Pink and mint green colour scheme for a playroom with animal illustrations and wall art
Illustrated Map
Illustrated Map
Desenio childrens illustrated world map
Monochrome Kitchen
Monochrome Kitchen
Monochrome typography wall art for a downpipe kitchen

Personalising Your Space {With Desenio}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

As we we know how much of you used our last discount offer to buy all sorts of beautiful prints by Desenio we have collaborated again to bring you more money off lovely wall art for your home.

Between the 4th and 6th July by using the code “ROCKMYSTYLE” you will be entitled to 25% posters (not including the handpicked category) and as Desenio products are so reasonably priced to start with, means you can really go to town on accessorising your space with illustration, typography or photographic based prints.

The redecoration of our country cottage was never going to be a quick process, we don’t have an unlimited budget or specific allocated time, it’s a case of doing as much as we can when and if we can.

After the “big” jobs were completed (new carpets, re-plumbing, painting throughout) we hit a bit of a lull, with no rooms actually “finished” and a distinct lack of inspiration. Mabel’s playroom has always been my biggest bugbear in that it has zero storage (apart from a small cupboard) and is essentially just a room that is constantly a complete tip. Now I know the point of a playroom is that you can just “close the door” but I would just like at least a little area of calm and tranquility where you can sit and admire the views of…..piles of multi-coloured plastic.

I’ve used a sofa from our old house and introduced some pink and minty shades, the children’s illustrated map and animal prints from Desenio have finished off the cosy corner perfectly and hopefully Mabel’s geography will be considerably better than mine in the not too distant future (I also tend to do pilates by said sofa and endeavour to look at this wall rather than the sea of duplo related debris on the opposite side).

The kitchen is almost finished, I just need to sort out the lighting situation and replace the plastic plug sockets. We were limited colour scheme wise due to black worktops and a kind of ivory/grey tiled floor but I’m really pleased with the combination of Downpipe and Manor House grey cupboards and how the open shelving has added some much needed light and sense of space. I’ve opted for some monochrome typography with black picture frames and I definitely think the room has a more personal feel to it. My husband is the last person to dance anywhere, and certainly not whilst whipping up a fajita storm – we are both somewhat amused by my choice of quote.

Do let me know what Desenio pieces you might already own and what you have your eye on in the comments box below. With constant new arrivals I’m going to be using the discount code myself, happy shopping folks!

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18 thoughts on “Personalising Your Space {With Desenio}

  1. I have big issues with Desenio. I can’t make a decision about which prints to order. I want them all but only have so many walls. I’ve tried twice with various discount codes and filled a basket with so many but never made it to check out with a reasonable amount. I do like the map with animals print for my wee one’s room. Maybe today will be the day I make decision! Thanks for the code.

    1. Steph your comment made me laugh out loud! I was a bit like that the first time I found the website too – so many to choose from and so cheap (!). The map is even lovelier in the flesh, good luck with choosing! x

  2. Totally unrelated to the post but can I ask where your radiator is from please? Looking for something exactly like this xx

  3. Just bought the Hakuna Matata print. With all the stress that’s going on in our life at the moment, this is perfect!! Thanks for the discount code xxx

  4. Haha…I bought the world map last time you had the discount on for my son’s room…obviously I didn’t really look at it properly online because when I opened it I realised it doesn’t have New Zealand on it! (and since both his Dad and I are from NZ its a bit of a pet hate of ours to find maps without it on!) So maybe Mabel’s geography wont be better than yours lol 😉

  5. I love the map, Angela Liddon from Oh She Glows had a very similar one for her kiddo’s room all the way over in Canada and I spied it on her insta and loved it! I am currently agonising over nursery layout, mainly the agonising is over which walls furniture should go against as that impacts on what ledges and prints could go where, I just need to bite the bullet and order some stuff I think! Also just to say that when they are in stock Desenio’s magnetic hanging frames (like the ones Rebecca from Roses and Rolltops and RMS fame has put in her kitchen) are gorgeous, I know the discount code doesn’t apply to them but worth mentioning! xx

  6. Whoop whoop! Just ordered the ‘save water, drink champagne’ (I work for a water co so this resonates with me for many reasons, ‘what would Beyoncé do’ and ‘it started with a swipe’ for a friend who is buying a house with her man who she met on Tinder. Thanks RMS. You’re like Santa without the beard!

  7. Thanks for the code, my bank balance is now considerably lighter, oops! 😜

    We moved into our house 2 years ago and we are still only getting round to hanging pictures and adding the little touches. It takes so long and so much money, but they really do make all the difference. It is now starting to feel like it has some personality and looks like our home.


    1. Absolutely Louise, I still refer to our cottage as “our new house” but we’ve been here over 9 months and some days it feels as though we haven’t really done anything. x

  8. Love the prints! There are so many to choose from and sadly I’ve taken too long trying to decide and missed out on the discount code. Note to self must be more decisive!!!!

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