Posh Face Cream?

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Some years ago I invested in a jar of Creme De La Mer. I had read so many raves from beauty editors, celebrities and other beauties with seemingly perfect complexions that I was convinced it would transform my skin into gleaming poreless flawlessness (or um…. similar.)

It didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice and all – quite a thick consistency and felt very “nourishing” but I recall it being a bit too greasy, and thus not creating an adhesive base for make-up. Definitely more oily shine than pretty delicate sheen. I didn’t purchase another pot after I finished the original which says it all really. For me personally it simply wasn’t worth the hundred quid I bashed on my plastic.

I’ve wondered for a long time if many of these “luxe” type treatment potions are all much of a muchness, if it’s more about what’s spent on the associated advertising campaigns and super duper packaging that warrants such a premium price tag. I’ve lost count of how many expensive jars of goop I’ve tried over my time on the planet, the only ones I’ve repeat purchased have been Chanel (now discontinued) and Elemis Pro Collagen Marine cream (I actually prefer the night time version as it doesn’t contain silicone.) The latter I still use on occasion but during pregnancy and still more than 3 months on from Mabel arriving into the world my epidermis is like the bloody Sahara, only frequent applications of Aveeno prevents the flakes.

Maybe I should jut stick with the Aveeno in that case, it’s six pounds from Boots (often even less when they have offers on and whatnot) and really does soothe redness and irritation. The thing is, I feel that I should be using something spiffy, some anti-aging antioxidant type of concoction that will prevent lines and transform my skin into….gleaming poreless flawlessness.

I lose track of all the new chemical alleged “breakthroughs” some cosmetics companies use to market their latest dream cream (Ahem, although they do sound awfully fancy and sometimes I totally buy into the fact that I will OBVIOUSLY look very much like the campaign model after a few applications…) and half the time I wonder if that’s the point – we are being blinded by science. Or bulls*it. Either way, I am clearly their ideal customer.

Do you use a posh face cream?

Would you consider buying it again?

Have you actually noticed a difference that you think warrants the significant investment? I’m genuinely concerned that I am going to buy everything recommended in this feature.

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116 thoughts on “Posh Face Cream?

  1. I use loads of Elemis stuff and since I started using it before our wedding I’ve really noticed a difference. I switch between which of their face washes I use (now tried most of them but tri enzyme resurfacing facial wash is my fave but I don’t think it would work on sensitive skin), the apricot toner is lovely and I switch between pro collagen and maximum posture day cream. Every so often I also use the skin buff, fruit active mask or papaya enzyme peel! Mŷ skin tone is more even, it’s definitely softer, my pores on my nose have shrunk a lot. I don’t know that it has transformed me into a skincare advert model, but the fact I got ID for Ibuprofen two days before my 27th has to say something, right?

    1. Kitty the Elemis sounds as though it works amazingly well for your skin type! The stuff smells lovely as well I think. Have you seen the new eye masks? I quite fancy giving those a whirl x

      1. It really does! It’s not the cheapest, but I’ve found the products last ages and I buy the gift sets at Christmas or in January when you get a couple of full size products to stock up for the year. I haven’t seen the eye masks? I wanted to treat myself to something new from the duty free when we flew to Japan but Heathrow Terminal 3 did not stock it! I was most displeased. I really want to give their make-up remover a try as well, I think it was new last year? x

  2. I am a Liz Earle fan. Not perhaps as expensive as many of the other high end brands. I was recommended the range when struggling with eczema and found it brilliant and soothing. The moisturiser is lovely, feels ‘moisturisey’ without being greasy. However its the smoothing line serum that I swear I can see a difference from using. I have tried Lancôme (smells heavenly), Clarins, Clinique but always come back to LE.

    1. Hi LJ, I am in the market for a serum, what differences can you see? Ones I have tried in the past have made my skin drier (Lancôme Genefique for example) so I always try and get samples if I can x

      1. I swear the fine lines are much less noticeable (and I am really fussy and cynical about beauty product promises). I find it soothing too – the pump dispenses a generous portion so I use on my forehead, eyes, and mouth lines (not that I have them yet..but preventative!). I feel my skin is smoother, more ‘plump’ to use beauty jargon and even has a bit of a glow. I didn’t notice any difference from the LE eye cream so I am sure I am not imaging it 🙂

      2. I just bought Body Shop Vitamin E, oil in serum. Its recommended by Caroline Hirons and I love her. So far I am really noticing a difference and it is pretty cheap!! good combo x

  3. I’m not really one for expensive face creams as such. My skin is combination and my nose gets shiny no matter what I use to moisturise it. I’m currently using clinique dramatically different moisture gel which I like.

    But, I did fall for the hype earlier this year and bought the Eve Lom cleanser for £55. Way more than I’ve ever spent on a cleanser! But, it was the run up to my wedding and I thought that meant I should be using something pricey on my face! Don’t get me wrong, I like it just fine (despite reading a review of it post purchase which revealed to me it’s largely made up of the same petroleum stuff that’s in Vaseline..) but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing when I do run out of it.

