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A Review of Period Proof Underwear

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I have to admit I was a little dubious when I first heard about Modibodi because it just seemed a bit too good to be true. Underwear designed for period? Odour-proof, leak-proof, dry and comfortable? It all sounded a bit gross to me to be honest. But following an update about sanitary-wear on the RMS Instagram, I thought I would give it a go.

It’s really important to me to source a sustainable alternative to sanitary products. Did you know it takes a tampon longer to degrade than the lifespan of the woman who wears it? ONE TAMPON. And the average woman will use over 11,000 tampons in her menstrual lifetime. That’s insane and totally eye-opening. Tampons also contain chemicals such as dioxin, chlorine and rayon which get soaked up by the earth when they lie in landfill and are released into groundwater and air, so we’re literally stuffing our vaginas with these chemicals then polluting the planet. Add to this the fact that most pads contain polyethelyne plastic which is also an environmentally harmful pollutant and that pretty much seals the deal for me. To the brief(s)…

You’ll have to forgive me, I’ve never tried a Mooncup or whatever it’s called but I’ve heard great things (mainly from my friend Emily who insists I would need a size ‘large’ – not sure what she’s insinuating there, ha!) However, the thought of inserting a cup up my noo-noo doesn’t fill me with great joy, it mainly makes me a bit scared to be honest and I have visions of myself in A&E having it surgically removed.

So the pants it is then. I ordered myself a pair of their best-selling high waisted number and waited for them to arrive. First impressions? I love the design, the material and the comfort of them. They feel really soft but are also super flattering, I swear my bum is perkier in these (probably not but they felt like they gave it some lift) and they did just feel like pretty (albeit supportive) pants. Then came the period. I have to admit I bottled it a bit in the beginning. I went to bed and freaked out that they would leak everywhere so I used sanitary protection with the pants as back up. No surprise then that the next morning when I rinsed them out ready to wash the water ran clear (because I didn’t really use the pants).

Then came the laborious task of washing and then drying them. It was pretty straightforward but it took an entire day for them to dry meaning that it wasn’t until the next day that I got to use them again. By now, my period is in full force and I’m meeting a client for an all-day coaching session. I almost bottled it again (do I really want to be testing this underwear with a customer working from a 4 star hotel for six hours solid?) Well I’m not going to be a very good reviewer if I don’t jump in the deep end. So off I went, hoping for the best.

The briefs delivered. Amazing design. I actually forgot I was on my period at all I felt so comfortable. I never once felt wet, there was not a single leak and I felt better than I ever have. Apologies to the client that I was with, she had a full run down of the pants and my please-don’t-bleed-all-over-the-joint predicament! But I was mega impressed with the pants and their power. When I got home I had to change back into normal sanitary wear (as I only have the one pair!) and it was awful. After being in soft, flattering, comfortable underwear all day I hated using a pad again for bed, it felt horrid. But again I was stuck in the wash/dry situation.

So here it is: do I recommend period pants? Yes absolutely. Not only are they comfortable and effective, they mean making a difference to the planet, it’s a no-brainer. But maybe don’t just order one pair as then you’re stuck in a wear them, wash them scenario where you need to rely on single-use sanitary products in the interim. However I didn’t want to order more pairs at £20+ a pop until I had tried them. Now I have I will be ordering more and I won’t be going back to tampons or pads ever again. I felt more comfortable, more secure and actually a little bit sexy. I’ve don’t think I’ve ever felt so good on my period. And putting two fingers up to using plastic and overloading landfill? Well I feel even better.

I just want to make it really clear that this isn’t a sponsored post or an advert. Modibodi had no idea that I was writing this review and I bought my pants with no PR discount or deal. However, I champion what they are doing and think it’s a fantastic initiative so I got in touch with the Modibodi marketing team to ask if Rock My Style readers could have an incentive to try their underwear and they’ve given us a special code to get 10% off your order so if you do fancy giving them a try, this one’s for you. Use code ROCKMY10 to test-drive your very own period pants. Go… rock your flow!


