Rock My Pumpkin Contest

Rock My Pumpkin

Author: Lauren Coleman

I do love a seeing a pumpkin at this time of year. My eternal search for a white mini ‘baby boo’ gourd was moderately successful when I loaded up my trolley with a pale yellow one in my local Lidl. I am yet to visit the rather fabulous pumpkin patch in Warwickshire where RMS reader Kat suggested I go to last year. Apparently they have heaps of different varieties.

Below is a gallery of inspiration to help you gather ideas to rock your own pumpkin this October. I do love the matte painted designs but my particular favourite is the idea of drilling holes through a pumpkin carcass. When the candle glows inside it looks very stylish yet seasonal. Then there’s the pineapple. You know how much we love a pineapple at Rock My Ltd HQ.


So why the need for all this inspiration? Well it’s obviously Halloween soon so we’d love it if you could share your own ghoulish gourds with via Instagram and Twitter. The prize, just an overall feeling of wellbeing and feeling all smug inside, oh and obviously you get to keep your rather epic creation.

To take part simply pop your images on Instagram or Twitter mentioning either @rockmystyle or @rockmyfamily with the hashtag #RockMyPumpkin. I can’t wait to see what you clever lot come up with. We’ll be sharing some of your photos on our own social media with a little gallery over on our new blog Rock My Familytoo.

How do you decorate for halloween? Do you usually carve a pumpkin for October 31st? What design are you going for this year?

Image sources Hydrangeas | DIY Doughnuts | White with gold script | Diorama | Succulent | Pineapple | Studs | Drilled pumpkin | Sharpie | Chalk paint pumpkins

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7 thoughts on “Rock My Pumpkin

  1. I’ve never got into the pumpkin thing… A few disastrous attempts carving when I was a child has put me off.
    Might have to investigate Pinterest to see if I can be inspired as a lot of our local farms seem to be having ‘pumpkin days’ with lots of pumpkin related activities (not sure how many pumpkin related activities there are to warrant a whole day devoted to them!).

    1. A ‘pumpkin day’ (well maybe a ‘pumpkin afternoon’) sounds like a lot of fun. They do seem to begetting very popular x

  2. Love these Lauren.

    Oh now, I’m styling our dinner table for a party on Thursday – I’ve been pinning for months and already gathered a load of succulents and cacti but now I’m wondering if I can get away with chucking in a few mini pumpkins… I’m thinking yes. xx

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