    I’m tempted to do more research in to these French pharmacy brands which seem to be very reasonable but also cult products. I’ve got the Roche Possay cleansing water which I use in the mornings at the moment and I love because it causes zero tightness. But I don’t know much about the rest of their products. So if anyone does some tips would be great!

    1. Jennifer I would highly recommend Avene, I use their water mist as a toner and their gel eye make up remover. The cleansers are also gentle and effective.

      Eve Lom was one of the worst cleansers I have ever used, it bought me up in a rash and hard lumps on my forehead (I suffer from eczema not spots as a rule) I think the muslin cloth aspect works to exfoliate well though x

        1. I use Avene when I can’t afford Dermalogica and I think its a good alternative. I definitely rate Dermalogica though, I use their ultra calming range (minus the toner) and I LOVE it. I have typical combination skin, dry in some bits, oily in others and that range seems to deal with it all.

  4. I used to buy more expensive products; Chanel, dior, elemis. On the lead up to my wedding I used bare minerals serum, moisturiser and day cream. It isn’t hugely expensive and I Did really like it. However I have been on a frugal drive as we have just bought our own place and I was recommended the Nivea moisturiser in a blue pot- the £2 one… Amazing. I have very dry skin and it has completely sorted my skin out. I have also started using coconut oil in the evening instead of a serum or oil, and my skin has never been smoother. I’m not wearing anything on my skin now except for blusher. So my two huge pots between them cost £5 and my skin is better than it ever was with £50 pots!

    1. I have just purchased my first pot of coconut oil but was just going to use on my body rather than face. Do you find it makes your skin oily?

      1. Where did you purchase the coconut oil from? I’ve head you need to make sure you have a certain type to put it in your skin, facial skin especially?

        Love the smell of coconut!

        I used to work with a girl who had the most beautiful skin, she swore by the blue jar of Nivea x

        1. Apparently it’s great for eczema and dry patches so I was going to give it a try on my legs and elbows. Just bought a general tub from Boots.

          Nivea is too greasy for me and I end up with a face like a chip pan unfortunately x

          1. I use it on my body too. It is fairly greasy so I only use it at night but I just slather on and leave it. I have very dry skin and so it soaks in quickly. It is a very good eye make up remover too. I just bought it from the Asian food shop. It’s just pure coconut oil I didn’t realise there were certain ones you should use but it does the trick for me!

            1. Thanks Anna, I’ll give it a whirl on my eyes. I’m using a mascara at the moment that refuses to come off so hopefully this will do the job.

          2. Try the aloe propolis cream!! My children all have excema and now I wouldn’t be without it! GPs are now recommending this! Results speak for themselves! No more steroid cream!! ??

        2. The coconut oil that you want to use on your skin (but works great for cooking, baking etc. as well) is organic/bio cold-pressed coconut oil!
          I put some of it in a small jar and keep it on my night stand. It’s good for my skin or chapped lips.
          I also sometimes use it as a treatment for my hair before washing. It takes quite a while though to find out what amount to use!

  5. Anna how do you use the coconut oil? Do you smooth it in or wash off? I agree the Nivea pots are amazing and many an old lady with plump skin at 80 use nothing else.
    I have been using khiels ultra facial moisturiser after many try’s of posh creams including creme de la mer and Chanel that either left me dry or clogged up my pores khiels have came to the rescue!
    Although I still struggle with foundation on my skin and it keeps goin flakey unless I put a serum on underneath and the only one I’ve tried was a tester of a creme de la mer one, can anyone recommend a cheaper one to help my foundation crisis. Or has anyone used mineral foundation? I’ve yet to try it but it may solve my problem I don’t know.

    1. Hi Jill

      Estée Lauder’s advanced night repair can also be used in the morning and is very good.
      Have heard good things about REN and Eucerin but not tried myself.
      Have you tried primers as well? Laura Mercier do lovely ones, and the NARS sample I tried recently was nice. That might help a bit.

      K x

    2. Hi Jill, I’ve been using this:- http://www.stilacosmetics.com/product/one-step-correct.do from Stila. Its more a primer than a serum, I use it on top of my moisturiser and under make-up, I love it! There’s a colour corrector one and an illuminating one (haven’t tried the illuminating one but it has more skin tones than the colour corrector – it has peach, green and lavender…sounds crazy yes but its awesome for those of an ‘Irish’ complexion :D)
      I noticed a difference as soon as its on and my make up lasts all day! Its £24 and can be bought in Boots or online.
      Good luck with the search 🙂

  6. I used to use by terry rose balm but it’s so expensive, now I’ve been using boots own vitamin e collection and it’s just as good on my irritable eczema prone skin but only £3 a pot, and the eye cream is amazing too!

