au revoir simone
au revoir simone
Au Revoir Simone | Girl groups | #Rock My Style
Laura Veirs
Laura Veirs
Laura Veirs | Girl groups | #Rock My Style
the Watson Twins
the Watson Twins
The Watson Twins | Girl groups | #Rock My Style
Warpaint | Girl groups | #Rock My Style
Haim | Girl groups | #Rock My Style

Rise Of The Girl Group

Author: Adam Crohill

It’s fair to say that Haim had a pretty good time of it in 2013 and their breakthrough album ‘Days Are Gone’ makes a regular appearance on the Rock My HQ office playlist. The mix of electric guitars, electronic sounds and folk inspired hooks have led to Haim being compared to a multitude of diverse groups ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Destiny’s Child.

But 2013 wasn’t just the year for Haim… It was a great year for girl groups in general. For the record (excuse the pun) here’s my top 5 girl group albums from the last twelve months. Collectives that perhaps unjustly received far less media attention then those San Fernando Valley sisters enjoyed. See if you agree…

AU REVOIR SIMONE | Move In Spectrums

Electronic beats, synths, haunting voices and catchy hooks are the hallmark of the Au Revoir Simone sound which has been accurately labelled as Dream Pop. Originally from Brooklyn, this all girl (all keyboard) trio have been around for over a decade. I was introduced to and became hooked on their 2009 album ‘Still Night, Still Light’ which is much more raw than ‘Move In Spectrums’ and definitely worth a listen too.

LAURA VEIRS | Warp & Weft

In recent years the rise of bands like Mumford & Sons has provoked a real resurgence of interest in folk music and artists like Laura Veirs are reaping the benefits by getting more regular radio play. Laura Veir’s 2013 offering (her ninth studio album), ‘Warp & Weft’ is an absolute joy, beautifully produced and rich sounding from start to end. It’s a good one to help get you out of bed on a Sunday morning/afternoon.


With a sound not dissimilar to Scandinavian outfit First Aid Kit – this identical twin sister duo from L.A construct stripped out acoustic sounds that really let the close harmonies of their sibling voices shine. I’m a big fan of goth rockers The Cure and first heard The Watson Twins back in 2008 when I discovered their fantastic acoustic rendition of ‘Just Like Heaven.’

WARPAINT | Warpaint

I am a late convert to ways of Warpaint, their latest self titled album has taken the band a few steps away from their indie rock roots and focuses less on guitars and more on keys. After hearing “Love Is To Die” on BBC Radio 6 music I downloaded this album and am currently tearing through the bands back catalogue.

HAIM | Days are Gone

The 2013 Mother-of-all girl groups… Every song on this album sounds like a single (apart from ‘My Song 5’ which is distinctly odd but nevertheless pleasant!). With a longevity that often alludes instantly catchy tunes ‘Days Are Gone’ is one of the musical highlights of 2013. If you’ve somehow managed to miss out on Haim you should probably get yourself to the party. The first Haim track I heard is still my favourite – check out “The Wire” on our mini playlist.


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If I had to make one recommendation over all it would be to listen to the Warpaint album – it’s a complete gem. The first three tracks set the mood and hook you in – the rest of the album is a ‘grower’ but totally worth sticking with and you must MUST listen to Love Is To Die – I would have included that track on our mini playlist if only it had been available on SoundCloud… Having said that the instant appeal of The Watson Twins had everyone’s toes tapping in the Rock My HQ office when I previewed the playlist yesterday…

Have a listen to our mini playlist album sampler and let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments box below. I’m always on the look out for new tunes too so please leave your own girl group suggestions for me… Who do you think should have made it on to the list?

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.
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13 thoughts on “Rise Of The Girl Group

  1. Days Are Gone is my most played album on Spotify and in spite of Danielle losing her voice and Este and Baby having to take over lead vocals, they were outrageously good when I saw them in Birmingham last year.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the next release from not-strictly-girl-band Friends after their magnificent album Manifest… in the meantime band founder Samantha Urbani has collaborated with love interest Dev Hynes of Blood Orange on a couple of tracks, one being “You’re not good Enough” on their album Cupid Deluxe which I strongly recommend everyone who likes the above goes and Spotifies NOW. Another track they collaborate on is Friends’ “The Way” which I am also in danger of playing to death. Go Listen.

  2. Haim – definitely my favourite album of 2013! I must’ve bored Dave the amount of times I played it!!
    Saw them at Glasto and as dubious as Dave was as soon as he saw them live he was hooked. Their set on the main stage was EPIC. Fantastic performers that had the crowd hooked!

    Am adding all the above on my ‘must listen to’ list on Spotify (when I get home though – sadly work are mean and have blocked it! Boo!!)

    1. Hi Rebecca… Yeah I don’t know why guys can be a bit dubious of girls in bands… I realised a few years back that my record collection was almost exclusively made up of male bands/vocalists… No idea why really, it wasn’t deliberate – Since then I’ve changed my ways and life is so much better now!

      1. Not a girl group, but the first female vocalist to sneak into Dave’s music collection was Devon Sproule.
        Her songs are just beautiful, we could listen to her gorgeous voice all day long.
        You should definitely give her a try

  3. Ugh, no spotify or music at work but these are definitely going on when I get home

    I love a bit of folk me ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Love this, Adam! I’ve been listening to this all afternoon and it’s got me through a very rainy afternoon. Haim were flipping brilliant at Glastonbury last year and this brings back lovely memories!

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