The grand reveal of Rock My Room 2017. Lolly shares the result of this DIY challenge to transform two rooms into functioning bathrooms. Image by Adam Crohill.
Shower Room
Shower Room
The grand reveal of Rock My Room 2017. Lolly shares the result of this DIY challenge to transform two rooms into functioning bathrooms. Image by Adam Crohill.
Bathroom Details
Bathroom Details
The grand reveal of Rock My Room 2017. Lolly shares the result of this DIY challenge to transform two rooms into functioning bathrooms. Image by Adam Crohill.
Shower Room Details
Shower Room Details
The grand reveal of Rock My Room 2017. Lolly shares the result of this DIY challenge to transform two rooms into functioning bathrooms. Image by Adam Crohill.
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Rock My Room 2017 {The Reveal}

Author: Lolly Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Blimey. It feels like it’s been AGES since the last update. In fact it was four weeks ago to the day that I shared Week Three in this year’s Rock My Room DIY challenge. I left you with unpainted walls, toilets that were still not on the walls and a pile of boxes of accessories that still had to find their homes.

In the interests of complete honesty I want to hold my hands up and say that what should have been a four week project actually turned into six. I’m gutted as I wanted to meet the deadline but some elements just were beyond my control – I’m looking at you toilets! But overwhelmingly I feel relief. Relief that the bathrooms are both complete and that means two rooms in my humble abode are now ticked off the list!

I shan’t delay any longer…let’s get down to the business of bathrooms.

Shower Room

Let’s start with the shower room. Perhaps my favourite room of the two although only by a teeny margin. I mentioned in my last post that we were pretty much set on the paint colour ‘Cotton 2‘ from The Paint and Paper Library which indeed is what we painted the room in complete with ‘All White’ eggshell paint from Farrow & Ball on the woodwork. We felt that this complemented the Topps Tiles ‘Dorsaf Tumbled Grey‘ tiles on the floor, skirting and splash back behind the basin and the marble mosaic tiles in the shower.

I was also convinced that this mirror from The White Company would be perfect above the basin but by the time we had installed the full length cabinet from HiB (which is to the left of the basin) the wall was beginning to look cluttered and busy so I had a rethink and ordered two bespoke 4mm thick mirrors from our local glaziers (one for the shower room and the other for the bathroom) which was smaller and plainer. My only regret? That our very helpful chippy didn’t wait for Ste to put the mirrors up…I really wanted a gap between the top of the tiled splash back and the mirror itself but obviously it’s too late to rectify at this stage.

In terms of accessories I’d visualised a picture shelf above the toilet which I ordered from shelf direct since the Ikea versions aren’t available in the length I needed for the space. I popped on a print I’ve had for a little while and a candle to boot.

The wicker basket, candles and lacquer square tray on the window sill are all from The White Company. I’d accumulated them over the process of doing up the house so was very relieved when they all complemented each other when pulling the room together.

The toothbrush pot and marbled lidded pot were both from my new favourite online store Urbanara and the marble hexagon shaped vase is from Anthropologie.

The amazing ebonized ash stool was purchased for me from Head and Haft by Ste for Christmas which I intended to place in our dining area once the kitchen was complete but I actually really love it and knew that it would be the perfect perch in the shower room. I think it adds the perfect contrast to the greys in the room.


I mentioned in my last post that we’d decided on ‘Yes Your Honour‘ from Fired Earth for the walls. I love how in some lights – particularly in the morning it picks up the grey in the grout between the limestone tiles but over the course of the day it becomes softer with the sunlight.

All details on the bathroom fittings are all in previous posts so it’s worth checking them out if you’re after more information on them. In terms of accessories I ordered another Head & Haft stool for the family bathroom – Ste and I always spend bath time with Hector together chatting over the bubbles and generally getting soaked by his over exuberance – so it makes a handy perch for one of us. The row of hooks was from Ruby Roost – as was the porcelain Mason jar on the window sill.