    1. Wow! What does the eye cream do Nicola? I like my Bobbi Brown one a lot but I don’t rate the glass jar (unhygienic) and sometimes it’s that bit too heavy x

  7. I know NOTHING about skincare. I use Clinique dramatically different moisture because they told me to and I don’t know any different :). That feels quite high end enough to me at £20 odd quid.

      1. ermm… I’m not sure. I use it as part of three step and have noticed the general tone of my skin is a lot better. so yes??? maybe??? Before that (a year ago) I didn’t even moisturise full stop. Its amazing what getting married makes you do. so I guess something is better than nothing. In all honestly I’m frightened to try anything else as my skin is so sensitive the slightest thing makes it pull a full on Britney Spears melt down x

  8. Oh Charlotte, I feel your pain! I too fell into the Crème de la mere hype and spent an eye watering sum on a moisturiser and lib balm (I think the lip balm cost 40 quid… 40 QUID I need my head testing!) Obviously at the time I knew the cost would be worth it as it would make me look like a supermodel. It didn’t. I actually didn’t like the moisturiser either and THREW IT AWAY as it went out of date sat looking pretty on my dressing table! I too am an advertiser’s dream, I have tried pretty much every brand going, Liz Earl, Clinique, Clarins, Dermologica, Eve Lom, Caudalie, REN but I never stay faithful. My skin is currently really dry and I keep coming out in strange dry patches and lately a rash on my face (all pregnancy related joys) and so I switched to just using Simple foaming face wash and then moisturising with either Aveeno or straight up E45 and do you know what – they are working. I hereby promise never to fall into the hype again*

    *I might however fall into the hype again

    1. Georgina I have been so tempted by the lip balm!!!!! Yes, even though I know the cream didn’t live up to the hype.

      I think dry sensitive types always seem to benefit from a simple routine, I used to swap and change products far to much xx

  9. I’ve read more than once that the product to spend your money on is serum, rather than moisturiser. Given that serum targets deeper than the (fairly superficial) moisturiser this makes sense to me.
    I currently use a Sanctuary one, but in the summer I tend to just use Body Shop’s serum-in-oil and skip a night cream altogether. I can’t say my skin feels any worse for it.
    Creme de la Mer has never really appealed to me (thank god) – the price just seems so ludicrous.
    But yes, Elemis is a genius range. Love their tri-enzyme cleanser

  10. I use very very little – I love Kheils midnight oil, which always soothes my super sensitive skin and leaves it feeling plumped and soft when I put it on overnight. I’m still trying to find the perfect day cream though. I’m trying to be more aware of SPF, and have bought the Kheils CC cream with SPF, as well as their factor 50SPF for the face. Both work great, but I use them the minimum amount of time I need to and just go bare-faced the rest of the time. My skin really feels like it needs to “breathe”!

    But I’d also recommend REN for great skincare – I know a lot of people who swear by it, andI have loads of the body products.

    And cheaper is not always a bad thing – I had a friend who worked in beauty product market who told me that most big beauty houses have a luxe line then a more budget line, but that the research for the luxe line (which makes it expensive) is also used in the budget ones, just a bit later than the luxe launches. So for example Loreal products have all the research of Lancome behind them.

    1. Oh and Bioderma, the French brand. Love their millecellaire cleanser (particularly as a make-up remover!).

    2. It’s true Anna, you are definitely paying for all the Research & Development that goes into these fancy products (as well as the packaging). Someone has to get in there first to launch a snazzy product for the other brands to copy!

  11. Clinique 3 step did absoloutely nothing for me, I found it really drying and so I ended up finishing the moisturiser with half the face wash and toner still to go. The 2 expensive creams I really like are Estee Lauder Daywear and Clarins Multi Active Day. They both left my skin really glowing and bright. However most of the time I am happy to use a cheaper alternative, just purchased Nivea Q10 on offer from Boots and it is doing a fine job. I tried the Aldi moisturiser earlier this year and was shocked at how good it actually was, the only downside for me was that it had an old lady smell. Apart from that though I thought it was excellent. I have also heard good things about Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, it’s meant for babies bums but apparently makes a great moisturiser!

    1. Kathryn I remember Nivea Q10 being very moisturising – almost a bit too much, perhaps as my skin is super dry at the mo I should give it another go x

  12. Skincare is my weakness, so sorry if this is a rambling post! I’ve recently started using more ‘high-tech’ creams now I am in my early 30s. I’ve been lucky enough to have consultations with Sali Hughes (she also did my wedding makeup a few months ago, which was amazing!) and more recently I had a consultation with skincare queen Caroline Hirons.

    I have started using Ole Henriksen serum and moisturiser (the Truth Collagen serum and Truth Advanced Hydration cream) and my skin has never looked better – smooth and glowy! Both cost £47 each, which is the most I have paid, but I can really see the results and both last for about six months.

    At night I use Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum and then either a facial oil or balm, which I much prefer to a moisturiser. At the moment I am using Decleor Neroli (which is quite pricey) and Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm (costs just under £40 for a pot, but it lasts about a year).

