cisterns for the toilets and the radiators on the walls. The rooms feel like they’re beginning to take shape.

What Next?

We have the tilers booked in for next week as well as putting our carpenter on standby to hang doors and fit architraves. I think next week will mark some real progress where the plastered boxes will start to begin to look like actual bathrooms. I’m so excited!

How are you getting on over at your pad? Anyone rocking their room during February and March?

Author: Lolly
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.
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20 thoughts on “Rock My Room 2017 {Week One}

  1. Your inspiration posts are so chic! Just a small point – we have small white hexagonal tiles on our bathroom floor and it does look pretty awesome.. Just saying!

    We’re about to embark on a full kitchen redesign (fingers crossed) but not in time to play along this year which makes me sad..

    Good luck with it all, I can’t wait to see the finished result!

    1. Ahhhh thank you Jennifer. The pressure is on now to try to make it look half as decent as the inspiration! I’m feeling like perhaps I should have pushed the hexagon tiles now but with the mosaic in the shower we thought it might have been a bit much. Maybe I could think about it for the downstairs toilet instead….

      1. You should! I actually think they work better in a small space. Our bathroom is quite small.

        Our downstairs toilet – currently a rather fetching avocado suite – is also on the list for this year. I already have the Fired Earth tiles for the splash back and a lovely black matte tap.. None of the practicals like sink or toilet though..

        1. I actually bought our tiles for the utility room (Fired Earth also!) as one of the first things for the house two years ago! Ste rolled his eyes at me at the complete impracticality of such a purchase. I still love them though!

        1. Yes those i have pinned and were the inspiration for my hexagonal tiles fixation. i like theirs as they are quite organic looking, being slightly uneven. My partner isn’t in love with them though so the search continues!

  2. Love this inspiration! I love the grey, it’s just gorgeous. And imagining walking into a luxury hotel style shower after a good few years of hopping over the bath…!

    Progress was rapid last week- the room has its new ceiling and floor, first fix electrics and plumbing and the plasterboard is in. Ensuite stuff coming today, hopefully being plumbed in and tiled this week- then plasterer, and paint next weekend…. maybe??

    And no sign of baby… yet…

    1. Wow Lucy! You’re hitting this hard!! I’m so excited for you. I’ll most likely be hitting the painting next weekend too so I’ll be thinking of you when I have paintbrush in hand. Keep those legs crossed xxx

  3. Loving the inspiration Lolly. And look… you have actual rooms in your house!

    I’m rocking two rooms but not to such extremes. Just finally getting round to the finishing touches of our bedroom and E’s nursery. Bare bulbs and wires hanging out of the walls are gone in our room, replaced with a glass and marble ceiling pendant and some wall lights (which in hindsight are too big, so I either need to sort that out or get used to it!) This week im FINALLY painting the furniture X

    1. I know Karen! Actual rooms!! I’m still amazed every time I walk in and look at them. So excited to see the finished look in your own RockMyRoom project too!

  4. We have just purchased a new house and are in the process of full house redecoration and single storey extension, very lucky to be renting whilst the work is being done! Your bathroom sounds similar to what I have planned so loving the monday blog updates, can’t wait to see the end result for a little inspiration for my’n. Good Luck x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Jo – hopefully my bathroom will be up to scratch at the end of the four weeks! Here’s hoping anyway!

  5. Love this inspiration! I love the grey, it’s just gorgeous. And imagining walking into a luxury hotel style shower after a good few years of hopping over the bath…! it does look pretty awesome.Thanks for the post

  6. Love this makeover, and am especially obsessed with those marbled grey hexagon floor tiles. Where are they from?!

  7. We are planning to build a new home here in the Texas and planning to move in by next year. Anyways, thank you for sharing this.

  8. Great inspirations! I’m just after freshly renovated bathroom and I going to stores looking for interesting additions. I think I will use something from you, I unfortunately do not have the ability to arrange interiors 🙁 Regards.

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