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The £3.50 Decoration You Need For Your Next Party

Author: Lauren Coleman

Last weekend we threw our first proper bash at the new house. We’ve been in the cottage nearly six months so I reckon my days of referring to the place as ‘new’ are very limited. Anyway we decided to combine mine and a friend’s birthday with a bit of a house warmer and had a few folks round for a casual barbecue. Thankfully after some very cold and rainy days we were blessed with hazy sunshine and a lot of laughs. I had originally planned to set the garden up a few days before so I could ask Lisa of Little Beanies fame to snap all the details. However as it poured it down the week before you sadly have to just make do with the one professional shot in the slider and my iPhone handiwork below.

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of props from various weddings, shoots and what not so I’m pleased to say I only spent £3.50 on all these decorations. And what did I spend the £3.50 on? Well these super fun gold letter balloons from Tesco. They were similar to the ‘oh baby’ ones I bought for my friend’s sip and see party though these ones also come with the ribbon so you can string up anywhere you fancy. And if you don’t have an endless supply of props to hand I can guarantee you’ll make quite an impact with these metallic blow up letters. I can’t find them on their website but found mine in their kids’ party section.

We strung festoon lights above the patio (my old faithful indoor set which were removed during last night’s unpredicted thunderstorm) and a brand spanking fancy outdoor set gifted from my sister. I also wrapped my old christmas lights around the trunk of one of the trees which was a super pretty extra touch. I call it my ‘Pinterest’ tree.

{iPhone Gallery}

I dragged my old dressing table outside, popped two M&S drink dispensers on top and filled them full of soft drinks and herb ice cubes, including the now legendary apple and elderflower mocktail created by my friend Sam. The glitter heart garland was a home-made affair I knocked up for an RMS tutorial many moons ago. I also brought out a load of cushions and blankets to keep the guests cosy and comfy.

About five weeks ago we noticed a lone bird flitting in and out of one of the hanging baskets and assumed he was making a nest. However after a month of non activity James went up to replace the outside lights and noticed there was nothing but dead plants in the basket so luckily we were able to replant with a load of petunias instead.

As you’ll see we’ve made a bit of progress from my recent patio post; the lights have all been changed, the beds are far fuller and we have a bin store. Not too sure when the outdoor kitchen will make an appearance though.

The final touch was to string up a load of disco balls in the apple tree. Personally I think horticulturists should start selling this specimen but we’ll just have to wait and see. I bought all these glitter balls in the January sales several years ago from House of Fraser so it’s always worth keeping an eye out at the end of the year. The blackboard arrow from the gate was left over from my Mum’s retirement party last year.

Most of these snaps were captured the day after (which typically was a scorcher). Missing from the photos is the pasting table we borrowed to seat guests around which I decked out with a large H&M linen table cloth and individual potted plants.

Our guests dined on James’ home-made burgers, local butchers’ sausages, chicken and halloumi kebabs and an awesome salad bar put together by friend Ellie who seemed to cater for 117 people rather than 17. We topped it off with a heavenly naked lemon drizzle cake and home-made gin lollies. Delish. Everyone chipped in to make the do a really lovely, casual affair and we had a good giggle too.

Any garden parties planned for this year? How do you deck out your back yard for a summer shindig? Anyone else buying the Tesco balloons?


Header image by Little Beanies

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19 thoughts on “The £3.50 Decoration You Need For Your Next Party

  1. So I know it’s still early, and I’m on the train to work, but am I the only one who wants to know more about these ‘gin lollies’? Did you make them yourself or is this something I’ve missed?
    Beautiful garden though Lauren, we’ve just moved into a new build and the garden is very much as the builders left it, but I can’t wait to have it turfed and beds full of pretties 🙂

    1. Hi Laura, my friend made them! Will ask her for the recipe now. They are currently all over my sofa though 🙁
      Congrats on the home x

      1. Hi Laura, Hi Izzie, My friend says…. The gin lollies were off-recipe, only what I had in the fridge that day – lemon Greek yoghurt, freshly squeezed lime, gin, dash of semi skimmed milk and some cucumber/lime for decoration. There are some much more delicious recipes out there though!

  2. This looks so lovely, Lauren, right up my street!
    Glad you had a good birhday bbq……we seem to have gone bbq mad recently and infact I said I didn’t want another bbq again for dinner the other day (unheard of!!) but we were back to it again last night!!
    I so want some festoon lighting but don’t have anywhere to put it really…..boooo.

    Jane x

    1. I’ve never been much of a BBQ fan but I’m quickly getting converted. I think we’ll end up having them all summer long! x

  3. I pretty much have small gatherings every weekend during the summer if it’s a warm and still night. We hold ours in ‘Cwtch corner’ – cwtch being the Welsh word for a hug (the best hug, the kind that solves everything).
    Cwtch corner is a rustic affair comprised of stacked pallets which have been painted white and layered with various cushions, throws and multi coloured rag rags. The trees surrounding the area are bedecked with fairy lights (the micro lights from Dunelm are fab!), metal heart candle holders and faux tropical flowers. It makes for a very colourful and random affair – perhaps more Kitsch corner than Cwtch corner.

  4. This all looks amazing, I love party decorations & balloons! Currently planning my daughters 5th birthday party & it involves a lot of balloons & helium. Just spent £50 on them & I still need to order the unicorn ones, whoops! Did they have the party ballon in pink do you know?

    We love hosting a bbq & spotted this on Homebase yesterday, so need one for the next party ? Although I wish they did another colour.



    1. Loving the drinks cooler.
      I don’t think they had them in pink but they do have rather a good selection of party bits in store x

  5. Looks fabulous Lauren, which doesn’t surprise me one bit, as you have amazing taste and style.
    Hope you had a great afternoon
    Definitely need festoon lights in my life! x

  6. Such a fabulous post and has reassured me I’m on the right lines for my planned garden gathering for my husbands 30th. I have also stumbled across these Tesco balloons. I purchased the happy birthday one. Is it possible to have the recipe for the soft drink apple and elderflower mocktail, as that would be perfect as we have a lot of drivers attending the gathering. I’m on the hunt for festoon lights now.

    Lucy xx

    1. Just checked in and it’s elderflower cordial, freshly squeezed limes, a bottle of cloudy apple juice, a bottle of soda water and fresh mint leaves.
      Very sweet but delicious x

      1. Super thanks so much Lauren for your response. I shall look forward to making this, in a few weekends time x

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