    I’ve also been told serum is where you should spend your money – I think Caroline Hirons recommends if you spend a little more on a serum, you can get away with a cheaper moisturiser, as the serum penetrates deeper into the skin. (She compares it to cleanse-tone-serum being your outfit and moisturiser being your coat, if that makes sense!)

    Other brands I’ve used that I’ve liked are REN, which are well-priced and Liz Earle.

      1. I second that, and a consultation with Caroline Hirons?! Clearly I’m not moving in the right circles!

      2. I was lucky enough to get it as a Christmas present from my now husband the year before last – I couldn’t believe it! 🙂 It isn’t cheap but it totally transformed my skincare and makeup and she gave me loads of product as well. You can book by emailing her via her website. It was amazing!

        1. Caroline was brilliant as well – so approachable and very no-nonsense! I happened to be online when she opened up her consultations and emailed immediately! I think she is starting consulting again in September, so keep an eye out! Definitely recommend it.

  13. I’ve run out of my Elemis Visible Brilliant Serum now (it lasted ages!) and need to get a new one…I just keep spending all my spare cash on stuff for the house! Boiler service or skincare? Hmmm!

  14. I’m a total Elemis convert – I use their day cream and night cream religiously. I used to get quite regular facials (been lazy recently) as I’ve been suffering from v dry skin over the last few years – at one place, the lady doing my facial whispered that I should give Elemis a go even though they didn’t sell them there because she thought it would really help. I’ve never looked back. I also like their eye cream because I’ve got quite sensitive eyes and that’s the only one that doesn’t make them water!
    I used to have problem skin when I was a teen and found that all the ‘teen’ products didn’t do anything, so my Mum started buying some of the more high end products for me. I found they made a massive difference and I was sold for life!
    The one thing that I do use that isn’t massively expensive is the Forever Living Aloe Vera face soap (https://www.foreverliving.com/retail/shop/shopping.do?task=viewProductDetail&itemCode=038). It’s flipping fantastic, comes in a massive bottle so never runs out and is really soft and gentle on my face. I’ve tried other cleansers from all the high end places and I def think this one is the bestest.

    1. I love that the beautician told you to go to a competitor!

      I had an Elemis sensitive skin mini-facial once and it was great. I can’t find anywhere around my end that does a sensitive skin version though. Desperately trying to get in for a Liz Earle facial but I’m not in London that frequently and the waiting list is long!

  15. I can second Katie and Sharon’s recommendations of Estée Lauder’s advanced night repair using both morning and night. It’s like giving your face a good quenching drink! Perfect before make up but you may find you need your avene as well if you’re very dry as mentioned.

    As a serum it’s very soothing. I’ve tried cheaper rip offs and they have been more sticky and gluey rather than instantly absorbent. It would be worth asking a good department store if they can give you a small sample bottle to try if your skin is sensitive and see if you like before the investment. It also seems to last a good long time.


    1. Random fact of the day, my Dad uses Advanced Night Repair (!) he suffers from Rosacea and my sister gave him a generous sample once, he’s never looked back. x

  16. I’ve tried quite a few over the years; Chanel, Lancome, Dermalogica, Clarins etc. but I always come back to Olay! My Mum has used it forever and looks about 10 years younger, she was using very expensive Dior stuff for a while but ended up going back to Olay. I think I’m lucky in that I can pretty much stick anything on my face and I never have any reaction but I do have a dryness below my eyes just above my cheek bones that is annoying me. I recently bought Clarins Blue Orchid face oil which I do love but still not convinced it’s a wonder product – I bought it after reading face oils were the future. I am also a marketers dream….!

    1. Ha ha Lynn, I swear every week there is a new skincare product/line launched that is the future.

      I also get dryness there, when I remember I daub on a bit of Vaseline before bed, seems to do the trick x

  17. Skincare is something I’ve really struggled with over the years. I have combination skin that is generally well behaved but it loves being in a routine! A couple of christmas’s ago I asked my mum for the whole Liz Earle shebang and my skin went utterly bonkers (how ungrateful!), I was so upset as the women of my family swear by it! My own personal combo is Garnier face wash and cream (the ones in the green packaging) and Freederm if I breakout. Very basic but I have found more expensive creams simply too rich.
    The marketing power of Creme de la Mer is amazing. I know lots of people who have tried it and really disliked it. I think a lot of people don’t realise it was originally formulated by a scientist who had suffered burns in a lab accident. If it has the power to help burns imagine how unnecessarily hard it’s working on your skin! Sorry that was a bit of a smart a*se comment but it is true!
    One specialist product I have tried and loved is ARK Skincare. It’s specially formulated to be effective dependent on your age range. Lovely product.

