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Prediction for the Pantone Color of the Year {Lisa}

Author: Lisa Soeno

When Pantone announced back in December last year that its Color of 2017 was to be ‘Greenery’, there was much consternation here at Rock My Towers. I personally thought it was an interesting choice and declared that I wouldn’t be wearing it or using it within my house. And whilst my wardrobe has remained free of the zesty-zingy shade, bits of greenery have started creeping into my home, whether it’s a palm plant in the bedroom or trailing ivy in the lounge.

And what with all the love for darker hues we’ve seen this year (Adam’s bathroom and garden and Rebecca’s boot room and snug to name but a few), I reckon Pantone are going to go bold once more in 2018, but with a darker, more mysterious hue than Greenery. If I were to put money on it my prediction would be Teal Blue and I’d be dipping my paintbrush into a tin of Farrow & Ball’s Vardo.

Now we’re not talking a pastelly duck-egg blue here. We’re talking a rich, deep, vibrant and velvety peacock blue like the shade of the sofa in the header. I’ve always loved blue hues in interiors but have tended to go for splashes of the safer cornflower blues and navys. But the images in the inspiration gallery below show that to get a real design impact, teal is the way forward.

How To Use Teal

Teal clearly works well as the focus colour in rooms where you want to get comfy and cosy. I’d say avoid it in kitchens…although I do have a soft spot for the accent bar stools above. But to get the wow factor, use on all four walls of a bathroom/shower room and team with copper or antique brass fittings.

Part of teal’s appeal is that it works so well with white. So if you’re in a new build that’s nothing but boring white walls and you’re looking to add character then a teal accent wall would be a dead-easy way to add warmth and interest. (I’m still staring at some boring white walls). Or if you’re in a period property, or you’re wanting to decorate a teeny space, use it on all of the walls of a room for instant cosiness and quirkiness. I think it looks so elegant used on the panelled cupboards in the above deVOL image. Alternatively, choose one piece of statement furniture or a load of teal textiles or cushions, keep the rest of the space neutral and let the teal do the talking. (When it comes to statement furniture there are so many gorgeous teal accent chairs on the high street. I’m not sure which I like best, this Loaf one, this Made one or this West Elm one. La Redoute is also worth checking out for teal loveliness. This planter could quite easily be used in an office as a home for pens instead of plants, or filled with make-up brushes as part of a beauty station. Plus it’s a mere £13 if you use their 40% off code…Just sayin’.)

Teal is also versatile in the way that it works with other colours. It partners perfectly with copper, bronze and gold, and also works well teamed with other blues and greens. And there’s something so satisfying about the way it can make a mustard-yellow chair or vase ‘pop’.

Have I persuaded you to go teal? As with most of the Rock My Style posts I write, I have pretty much convinced myself and will probably spend the weekend trying to turn our guest bedroom into a teal hued hideaway.

  • Anthropologie Candlestick Holder
  • Rifle Paper Print
  • M&S Side Table
  • John Lewis Bed
  • La Redoute Planter
  • La Redoute Bedspread
  • M&S Cushion
  • Made Sofa
  • John Lewis Snuggler

For all gallery sources please head to my Teal moodboard.

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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10 thoughts on “Prediction for the Pantone Color of the Year {Lisa}

  1. I don’t need ANY convincing, this is already my No. 1 interior shade. Love it! I think I already have most of these images pinned but thanks for the comprehensive compilation, I’ll be scanning for and pinning the odd rogue one that’s passed me by!

    As for Pantone colour of the year, after greenery I think it will be something equally challenging and out-there like ox-blood red or cayenne orange (both urgh). I hope I’m wrong and you’re right!

    1. Of course, a lot of your Phirefly Family clothes are teal aren’t they! Gorgeous.

      Good predictions! I wonder if one of us will be right. Waiting with bated breath for the announcement in December. x

  2. I am currently transforming my downstairs toilet/cloakroom with F&B Vardo – bye bye magnolia hello va va voom teal (with a chandelier light to give added lux) – oh and a velvet teal green chair on order for my bedroom – yes a big time teal lover here 🙂 x

  3. Love that I’m (accidentally) ahead of the curve, having recently bought a teal velvet bed from Button&Sprung- we were looking for grey, but there was a teal one in clearance stock at a price too good to miss! Can vouch for yellow looking particularly good against it, and I’m loving that M&S tassel cushion you’ve picked. x

  4. I’m a teal lover too! I just happen to be wearing teal blue today – great minds… I have a teal arm chair and footstool in my living room (from Next, super comfy and highly recommended) and it gives my That corner of my room just right amount of focus.

    With a house move planned for next year I want to go bold with decor and possibly head over to the dark side, so this inspo was is right up my street

  5. Another lover of F&B Vardo here…i too am “accidentally ahead of the curve”! Painted the lower half of our landing walls in it, a gloss white dado rail, then Shadow White above. It was a way of introducing colour into the house recommended to us by the F&B shop lady. We have their Hague Blue in the dining room and the two tie in nicely we think.
    I recon your prediction might be right Lisa!

  6. I loved teal a few years ago and my bathroom was a deep dark teal til 2016 but find I’m more drawn to more yellow toned olive greens or Soft grey toned blues these days. Still deep intense toned, think little Greene juniper ash and invisible green . I seem to like warmer, muckier tones than jewel ones. Though that sofa is all the heart eyes!

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