The bathmat (hanging on the radiator) is from Urbanara as is the toothbrush pot. I also decided to add a touch of the personal by adding a favourite picture of Hector on one wall and one of Ste and I from our engagement shoot above the toilet. The round white ball vase is from Cooee Design.

So that’s it. The culmination of six long weeks of work condensed into one blog post. I really hope you like it as much as I do. I’ve tried to link to as many of the items in the rooms as possible within the post but do let me know if you’d like to know where anything else is from.

From the feedback we’ve had, it seems the Rock My Room series has been a hit and I hope to share more of our home as it develops here on Rock My Style. I’ve loved seeing how your own DIY exploits are coming together so please do continue to share your updates through the #RockMyRoom2017 instagram hashtag; we’re a nosy bunch!


Images by Adam Crohill

Author: Lolly
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.
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60 thoughts on “Rock My Room 2017 {The Reveal}

  1. Morning! They both look brilliant – very stylish and minimalist! Do you have a sneaky storage solution in mind for when you move in and Hector’s bath toys make an appearance? We’ve just done our bathroom and Juliet’s toys are still fully on display, which I don’t mind really. A friend of mine, however, has limited her two sons to a small white duck each to play with in the bath in keeping with the colour scheme. They are 7 and 5 but I still think that shows supreme dedication to the cause!

    Off to check out Urbanarara now..

    1. Two white ducks?!

      We tend to let our little one’s giant mass of bright plastic take over the bath, but picked up some rustic wooden crates from Homesense to chuck them all in when we need to restore calm. They do the job pretty well x

    2. Ahhhh Jennifer that’s so kind of you to say so; thanks very much lovely. Re the toys…what toys? Ha! I jest. Well for a start, it will be rare for Hector to use our shower room all that much – it’s not that he won’t be allowed in there but he does tend to favour a bath over a shower so we don’t need to worry about storage too much in there. In the other bathroom we do have quite a bit of space behind the bath because of its shape so it’s likely that I’ll buy some handy storage and keep them in there for when I’m after a bit of serenity. On the whole though I really don’t mind his toys all that much – I suspect that most of the time they’ll be left out on display or cluttered in the bottom of the bath! As for your friend? A small white duck…? Do the boys mind?

      1. On the two white ducks point, I should clarify that she said they were passed the stage of playing with toys in the bath now preferring to wrestle each other so she felt the bath toys could go, and they’ve not minded at all! I just thought it was funny..

        We have thesewhite plastic IKEA tubs at the moment full of toys but I am liking the sound of the wooden crates.. Who doesn’t love a trip to Homesense?!

      1. Elle only has two tiny bath toys, she makes them surf on the shampoo bottles! This wasn’t deliberate, but she’s never been really fussed about having loads to play with in the bath, I think it depends on the child xxx

  2. Oh Lolly, look… You have bathrooms!!! You have ROOMS!

    They’re exquisite. Absolutely perfect. Can’t wait to see how you’re cracking on with the rest of the house. The end is well and truly in sight for you

    (Also off to shop Urbanana)


    1. Karen! I know actual rooms. I wondered if this day would ever come but here we are! Thanks for all your lovely comments gorgeous…lots more to come on the rest of the house very soon. We have a painter in upstairs from this week – Ste and I just don’t have the time to do it all ourselves so I’m hoping by the end of April the only thing left to do upstairs will be carpets! And I’ve chosen those too! Have fun looking at Urbanara!

  3. Lolly, they look bloody gorgeous. So you and utterly perfect. I am in awe of you doing these so quickly. Even six weeks is an accomplishment. It takes me at least three months to decide on a paint colour! Love the idea of putting photos in the bathroom. I’m a huge fan of having photos up but had never thought of the bathroom. Let’s hope the rest of the house follows as quickly and you can soon be soaking in that shower. xx

    1. Ahhh Lottie you are so very lovely. After a mammoth three years, it’s about time that something went a bit more quickly at that house! I think the pressure of having to meet a deadline meant that things like choosing paint colours and accessories was a much quicker process than it would usually be. That said we’ve also had to choose all of our paint colours upstairs too as I want this all complete by the time our kitchen goes in during May. Fingers crossed things everything else is as speedy! As for the photos…I figured well if you can have prints why not framed photographs of the family?