    1. Hi Hannah

      I also reacted adversely to Liz Earle, my Mum swears by it but it contains eucalyptus which is a known skin irritant, and rosemary which is another one. I think the ‘routine’ is good, I use a warm flannel for my ‘double’ cleanse or a muslin cloth, I do wonder if its this aspect of the LE process that gives the glow, not the product itself. x

  18. After years of 100 pound creams, I have been converted to the Olay, seven serum duo cream in the pump.
    It is excellent, I have dry, sensitive skin and it is the perfect base for make up and makes me look HEALTHY. Only 15 quid is a bonus.

  19. Agree with Katie, Sharon & Lizzie on the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. I’ve been using this for a couple of years and think it’s fab. I did purchase the night cream to go on top but it made me break out in spots so stopped using it and my skin went back to normal. I use Dermalogica in the morning – skin smoothing cream as the moisturiser mixed with 50SPF booster as I’ve read the most important thing is to protect your face from the sun.

    1. Krysia, yes it is, I always wear an SPF, even in winter. I do think we can overload our skin with too many products, my sisters routine is so long! I would get bored after 5 minutes x

  20. I use coconut oil. Every day again. You should look up the benefits – I had always had a beautiful skin up until some time ago when I realized my skin was so ugly because everything I put on it – then I started using coconut oil and my skin is gradually getting better! x

  21. I’ve used Olay ever since I was 17 as that’s what my mum has always used who has incredible skin, She’s nearly 60 and has hardly any wrinkles so I’m hoping for the same!

    1. Kate do you use the original pink lotion or a different Olay cream, they do so many now I’m always a bit baffled in Boots! x

  22. Um, I’m an Oil of Olay girl. Always have, always will. Ever since my American Aunty first bought me over a bottle at the age of 10. Granted I now use the more advanced anti ageing version rather than the bog standard but it suits me with a nice day cream with SPF and a night cream version too. My mum has only ever used it and she has amazing skin so good genes or not I’m sticking with it. I’ve tried slightly more expensive creams, albeit never of the Creme de la mer price tag, but don’t notice a difference so go with what I know. Plus it’s always on offer in Boots! As an alternative secret (or not so secret!!) mum tip try Waitrose nappy balm! Don’t laugh, it is honestly the best. It is a coco butter based balm in a pot and is phenomenal at moisturising and is obviously great for sensitive skin. Only use it at night as it is quite rich but it leaves my skin feeling so soft and is only a fiver! A couple of years ago it sold out across the whole country for months as mums discovered it’s smoothing and anti wrinkling wonderfulness. I can highly recommend it! x

    1. Charlotte I think this Waitrose cream was mentioned above, I’m tempted to purchase! I do love cocoa butter for my body anyway x

  23. I am completely rubbish when it comes to skin care. I’m not actually sure what skin type I even am (is that really awful?! How do you even find out?!)

    I’ve never really bought into the whole miracle moisturisers, and more recently have stopped using a dedicated face moisturiser. Even when I did, I was just using Superdrug’s own brand which seemed to do the trick. I did go through a phase of using their tea tree oil moisturiser which was fab but it was such a tiny bottle, I kept running out and then couldn’t find it again in my local store.

    I use a tinted moisturiser from Natural Collections and it just seems pointless to moisturise before applying that anyway! And in the evenings, I just take my make up off, wash my face and apply toner. My skin doesn’t feel any different to when I used a moisturiser as well…!

    When we went on holiday recently, I did buy a small bottle for on the plane and it did the trick. But I’ve stopped using it since I got back!

    Have to admit, when I was in USA working at summer camp, my skin got really dry but I used Aveeno and it was amazing! I also got a pot of moisturiser in Morocco from a spa place, which was very lovely but I couldn’t get it back here and as it was a small local spa, I couldn’t order online or anything.

    1. Hi Jo, it sounds as though you have generally good skin, there is no need to use moisturiser if you don’t ‘need’ it. My Mum has amazing skin and she didn’t use moisturiser until she was in her 30’s x

  24. Hi Charlotte :o)
    Have to say I second Keihls Ultra moisturiser. In fact most of their products! It just simple and refreshing. My hubby bought my a huge bottle for Christmas that was very reasonable and I use that to refill my travel size one for going away. They always give out lots of samples too so worth asking to try any new products.
    Any time I want to ramp it up a little I use a serum underneath. I alternate between Keihls Midnight Recovery and a rose Decleor one I have which is very calming for my skin. I’m also a fan of a good exfoliate with Liz Earle!

    More recently I’ve become a big advocate of L’Occitane products. Whenever I use their Hydration cream I literally have lovely plump skin in the morning! My Mum swears by their Divine cream which I think has won quite a lot of awards. The Almond shower oil is so moisturising too but that’s going off subject ha x

    1. I have never used L’Occitane Becca, unsure why. There is a store really near me as well. Do you find it heavily fragranced? I love almond 🙂 x

  25. I use Nivea – that’s it. Every morning, all over the face. And, whenever I go to get my make up done at a fancy schmancy counter they always tell me I have ‘luminous’ skin…which to me just means sweaty, but to a fancy make up counter doll is apparently the holy grail. So well done Nivea.

