Whether you prefer an anti-ageing cream, a pot of Ponds or a tube of something laden with high-tech wizardry, chances are most of us slather on a moisturiser at some point during the day. As team RMS have skin from dry right through to oily, we thought you might be intrigued to know what we use on our faces in an effort to stay hydrated and protected.


{Skin Type} Normal but does get dry in winter.
{Skin Need} A moisturiser that will keep my skin hydrated but won’t cause breakouts.
Moisturiser – Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Granted my choice of moisturiser isn’t exactly cheap or even ‘reasonably priced’ for that matter but after several years of trying every moisturising cream under the sun, too oily, too thick, too heavy, too smeary, too fragranced, too sloppy, too greasy and so on and so forth, I’m more than happy to cough up my precious pennies for perhaps the only moisturiser that actually works for me.

I’d say that my skin falls within the ‘normal’ category but it does tend to get dry in the winter and it doesn’t like any kind of powder applied to it (they make me look like the living dead). I found with most moisturisers (or in fact every single one I’ve tried), the minute I slather them on my face I erupt into spots. These last for a few days before we return to patches of dry skin and so the cycle repeats.
I wasn’t at all prepared for just how much I would love this product. Consistency wise, it’s just the right amount of rich thickness whilst feeling wonderfully light at the same time, sinking into the skin instantly and leaving your face primed for make-up or even barefaced if you so wish. You actually don’t need all that much either, just a dab here and there and you’re done. And guess what? NO SPOTS.
If I’m being especially picky then I do wish it was SPF30 rather than SPF15. That said I can see myself using this for years to come.


{Skin Type} Combination – Dry cheeks and oily T Zone
{Skin Need} A moisturiser that will hydrate dry cheeks and jaw
Moisturiser – Clinique Moisture Surge

There’s not much in my make up bag but one of the few items that I use every day is my Clinique Moisture Surge. Embarrassingly, I first tried it when it was given away as a free sample with Glamour magazine. Don’t judge me! Up until then I had just been using plain old Nivea. However I obviously didn’t realise how light and creamy and lovely moisturiser could be.

As my T Zone is quite oily, made even oilier by my fringe, I need a moisturiser that will hydrate the dry patches on my cheeks and jaw without making my T Zone greasy. Moisture Surge is oil free so it doesn’t make my already-oily-enough-thank-you T Zone any, well, oilier. I only need a dab of it every morning so a 50ml tub lasts me absolutely ages.

Along with my Touche Eclat, it’s probably the most fancy pants item of make up that I own. And I’m not even sure it’s that fancy! I did say I know nothing about makeup!


{Skin Type} Oily T Zone and prone to breakouts
{Skin Need} A moisturiser to help reduce shine and oil production
Moisturiser – Nivea Q10 Pore-Refining Cream

I started using an anti-ageing cream in my very early twenties. It wasn’t necessarily a preventative measure against wrinkles, more that I had dabbled with a sample and found my break-out prone skin became infinitely clearer. Last year I switched to Nivea Q10 swayed by the pore-refining claims. I actually do think my pores have tightened since using this product and oil production significantly lower, plus my make-up free skin is definitely smoother. The best thing about this cream is how quickly the super light formulation is absorbed in to the facial skin – I can put on my make-up very soon after moisturising without my base slipping in to my breakfast.


{Skin Type} Dry and very sensitive
{Skin Need} A fragrance and paraben-free moisturiser
Moisturiser – Aveeno Cream

About 9 years ago I had a really severe reaction on my face. Think red, itchy, blotchy, swollen and weird heat-rash esque lumps. Hot. NOT. I couldn’t work out for the life of me what had caused it, and upon seemingly trying EVERYTHING possible to find out the culprit I failed. Antihistamine became my daily drug of choice, just so I could leave the house without frightening small children.
I booked myself into see a private dermatologist after about a month of looking as though I had overdone it on the sunbed, and scratching to the point I was worried about non-reversible scarring.
It turns out I was allergic to most plant oils and organic bumbf that was lurking in my “specifically for eczema prone and sensitive type” skincare. I know, the irony. I was advised to stop using everything and go right back to basics, literally a cold cream cleanser and a rather uninspiring beige tube of “Aveeno” cream. Apparently it was super gentle, and had soothing oats in it. Or some such.

Aveeno soon became my BFF, it’s the best moisturiser I have EVER used and the perfect matt base for make-up. It is thick and rich and admittedly not for everyone (my sister for example, is not a fan at all) but I LOVE it to Boots 3 for 2 and back. Plus it’s cheap. Which ultimately means I can spend more on Estee Lauder luxe and leather skirts.
I have occasionally strayed when I have been enticed by fancy packaging or the promise of ever-lasting youth. But I always ALWAYS go back.

So that’s what we use. How about you? What lotions and potions are you applying to your face?