This is a guest post by Jess Collins. Follow Jess on Instagram – The Feral Writer.

A guest contribution from one of our readers.
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17 thoughts on “A Review of Period Proof Underwear

  1. Do they only work if you have light periods though? I mean how much can they ‘take’ really? This is the bit that freaks me out….and don’t they feel a bit like you’ve wet yourself? I really want to try them but am so scared about it!

    1. Hi Lauren,

      I was terrified for exactly the same reason! I do not have light periods so I bought the heaviest duty they offer but was still worried. Not one single leak! Also I don’t know how but no, I never felt wet. In their marketing they say that they wick away the moisture but they really do! It is honestly the weirdest thing! They also do 30 day trial I think where if you aren’t happy you can get your money back (do check this but I’m pretty sure I’m right!)

      Go for it!

    2. No. I’ve used them when suffering a miscarriage and that could not have been deemed ‘light’ at all. It lasted around a week of heavy bleeding in the morning to then taper off in the afternoon.
      I’ve also used washable maxi pads when I was going through the 6 week period after having my second child and not only are they far more comfortable than the single use mattress type things, they don’t add to the sweaty/damp feeling that is part and parcel of water loss post pregnancy.
      I’ve got around 6 pairs of ‘period pants’ and have used them for over 12 months. I last used disposable sanitary products in an emergency situation on holiday and I felt unwell and uncomfortable for the two days I had to use them.
      I bought my first moon cup over 10 years ago and the combination of that and period pants makes you fairly bomb proof.
      Don’t just do it for the planet, do it for yourself, there are so many different styles of period pants and other alternatives such as moon cups etc, there’s really no need for us to be pushing bleached cotton into our bodies or wearing sweaty pads in our pants.
      FYI, I’ve been a cloth nappy user for almost 8 years and a believer in elimination communication. It resulted in my youngest using the toilet from 7 months and has been nappy free day and night since she was about 18 months.

      1. Wow, thank you so much for your insight Caroline, people keep telling me to use a Mooncup so I’m looking into that currently. I’ve also discovered one pair of pants isn’t going to take me very far (ha!) so about to stock up. That’s so interesting about cloth nappies, I actually wrote for a cloth nappy company recently which was really interesting. If I ever had a third child (I won’t! Ha!) but I would definitely switch to these I think! Thanks again for commenting x

  2. I love my period pants! I have wuka ones (, which I think hold the most of any on the market. They also have a fab story behind them – the owner is from Nepal where periods are treated as dirty and taboo. In some regions women have to sleep away from their house and family in sheds or even outside. At any rate, I think it’s great switching to more sustainable period products, whatever they may be.

    1. Thanks Mel, I’ve not heard of Wuka but will check them out also. Great that there is so much choice and things genuinely seem to be changing! Thank you for taking the time to comment x

  3. I am intrigued! And want to try them I think…..the thought grossed me out somewhat to start with but actually on reflection I have to wash my toddlers pooey pants so therefore this is nothing!! I do have a couple of questions- how often do you need to change them? After rinsing out do you wash them in the washing machine? If you were desperate couple they go in the tumble drier? And how many pairs do you need?! Any you honestly don’t smell?!?!

    1. Buy as many as you like. One a day should be sufficient for your needs though so go by how long you bleed for and how often you wash.
      I don’t presoak or anything. I put them in the wash basket as normal and wash as normal. They black so it’s not like you have to worry about stains.
      Mine can be tumble dried. You don’t use fabric softener with them though as it effects their absorbency but then you don’t do that with cloth nappies either and shouldn’t use fabric softener with towels/anything else you want to be absorbent.
      Mine don’t smell, it’s generally the combination of chemicals/sweat etc that you get with disposable pads that causes the smell.
      Considered a menstrual cup? They’re a good starting point and can be used with period pants to ease you in. Don’t use the cup on a night and see how you go. Use them together and you’re home and dry (so to speak).

