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Postpartum Summer Fashion

Author: Naomi Liddell

I’ve got approximately 10 weeks until the baby gets here. And aside from being remarkably unprepared for said arrival, (I literally have bought four onesies, a moses basket and a breast pump so far in total, hello second child!), I’m thinking ahead to my postpartum wardrobe. Priorities and all.

The week I gave birth to Ethan, the temperature in Australia kissed 40 degrees. I’m looking forward to a much more moderate British summer and am hoping that will make postpartum dressing a little bit easier. Although let’s be realistic, there is every chance I’ll be in PJs and/or leggings most of the time in the first couple of weeks.

My criteria for this roundup was pretty full on. Each item had to tick the majority if not all of the following boxes:

  • Comfort. Nothing clingy or tight.
  • Easy boob access for breastfeeding.
  • Not too short, to allow me to bend down at a pram or my four-year-old without flashing my knick-knacks.
  • Flattering and summery
  • Easily washed (because… Baby puke)
  • Breathable natural fabrics where possible.


You can’t beat button down shirts for breastfeeding. They also offer a trendy but loose fit for warm summer days and postpartum tummy comfort. This H&M long line shirt, Zara linen number or frayed textured shirt would look effortlessly put together with a couple of dainty necklaces. For something a bit more structured, this striped shirt with bow does the trick.

I love the easy, pull down access that this off the shoulder piece and this beautiful mustard Mango top with bow tied shoulders offers. But my go-to look for first time breastfeeding was wearing a simple stretchy string vest under a loose fitting t-shirt. T-shirt comes up, vest pulls down and you can feed bub pretty much anywhere you like without flashing a thing. This made me feel a bit more comfortable in the early days when I was still getting the hang of it and using a nipple shield. For this approach, I adore the floatiness of this Zara blouse. I also remember finding white or cream to be a super easy colour to wear out and about as a bit of baby puke was barely noticeable, unlike wearing greys and blacks. For summery hues, I love & Other Stories tropical map tee and this bright jumbo stripe tee. This Hush ‘Love Saves The Day’ t-shirt is very sweet and has a nice flattering neckline. For slightly chillier afternoons, this short sleeve Zara sweater is such a gorgeous summer colour.


For me, bottoms absolutely HAVE to be super comfortable. Whether you’re nursing a tender c-section wound like I was or would like a bit of support for that beautiful postpartum tummy (or both) stretchy waistbands are your friend. I’ve heard great things about the comfort of Hush’s Amie Joggers. The waistband on these Long Harem pants also looks perfect. For a bit more of a put together look, these Zara linen trousers have a lovely tie waistband. If you’re like me though, you’ll be rocking the maternity wear postpartum too (maternity jeans are almost too comfortable. I wish they were a lifelong wardrobe staple). I can vouch for these H&M shorts… Not too short, super soft with flattering under bump band that works perfectly postpartum too. I also want to nab these H&M Mama dungarees. I remember seeing a friend wear these last year, postpartum with a white t-shirt under and massive sunglasses. She looked incredible… As well as comfortable. The drawstring waist also doesn’t make them look too ‘maternity wear’ after baby.


In my experience, wrap dresses and button up dresses are the way to go for breastfeeding access, as well as having an easy single outfit choice when super sleep deprived. And I know I said I wanted to make sure my dignity was covered, but this flower embroidered dress from Mango was too beautiful to leave out. I see me wearing this in a beer garden somewhere, soaking up the tail end of summer, while Ethan plays and baby naps (I can dream). From Mango I also love this striped linen dress and this super summery print wrap dress. I adore the sleeves on this Zara belted dress and how beautifully bohemian this ruffle dress with tassels and sequins is. For something a bit more sophisticated, this understated Hush Porto Striped Dress and these two gorgeous floral patterned shirt dresses are gorgeous.

So there you have it, my dream postpartum wardrobe. I now just need to decide which of these I’m actually going to buy (I wish my budget allowed for every single one). After I had Ethan, I found myself in a complete style slump, which seriously affected my confidence. It wasn’t so much about my body, I was actually in awe of the amazing thing it had achieved! It was more about dressing and feeling good in my new shape. So this time, I’m going to try to be proactive and buy some of these pieces in advance.