  4. WOW!!! Serious bathroom envy; these both look fabulous. Very serene. Like Lottie I love the photos adding a personal touch. Congratulations on a job expertly done!
    And I must admit after this feature and Friday’s piece you’ve got me thinking about Topps Tiles for my upcoming hallway renovation, I never would have considered them before but they have some great stuff!

      1. Haha Nancy. Don’t worry – we believe you. As for Topps I have to say that I’ve been really impressed with both the quality of the tiles and their customer service. Even our tilers commented on how lovely the tiles were aesthetically but easy to lay too so I would highly recommend them!

  5. I absolutely adore these bathrooms. If I hadn’t already done my own bathroom two years ago, I would definitely use these as inspiration. No, that’s a lie, I’d blatantly copy them 🙂 I can’t believe you are disappointed with a six week turnaround for two rooms. I have now had tester pot paint on my living room walls for three years. I’m so used to it that I don’t understand what people mean when they come over for the first time and ask which colour we’ve chosen.

    Do you store things outside these rooms? I have packed as much storage as possible into my bathroom and it still overflows. I love the look of these sinks but I had to go for one with drawers underneath to hold everything. I’m hoping to add a downstairs loo sometime soon. They can be inspiration for tht instead 😉

    1. Bless you Jade! I’m currently sporting a rather fetching shade of crimson after reading your comments.When you mention storage do you mean for bottles of shampoo and that kind of paraphernalia? Or do you mean something else instead? We’ll be using the full length mirrored cabinet for the majority of storage in the shower room and I imagine that the odd bottle of baby shampoo/bubbles will find a home on the window sill in the bathroom. Apart from toys there isn’t much else I would need to store in the family bathroom so no substantial storage is needed really.

      1. Ha Lolly you know I just had to go back and look at the pics again – you get such a good reflection of the shower tiles in the mirror cabinet that I didn’t even notice it was there! Really gorgeous rooms, excellent work!

      2. Haha, I didn’t spot that cabinet either! Perhaps I just have way too much stuff. I do like to stock up on supplies at home bargains 😉 I have at least two backup products so we don’t run out. I bought about eight huge bottles of fairy washing up liquid at Wilkos a few years back when they were on offer. My husband mocked me at the time but we haven’t had to buy any since 😀 I meant things like spare loo roll, plasters, creams… Where do you keep clean towels and cleaning materials?

        1. Love a back-up supply and I have to say that I’m the same – I like to have a back up of pretty much every product going. Nothing worse than running out of something!
          Ok so in terms of towels, spare loo roll etc we have a huge walk in cupboard in the front bedroom which I’ve asked my chippy to create some shelving for. It’s probably the same as a small walk-in wardrobe if I’m honest.We’ll keep everything ‘linen’ related in here…so bedlinen, towels, spare duvets, blankets and so on. The spare loo roll will find its home in here as well and if I’m really pushed for space on the bottles front in our big cabinet then I’ll probably buy a nice crate/basket and keep some in here too. With cleaning materials – these will stay in the utility room downstairs. I couldn’t run the risk with leaving them out in the bathrooms and Hector getting into them. And plasters….they’ll be in the first aid box in the utility also. Hope that helps?

          1. How nosey am I? But thanks for answering anyway 🙂 I find the way other people run their households to be fascinating. And I love the sound of your cupboard. I have cupboard envy now.

            1. Haha! You’re welcome Jade…I promise to get Adam to photograph the cupboard for you when it’s all finished for you to have a nose at xxx

  6. They look amazing, love all of the details! Love how light and bright they are.

    We have just finished our bathrooms (x2) but I am yet to properly accessorise. Please can I ask where the bins in the bathroom are from? I am finding it hard to find a bin!!