    I do like YSL’s youth serum though…what it does…I do not know…but it feels like silk on!

    1. Pamela I tell you what, I feel like I need to give Nivea a whirl after this post today! I have ‘delicate and fine’ skin according to the counter types, I want it to be luminous!!!!

  26. I’m really surprised that Boots No 7 hasn’t been mentioned! I’m a very recent convert after falling for their recent marketing campaign (AND I work in marketing!!!).

    I’ve got the serum, along with the day and night cream – after finding that Bobbi Brown, Origins and previously Liz Earle were still leaving me with dry skin in places. I have to say, I’ve not looked back – I’ve had a couple of comments about how good my skin is looking so it must be doing something…

    The only thing I need to find is a half decent eye cream now – overwhelmed by the choice!

    1. Hi Katie, which serum and creams? The one that won all the awards? I think the biggest sign of skin care working is comments from others x

      1. It’s the protect and perfect range – I go for the ‘intense’ branded ones as I need a rich enough cream for my dry skin. If you’re looking for a serum but don’t want to pay £££ then I’d definitely recommend this one – I think it’s this product that has made the positive difference to my skin!

  27. I am a huge fan and new-ish convert to Kiehl’s – some people have mentioned above. I have sensitive and combination skin (which is super awesome!) but I now use the Skin Rescuer moisturiser (http://www.kiehls.co.uk/skin-care/by-category/moisturisers/skin-rescuer) which has made a big difference to my prone to pink/red skin, also use the Avocado Eye cream (http://www.kiehls.co.uk/skin-care/by-category/eyes-lips/creamy-eye-treatment-with-avocado) which is really nice 🙂 Can’t talk about Kiehl’s without mentioning the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (http://www.kiehls.co.uk/skin-care/by-concern/healthy-skin/midnight-recovery-concentrate.aspx) – it’s wonderful. I use it 1-2 a week and my skin always feels moisturised and plump come morning time. If you sign up to the newsletter you often get 10-20% off codes and heads up about new products.
    The thing I’m struggling with is finding an under eye concealer that stays on all day without creasing! Either end up looking ancient due to all the lines of concealer under my eyes, or really tired because it’s worn off by lunch! Help!!

    1. I love the Kiehl’s eye cream too – it’s the first eye cream I actually like using and that I can see a difference with! Regarding eye concealer, I have found NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and Liz Earle Light Reflecting Concealer to both be brilliant. I use NARS at the moment as I can use that all over my face, whereas I just use Liz Earle under the eyes.

    2. It has been a lifelong mission of mine to find a long lasting under eye concealer! The best one yet I’ve found it also one of the cheapest… Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin – lovely texture and applied with a brush I find it last pretty much all day. They recently changed the packaging and formula and I had a mini panic! Fortunately it’s still great!

    3. Annie! I thought I was only me that had sensitive and dry AND oily skin. hurrah isn’t it fun!

      For under eye concealer I use mac pro longwear. Half a pump is enough for full coverage under both eyes so it lasts AGES. It doesn’t crease and lasts all day! – I don’t work for mac I promise (although I wish I did sigh)

      1. This midnight recovery sounds awesome! Several folks have mentioned it above. Also the eye cream, that sounds lush x

  28. I love these posts! Especially when there are lots of boots recommendations too as it’s much kinder when I have to go out and buy it all! I have tried Liz Earle which was fine and still always use the muslin cloths, the moisturiser was ok but I suffer with flaky dry areas and it didn’t seem quite right for me after a while of it. I started using origins milk cleanser and their moisturiser for dry skin which was fine too but the effects didn’t seem to last long and it didn’t have SPF in which I prefer to minimise how much I need to add to my skin. I am currently using Garniers moisture match I think it’s called after getting a sample in a mag, I use the one for dry dull skin and it is working well so far, it’s not thick and it dissolves well and allows good make up application after, it also seems to last until late afternoon before I notice the dryness creeping back in. I do on a night sometimes put a bit of eucerin on my dry face patches if I need a boost and that’s good but not too regularly as it can irritate skin. I dabbled with serums incl the Estée Lauder lots of people have mentioned but it also made my skin feel very tight, I am still on the lookout might try number 7. I also really like using Vaseline on my eye are inc lashes etc as I am yet to find a great eye cream, I use the aloe vera one for extra bonus. Tempted by coconut oil, have some in the kitchen! I also swear when I get my 2lt of water a day and take my omega 3,6,9 everyday my skin looks and feels tons tons better!! Xx

    1. Which omega supplements do you take Alex? I used to take several vitamins… Now I don’t take any!

      Vaseline is good for around the eyes I find, it’s the only thing that truly gets rid of flakes x

