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Planning For January

Author: Lauren Coleman

With 2017 just a few days away, I’m sure most of us are looking forward and planning how we hope the new year will unfold. We’ve got lots of lovely content coming up for you in the next few weeks (including kitchen reveals and fashion mistakes to name but a few) but don’t forget we’ve got an archive stuffed full of loads of juicy titbits for you put your feet up and devour.


As lovely as Christmas is, doesn’t it bring a whole load of paraphernalia? I know I’m not the only one who looks forward to a good clear out in the new year and in 2015 I spent each week in January tackling one area of my home. Since discovering Marie Kondo I’ve changed my approach slightly but I still get a load of satisfaction from a decluttering mission.

Hunker down

Although I’ve got a few dates in the diary for January it’s distinctly less busy than December. Last year I remember being riveted by Making a Murderer. We’re currently half way through The Crown but if you’d like some ideas for even more TV viewing then do take a peek in the archives. Alternatively if you prefer a good read then check out our Book Club archives.


Next week we’re kicking off a themed DIY week on RMS. I much prefer decorating in the winter as it seems such as waste being cooped up inside during the summer. If you feel the same then don’t forget our paint guides to help you pick the perfect colour for your next decoration project. Also if you want to see the progress I’ve made with my own decorating then you can have a gander in the archives too.


Maybe you’d prefer to use your January to plan your next project rather than getting the paint brush out. Our Home Tours section is always a feast for your eyes. One of my favourites from last year was the gorgeous lounge of RMS reader Rebecca which you can see in the header image above.

Plan a short break

When it’s freezing cold outside it’s always nice to get a holiday booked to have something to look forward to. Next month the lovely Laura will be sharing a tour of Copenhagen to help me plan my own trip. There’s plenty of short break recommendations in our wanderlust archive too.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the last of the festivities. See you in 2017!

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3 thoughts on “Planning For January

  1. We currently planning our kitchen renovation for 2017. I’ve picked important things like the tiles (Green Metro style ones from Fired Earth after seeing this kitchen on Pinterest! http://www.thejungalow.com/2015/08/boho-kitchen-reveal-the-whole-enchilada.html)
    and have also seen a lovely table and bench set from Next which we might try and DIY our own version 😉
    http://www.next.co.uk/g502880s1#744235 .
    Now need to find builders etc as we need to move a window, move the radiator, move electric points and move the gas etc and re-plastering etc. …. fun fun fun. Not looking forward to potentially a few months of mess but I am excited about our ideas and hopefully being able to finally get a dishwasher!!

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