    1. Thanks Rachel – one of the things Adam (who came to photograph the bathrooms) mentioned was how light and bright the bathrooms are which is such a bonus for putting on makeup etc! I think it’s the two brand new windows we had put in which have helped to transform the place. The bins are from the white company – they aren’t cheap but if you use discount code AP654 then you’ll get 20% off xx

      1. Brilliant, thank you! I love light, bright bathrooms – we have just moved from having a windowless “ensuite” in our rented property – it wasn’t a nice place to be! xx

  7. They both look amazing Lolly! I love the sinks and all the little touches, so stylish and serene. Pinning everything for future inspiration! We’re just about to move (hopefully) and the whole house needs doing except the bathroom, it was done about 2 years ago but not really my taste. I’ll have to live with it for a while but I’ll be coming back to these photos when I do get to change it! Hope the rest of the house is coming along, can’t wait to see it x

    1. And I can’t wait to show you either Sarah! Good luck wth your impending move…you never know if the whole house needs doing then you might find you end up doing the bathrooms at the same time just because it’s easier! Thanks for all your compliments – it’s so lovely to hear others like it as much as we do xxx

  8. Hi Lolly, they both look incredible. Could you tell me where your radiators are from? We are currently in the process of having our tiny en suite done x

  9. I love the warm pink tones in the big bathroom! And the bath! The bath! It’s so gorgeous. Love the subtle mosaic in the shower room too, and the Paris print. It’s so subtly a family bathroom and a more streamlined shower space- very clever.

    And six weeks for two rooms, and bathrooms to boot? Seriously impressive. Our spare room and ensuite have electricians in today but we’ve had to cancel carpets and tiles for another couple of weeks thanks to a plasterboard cock up. Ugh… I will keep using the hashtag until it’s finished though- whenever that happens… at least the staircase is now in in the barn and there are WINDOWS coming in a fortnight!!!

    1. Hi Lucy – it’s weird how the pink tones come out as I’d say the bathroom is more yellow/white than pink to the naked eye. I guess the sunshine has that effect on the bathroom.
      It’s so frustrating isn’t it when you have to delay something – I take my hat off to you doing all your refurbs with a toddler and a newborn. You’re a miracle woman. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything else goes smoothly and HURRAY for windows and staircases. Keep those photos coming xxx

    1. Thanks gorgeous girl! I’m thrilled with them and looking forward to sharing more as the house progresses xxx

  10. They both look gorgeous, Lolly!! You guys have done a fantastic job, they both look super light and airy.
    We’re hopefully buying a newish build (2013) with four bathrooms (each bedroom has an ensuite, I mean it’s nice but feels slightly overkill) and they’re all quite modern and fine but a bit personality-less if you kwim! You’re giving me lots of fab inspo for how we could quite easily put our own stamp on them xx

    1. Thank you lovely Kate! And hurray for a potential new home! I’m so glad I’ve been providing you with some inspiration for your four bathrooms (I’m so envious!!) – it’s really very easy to turn a white bright space into a more private place packed with personality. I do like a nice soap bottle and of course lots of vases/pots for blooms. Candles are always a hit and finally add a print or two…I tend to keep them away from the steamiest of areas so as to reduce any damage to the prints/photographs inside. Hope that helps lovely xxx

      1. I hadn’t even thought about putting a print up, will def do that. And candles! Perfect for decor and adding to the ambience when I have a bath (which is once in a blue moon as I have a one yr old but let’s ignore that!). Thanks Lolly xx

  11. Probably an odd question and they’re blatantly going to turn out to be real… but are the pink blossom branches (sorry I have no botanical knowledge!) real or fake? They’re gorgeous and if they’re fake I need to know where they’re from? And if not I may have to hack one of the trees in our garden! X

  12. Hi Sara they are indeed real – I’ve been informed by a lovely lady on Instagram that they are Flowering Currant – and I pinched them from my mama’s garden on the day of the shoot. They smelt amazing too. Good luck with your hacking!