      1. I take the combined omega 3,6,9 all in one capsule apparently they cover everything skin, heart health and hair wise! Like to cover all bases me! They look size wise like something you should shove up your arse (sorry) but you defo swallow them, just plenty of water does it. I swear when I was taking them every day my skin was definetly smoother line wise and just better for want of a better term. Xx

        1. I also take a Vit C as it’s also meant to help with skin and diet I read somewhere and I also take a calcium supplement as I barely have any calcium intake now I hardly have dairy and I worry about the effects later on now I’m in my 30’s *cry*! I think on average I manage about 15% of the RDA of calcium so I thought it best to invest and it also includes some Vit D and you don’t need me to tell you what that also helps… Skin!!! Yay!! (These are recent additions though so no confirmed results yet!) x

        2. I’ve also been taking omega supplements, and probiotics and my skin def looked better when I took them. Trouble is, I keep forgetting! I really liked the Perricone MD Omega supplements but they are so expensive. I’m now taking Lamberts fish oil and probiotics on the recommendation of Caroline Hirons – much cheaper but still very good quality.

          1. ooh thanks for the tip ladies, definitely need to start taking something, especially as my skin is so dry x

            1. Fish oil/Omegas should def help with that – also helps with nails too. My nails are always so dry but when I remember to take omegas they are so much better. Probiotics are prob only worth taking for problem skin (ie acne or spots) – that is why I take them!

  29. PS. Have just been on feelunique.com and hold Lauren Coleman responsible for the purchase just made! I would never have looked there but your previous posts Lauren have always had @ least one sneeky mention of the site! Also the fact that I fall for anything doesn’t help!!

    1. ha ha ha Annie yes it is me! – I avoid looking at the site too often otherwise I just buy stuff 🙂

  30. Not sure if the brand I use has been mentioned in previous comments (there are so blummin’ many I didn’t read through them all) I use ESPA and it really has been a game changer for me. It’s not too expensive and they don’t splash out on ridiculously expensive marketing campaigns (or not that I’ve seen!) Their serums and oils have really helped my skin and I’m pleased I started using them at a fairly young age (23) as I hope this investment in time and money will benefit me as I get older (fingers crossed!)

    Definitely recommend the brand for all skins types as my skin can vary depending on the time of year (and month for that matter! 😉

    1. Hi Claire! nope no ESPA as yet, another brand I’ve never tried actually, good for them not spending ridiculous amounts on campaigns though. I think it did essentially start as a “spa” brand didn’t it? what products do you use? x

  31. Hi!

    Up until a year ago I would have bought most of my make up from Dior, Chanel, Estée Lauder etc. My skin was never radiant and I seemed to bounce between different brands trying to find something that suited my skin spending a fortune on moisturisers primers foundations etc. My friend introduced me to a company called arbonne which is a Swiss formulated company who rather then being sold in the high street shop, rely on network marketing and there sole focus is the products rather then advertising etc. I was extremely dubious and thought oh god here goes. That was a year ago and I haven’t looked back there products are by far the best products I’ve ever used my skin looks amazing! And above all it’s pure and safe using only botanical ingredients. So many celebs have been using these products and Vogue blogs often about the products. The Face cream that I use is the FC5 day cream it really is amazing! Ohh and the mascara is incredible by eye lashes seem to go on forever now ! 🙂

    1. Joanna I have never heard of Arbonne? sounds super though, I too am lacking radiance at the moment – so dry!

      Do you order it on line in that case? will go and google it now! x

      1. Hi Charlotte, yes you order online you just need an ID number to order. Mine is 441189700. The primer is just as good it plumps your skin up and makes your makeup stay on all day! It’s been voted the best primer of 2014! if you wanted to try any testers let me know as I have some floating about 🙂 x

      2. Hi Charlotte, yes you order online you just need an ID number to order. Mine is 441189700. The primer is just as good it plumps your skin up and makes your makeup stay on all day! It’s been voted the best primer of 2014! if you wanted to try any testers let me know as I have some floating about 🙂 x

  32. Having a 35% selfridges discount card for 5 years meant I’ve tried them all and without doubt the best moisturiser I’ve ever used and what I use twice a day is Ponds Hydronourishing cream available in Boots for about a fiver!! Not oiley at all and leaves your skin so soft! I’m sure you’ll all be converts if you try 🙂 x

    1. Holly your comment made my eye go wide! a 35% discount card at Selfridges?! Oh My Goodness. Ponds is rated highly on the quiet – particularly their cold cream cleanser, will definitely take a look next time I am in Boots x

  33. Hi Charlotte! Fellow beauty and skincare addict here. I tend to go mid-range, and am a big fan of the French pharmacy brands – Nuxe, La Roche Posay, Avene, Vichy, etc, but also love a bit of REN. The ingredients are high-quality and seem to suit my rosacea-riddled skin. Perhaps if I had all the money in the world I’d go for the uber-expensive stuff, but what with my wedding in a few months (eek!), I can’t justify it. xx

    1. I love Avene Helen, I always go back to it and some of the products are every day staples. Nuxe do a great skin oil with gold bits in – I really must remember to get myself a bottle! x

  34. Just wanted to say thank you to the lovely ladies who have mentioned some products to help my dry skin issue and have gone and bought some primer and night repair so here’s hoping it does the trick. Loving this blog! Every day I love the posts and every time I get something new or am inspired it’s always followed by “it was on rock my style. It’s the best blog around”.