  • & Other Stories Jumbo Tee
    & Other Stories Jumbo Tee
  • Tropical Map T-Shirt
    & Other Stories Tropical Map T-Shirt
  • Mango Printed shirt dress
    Mango Printed shirt dress
  • Hush Harem Joggers
    Hush Harem Joggers
  • Hush Amie Joggers
    Hush Amie Jogger
  • Hush Striped Tunic
    Hush Striped Tunic
  • Hush Love Saves The Day V Tee
    Hush Love Saves The Day V Tee
  • Mango Flower embroidered denim dress
    Mango Flower embroidered denim dress
  • H&M Long Shirt
    H&M Long Shirt
  • Mango Mustard Bow Top
  • Mango Stripe
    Mango Stripe Dress
  • Mango Summer Print
    Mango Summer Print Dress

How do you find dressing postpartum? Have you bought anything super comfy that you think every Mum should know about?

Naomi loves daytime baths, learning things and rock music.
(Oh and her kids. She loves them too)
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16 thoughts on “Postpartum Summer Fashion

  1. I think we’re both due baby two at pretty much the same time and I’m so glad it’s not just me thinking more about what I can wear than what I should buy. I don’t even have any summer newborn clothes yet (and my first was a winter baby!)

    Great piece – thanks Naomi

    1. When are you due Louise? I’m around 2nd August so hoping there’s still some nice weather hanging around then. I have literally NOTHING for this kid. Although I’m starting to feel the need to shop for some little summer bits. We don’t know what we’re having though so the challenge is to find neutral pieces.

      1. 17th August. Likewise we don’t know with this one. Somehow the cautious me still can’t buy anything until I get past 30weeks!

  2. I’m also completely unprepared for baby no. 2. I’m due 24th July and haven’t bought a single thing. My 1st was a Feb baby too so lots of knitted bits! And he was 3 weeks early too. Gosh as I’m writing this I’m scaring myself as to how unprepared I am!
    Love this round up Naomi, I too felt a big style slump after my son was born as well as being unsure how to dress my shape and of course making sure things were feeding appropriate. I hope that 2nd time round I’ve got more realistic expectations and am a bit kinder to myself. Having a few lovely new pieces will definitely be a confidence boost. Hope that you’re feeling well.

  3. T-shirt up, vest top down all the way here. I like a feeding cover for something that just moves down.

      1. I think I just typed feeding apron in amazon. I used it rather more with my daughter; with number two I’ve been feeling bolder. But it’s in the changing bag, just in case, and I use it more for front-opening outfits.

  4. I’m due a similar time (6th August) with my second. I had a July baby last time & remember the perk of having a summer baby was being able to wear light weight dresses that didn’t sit on my c-section.
    I also have barely anything in terms of baby supplies this time, must start buying some bits & start planning the hospital bag!

  5. Love your picks Naomi! Might have to treat myself to that stripe linen dress. A year postpartum still counts, right? My contribution isn’t very fashionable but I really liked wearing supportive leggings and vests and not just for the aesthetic. It’s nice to be held in a little when you feel like your insides are going to fall out through your newly collapsed abdominal wall. I bought both vests and leggings from jojo maman bébe but the leggings are pretty long so might be worth looking around.

  6. My first baby is 6 months old (I have no idea where the time has gone!). We live in mainland Europe where public breastfeeding isn’t as widely accepted as in the UK so I have found things that allow me to feed discretely are key. I like wearing feeding vest with oversized shirts over the top and I have just got this breastfeeding dress from Jojo Maman Bebe which is really comfy and flattering! I also bought an oversized cotton scarf from Mango which I can use as a cover, I feel it draws less attention than having a white muslin over my shoulder!

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m due baby number 1 any minute now (like seriously, come on out baby!) and have no idea what I’m going to wear once I’ve managed to get myself out of my PJs! This post is exactly what I needed – I’m going to do a huge Zara/Hush/Mango order post baby and try alllll the clothes!

    I’m on the hunt for a linen off the shoulder slouched t shirt if anyone stumbles across one – I saw my very glamorous friend with her newborn and she had a gorgeous slouchy khaki linen v neck t shirt over a vest which looked perfect to feed in, so now of course I want one too!

  8. I’m due 3rd Aug and another one here who is very under prepared for the new arrival but frequenting online sites dreaming of normal clothes for myself. Wondering if anyone else pregnant has either of the Hush joggers above as I’d seen them and thought they look like them may be a comfy under-bump fit for now as well as comfy for after?

    1. I have the Hush cropped hareem trousers and am still wearing them under bump now – they’re super stretchy and comfortable.

      1. Thank you Kate. That’s super helpful as the pictures online don’t show the top of them. I’m really meant to be saving up towards mat pay time but may just need to squeeze in a lovely big hush order first.

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