  13. Lolly – 2 questions if I may, one is where you got the taps for the basins from? and secondly how much space you left around the back of the freestanding tub – cant figure out how much room I need to leave

    1. Hi Claire – do you mean the taps in the shower room or the bathroom? If it’s the shower room then we got them from Bathstore. The bathroom taps were Crosswater Kai Lever Wall-Mounted 2 Hole Basin Mixers which I would recommend tapping into google and seeing who has the best price for them at the time. Usually you can find a discount voucher for them too which is what we did. Our shower head and shower valves were also by Crosswater. I wouldn’t know exactly how much room we left for the freestanding tub but I would hazard a guess at 20/25cm as this was how big the base of the floor standing tap is which is situated at the back. Hope that helps xxx

  14. Looks gorgeous Lolly. Now the bathroom is done, is it how you visualised it?
    Could I ask where your shower tray is from and specifically which one it is. I am super fussy about shower traps….

    1. P.S I love the wooden tooth brushes, now to find an aesthetically pleasing toothpaste…… do they even exist……

    2. Hi Laura….good question. Yes and no. The shower room is pretty much how I visualised it…but slightly better in that the room feels bigger than it did originally which is always a bonus. And I’m really glad I stuck with my gut and went dark when several people really wanted me to stick with a neutral colour palette. It’s given me the confidence to trust myself more. Unfortunately the toilets are lower than they intended to be…only by a couple of cm but it does make a huge difference to the aesthetics of the room.

      The bathroom isn’t how I visualised it. That’s not to say I don’t like it because I really do but grout-gate meant that we really had to step back and rethink the colour scheme. It was going to look quite clinical before with stark whites and black taps but we changed this up in favour of chrome fittings in the end. The other thing that slightly bothers me is that there seems to be a big expanse under the window. It feels a bit bare but I’m not sure what I would put there….Oh and obviously I would have preferred a gap between the splashback and the mirror. But these are all small things and I’m sure with time I’ll not even notice them.

      Re the shower tray? I’m notoriously fussy too…we were limited by our dimensions in that I wanted it to span the width of the room and be quite wide too…Here’s the product…

      Merlyn Mstone 1600 x 900mm Rectangular Shower Tray & Waste

      I’d recommend googling it for best price on the day as mentioned in another comment above xx

    1. Pfff – you don’t need my help interiors queen! I have every faith that your bathrooms will be stylish and fabulous! xxx

  15. Lauren, they are absolutely stunning!!! My favourite is the bath – how dreamy is that. You should be so proud. I’m going to be pinning like mad for when we next move/redecorate! Xxx

    1. You are far too kind Hannah and I’m feeling very flattered indeed because I LOVE your style!

  16. Both bathrooms are gorgeous – and huge thanks for the link to Urbanara – never come across them before but I suspect they are set to be a very firm favourite source of homey stuff (rugs, toothbrush holder, bed linen, more rugs …).

  17. I am so in love with these rooms! Currently trying to persuade my husband we need this bath but he is concerned about dust and stuff falling behind to space we can’t reach to clean/dry. Have you had this problem? Also can I ask which internal doors you have? I really like the tradition style of yours.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

    1. Hi Sophie, we have plenty of room behind the bath to reach in and clean behind despite it looking as if you don’t have much space. We do have to crawl around on our hands and knees but it isn’t a squeeze per se and it is accessible. Hope that helps persuading your hubby. Also the doors were from Travis Perkins…here’s the link to them here…

  18. Soooo I’m feeling totes smug as we’re about a week before having to make a final decision about our ensuite before we get builders in to rip it out and start again, and was really struggling to find a picture that would sum up what we’re hoping for… until now! I think most of my questions have already been answered apart from two (I think, I’m sorry if I missed them above!) …

    – toilets?!? They’re perfect! Where did you find them? And the small discrete push button too!
    – sink – ditto!

    Thanks in advance! Lovely rooms!!

    1. Oh Sarah I’m chuffed to pieces that I’ve given you the inspiration needed for those builders. Hopefully I’m not too late in answering some of these questions for you… Toilets were from CP Hart…here’s the link and the push buttons can be found on the site as well.
      And the double basin was from Lusso Stone

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