    1. What did you get Jill?? Good luck with the new buys! I’m like you, I’ve never been in Boots/googling face stuff on line so much since RMS started! I love it too, there’s always something for/from everyone and it’s always dead helpful 😀 Big love goes to the RMS Team xx

    2. Wow Jill, what a lovely comment – thanks so much! fingers crossed the products will work for you really well xx

  35. Hi,
    If you have sensitive skin, I would highly recommend Pai Skincare. Its made with sensitive skin in mind and contains no chemical or synthetic nasties! I had patches of dry, inflamed and itchy skin on my face. I splashed out on creme de la mer after developing a reaction to an avene moisturiser (that I’d been using for 5 yrs or more!) and it was ok ish but not brilliant. I found Pai skincare after a lot of internet research. Their whole range is brilliant and even keeps my psoriasis in check. I am now highly aware of the chemicals that I’m putting on my skin and Pai has changed my attitude to ‘quality’ skincare.
    Hope this is of help to sensitive skincare people out there…

    Sarah x

  36. I use Clinique, three step process and when they brought out the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion in a gel I was hooked for good. I have used it since I was a teenager as it’s the only thing that stops breakouts for me. I on occasion think Oh I’ll try something posher and maybe then I’ll be poreless and flawless, but as you say there is never a repeat purchase, I break out and miss my Clinique. The three step thing takes some getting used to for most peoples skin I think but after three weeks it’s worth it.

  37. I swear by aveeno. I have tried Lancôme, philosophy, and everything in between. My beauty ‘secrets’ for my combination skin are boots cucumber wipes, aveeno (shower gel and moisturiser) and garnier BBcream!

  38. I have got the worst combination skin. Oily on forehead and breaking out really badly during the summer, redness and dryness on my cheeks and then again bit oily and breaking out on my chin. During the winter I get a really dry flaky skin in the sides of my nose. So whatever I use it makes one or the other worse:(
    My boyfriend works in a spa so he got me this all natural skincare system Pai for christmas and it was amazing during the winter months the the Camelia and Rose gentle hydrating cleanser moisturises and takes off makeup great, then a sprite of Lotus and orange blossom tonic for the redness in the cheeks. In the morning avocado and jojoba hydrating day cream and if I need extra moisture the Rosehip oil. It all worked great till the hot weather came around:( My cheers were still all good but my forehead and chin started breaking out like crazy:( So a friend of mine recommended to try Dermalogica. Didn’t really know witch products to get so just went for the Medibac kit to try different bits and see how it works. Stopes using my Pai products and started with the Medibac system. My forehead looks amazing:) but my cheeks got all dry and itchy. So now I am using Pai on my cheeks and Dermalogica Medibac on my forehead and chin. Works at the moment. See what happens when winter comes around again:P
    Saw the Dermalogica ultra calming rednes relefe primer online, I want to give it a go for my dry red cheeks. Has anyone used it? Did it work?

  39. I’m 36, and I use elemis flash balm cream and hydra balance cream daily, along with the bronzing moisturizer. It really lifts my complection and now I don’t have to wear any make up before I leave the house. Just a touch of bene tint on my cheeks and I’m good to go. A great wee tip for anyone who does not want to buy expensive creams. Go buy yourself some SBC gels. I use the vitamin c gel and the collagen gel. They make your complection look ten times better after about a week of use. They really work and they are so cheap. You can wear them under any moisturizer, although it’s best to do the collagen at bed time and the Vit C through the day but you can mix both together and add a moisturizer if desired at any time of day or night. Hope this helps. 🙂

  40. Hi very late on this. I’m 53 I’ve used Estee night for years 3 times a week switching with Elmis. Now If you read up about the newer Pro Collagen Elmis. The ingredients used are fab. I buy off Ebay, never pay full price. I don’t mean to brag, but I do not look my age. You sometimes do get what you pay for. In the summer I use Nivea blue pot. And sunscreen plus the cool down thing. Forgot what it’s called. I do shower and cleanse my face with Simple, or I’d be too greasey. It’s deffinately some that should be considered from the get go.

  41. I buy organic coconut oil online at ebay big pots are £8 ish and its lovely on my face, body and blonde coloured hair as it gets dry often, so when i do i get a teaspoon place in the ends leave in a light amount after blow drying it or heavily moisture before washing an hour before, and when im in the mood i cook with it. of course i ensure no mix up of hands and hair in the pot to fish and coriander 😉

    I spoon it out with a small china bowl for the body ect and bought another for the food usage it can be used with and on anything…..

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