    2. Hi Sarah,

      You are exactly where I was. These were the questions I was asking and I was also grossed out but the reality was actually OK and much much nicer than my usual sanitary wear experience. As for how often you need to change them. Modibodi officially say that it’s down to each individual to figure out how long it will take for their personal cycle needs before having to change for a fresh pair. Apparently some customers comfortably wear theirs for 8-10 hours and 12 hours even! They have been scientifically proven to last 24 hours, but they recommend testing them out for a shorter period of time first.

      I haven’t actually tested past 7 hours (I wore them for an entire day business coaching) and they were fine. I think they could have lasted longer but after that I showered and changed. Yes, after rinsing them you put them in the washing machine, you can tumble dry but they advise against it due to it potentially making them less effective long term.

      I’m not sure how many pairs you need but I would say probably a minimum of 3 (I would wear a pair and wash a pair – for me, it was taking me a full day to wash and dry a pair as it took so long to dry. Then I would have another pair so I wasn’t against the wire when it came to the wash each time) but I know they do multipacks so I would probably just buy one of those now I know these work for me. My only problem with the multi pack is that I think it’s mixed styles but I specifically like the style I bought and would want more of those exact model.

      For me, I honestly don’t think they had any smell. I mean, I didn’t put my head in there and test this theory (ha!) I don’t know how it works, they have what they call Modifier Technology and apparently it’s the top layer that stops scent but I don’t know how. Miraculously they always appeared to be dry as well – I don’t know! I asked all of these same questions, I put them on thinking it was nuts as well and I’m still not clear what they’ve done to them but for me, thumbs up! And I think they do a 30 day return period if you’re not happy with them so for £20 or whatever I was like why not?!

      Thanks for commenting and apologies for my essay of a reply!

  4. Jess this is the post I’ve always wanted! Haha. I love my Luna Cup but I feel like there are some days when I’m a bit bloated and bleugh and just want another option. I’ve now found it! And thanks for doing the leg work for a discount code. I’m all in. xo

    1. Thanks Naomi, I am literally a convert (and should probably get a job working for Modibodi as I’m learning a lot about the products! Ha!) I never thought period pants would be for me but I honestly don’t think I’ll be going back. Rock your flow! 😉

  5. Has anyone been brave enough to try them during the immediate post-natal period? I mean would they stand up to the heaviness of lochia? (Because I absolutely hated the feeling of wearing post natal pads with my first baby – so wet and sweaty and bulky and if anything made my bits feel even sorer). Pregnant again with our second and I’m tempted to buy Modi Bodi’s maternity pack but its quite pricey and I don’t suppose the absorbency is enough for right after giving birth. Just wondering whether its worth buying that and an additional high absorbency pair.

    1. Hi Alex, I didn’t actually know about these pants during my lochia phase – not sure if I would have tried them, I only just braved it for my normal period. You could contact them and ask though? They should be able to help! However I do love that they do a maternity singlet for breastfeeding leakage (really wish I had known about this a few years ago! Ha!) Thank you for commenting

    2. Would also be interested to know this as I am in the same position – pregnant with number two and this would seem like an eco-friendly way of reducing/ eliminating those horrible pads. Also interesting to hear about the maternity singlets so I will have to check them out!

  6. Excellent post! I too have been really grossed out by the idea (I don’t know why because I wear pads anyway so I guess I already “sit around” in my period all day so what’s the difference?!) but really really good to know they are effective. My concern is that I would need at least 12 hours coverage to cover my working day, I could obviously change pants at work if needed but I would like to know they would last that long I guess, and if they start leaking presumably you are then at a point of “no return” i.e. you couldn’t pop a pad in at that point to tide you over until you can change them? Only trying them can prove the point I suppose! Definitely would love to move away from disposables, I also don’t like the idea of the moon cup despite so many raving about them so this sounds like a great solution. Thanks!!

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