Our Favourite Moisturisers

Author: Lauren Coleman

Whether you prefer an anti-ageing cream, a pot of Ponds or a tube of something laden with high-tech wizardry, chances are most of us slather on a moisturiser at some point during the day. As team RMS have skin from dry right through to oily, we thought you might be intrigued to know what we use on our faces in an effort to stay hydrated and protected.


{Skin Type} Normal but does get dry in winter.
{Skin Need} A moisturiser that will keep my skin hydrated but won’t cause breakouts.
Moisturiser – Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Granted my choice of moisturiser isn’t exactly cheap or even ‘reasonably priced’ for that matter but after several years of trying every moisturising cream under the sun, too oily, too thick, too heavy, too smeary, too fragranced, too sloppy, too greasy and so on and so forth, I’m more than happy to cough up my precious pennies for perhaps the only moisturiser that actually works for me.

I’d say that my skin falls within the ‘normal’ category but it does tend to get dry in the winter and it doesn’t like any kind of powder applied to it (they make me look like the living dead). I found with most moisturisers (or in fact every single one I’ve tried), the minute I slather them on my face I erupt into spots. These last for a few days before we return to patches of dry skin and so the cycle repeats.
I wasn’t at all prepared for just how much I would love this product. Consistency wise, it’s just the right amount of rich thickness whilst feeling wonderfully light at the same time, sinking into the skin instantly and leaving your face primed for make-up or even barefaced if you so wish. You actually don’t need all that much either, just a dab here and there and you’re done. And guess what? NO SPOTS.
If I’m being especially picky then I do wish it was SPF30 rather than SPF15. That said I can see myself using this for years to come.


{Skin Type} Combination – Dry cheeks and oily T Zone
{Skin Need} A moisturiser that will hydrate dry cheeks and jaw
Moisturiser – Clinique Moisture Surge

There’s not much in my make up bag but one of the few items that I use every day is my Clinique Moisture Surge. Embarrassingly, I first tried it when it was given away as a free sample with Glamour magazine. Don’t judge me! Up until then I had just been using plain old Nivea. However I obviously didn’t realise how light and creamy and lovely moisturiser could be.

As my T Zone is quite oily, made even oilier by my fringe, I need a moisturiser that will hydrate the dry patches on my cheeks and jaw without making my T Zone greasy. Moisture Surge is oil free so it doesn’t make my already-oily-enough-thank-you T Zone any, well, oilier. I only need a dab of it every morning so a 50ml tub lasts me absolutely ages.

Along with my Touche Eclat, it’s probably the most fancy pants item of make up that I own. And I’m not even sure it’s that fancy! I did say I know nothing about makeup!


{Skin Type} Oily T Zone and prone to breakouts
{Skin Need} A moisturiser to help reduce shine and oil production
Moisturiser – Nivea Q10 Pore-Refining Cream

I started using an anti-ageing cream in my very early twenties. It wasn’t necessarily a preventative measure against wrinkles, more that I had dabbled with a sample and found my break-out prone skin became infinitely clearer. Last year I switched to Nivea Q10 swayed by the pore-refining claims. I actually do think my pores have tightened since using this product and oil production significantly lower, plus my make-up free skin is definitely smoother. The best thing about this cream is how quickly the super light formulation is absorbed in to the facial skin – I can put on my make-up very soon after moisturising without my base slipping in to my breakfast.


{Skin Type} Dry and very sensitive
{Skin Need} A fragrance and paraben-free moisturiser
Moisturiser – Aveeno Cream

About 9 years ago I had a really severe reaction on my face. Think red, itchy, blotchy, swollen and weird heat-rash esque lumps. Hot. NOT. I couldn’t work out for the life of me what had caused it, and upon seemingly trying EVERYTHING possible to find out the culprit I failed. Antihistamine became my daily drug of choice, just so I could leave the house without frightening small children.
I booked myself into see a private dermatologist after about a month of looking as though I had overdone it on the sunbed, and scratching to the point I was worried about non-reversible scarring.
It turns out I was allergic to most plant oils and organic bumbf that was lurking in my “specifically for eczema prone and sensitive type” skincare. I know, the irony. I was advised to stop using everything and go right back to basics, literally a cold cream cleanser and a rather uninspiring beige tube of “Aveeno” cream. Apparently it was super gentle, and had soothing oats in it. Or some such.

Aveeno soon became my BFF, it’s the best moisturiser I have EVER used and the perfect matt base for make-up. It is thick and rich and admittedly not for everyone (my sister for example, is not a fan at all) but I LOVE it to Boots 3 for 2 and back. Plus it’s cheap. Which ultimately means I can spend more on Estee Lauder luxe and leather skirts.
I have occasionally strayed when I have been enticed by fancy packaging or the promise of ever-lasting youth. But I always ALWAYS go back.

So that’s what we use. How about you? What lotions and potions are you applying to your face?

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49 thoughts on “Our Favourite Moisturisers

  1. I do bang on about this stuff but it is amazing and cheap! I use Miamoo products for my dry but greasy t zone. My skin is so much better! It is 98% natural products with no parabens, which I initially bought for my children and still use on them. I am not a fan of Johnson and Johnson and all the chemicals they use.

      1. Yep huggy lotion and a bit of baba oil before bed if I have dry patches. It is perfect for my 3&5 year old too. I also use their splashy wash to wash my makeup off and the fresh locks to wash children’s hair. It is amazing stuff!

      2. Yep and I use baba oil before bed if I have dry patches. I also use their splashy wash to remove makeup and the fresh locks shampoo for my children. My son (5 years old) sometimes gets dry patches and I use huggy lotion and baba oil before bed and it’s cleared up in a few days. I love the stuff!!

        1. Ok just spent a fortune on Miamoo products based on this thread 🙂
          I’ve been using expensive natural products for myself and letting my kids use them as I haven’t found a natural product suitable for them- that’s not mega expensive. I’m going to try these out myself as they sound fab! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. How bizarre! I was literally just telling my husband this morning how much I was loving my new Sukin Moisturiser.
    I struggle to find the right one for my skin all the time, but I’ve had this for 3 days and it’s cleared every issue up (oily, dry, spots, bumps, blotches).
    I’m hoping it’s not just my skin loving a bit of novelty (sometimes the case) and can sustain results.
    I definitely find moisturiser to be the hardest skincare product to nail.

    1. Totally agree with the novelty bit Naomi. I started using a serum last week – my skin went wild and loved it, and then this week the party is well and truly over and I’m covered in spots 🙁
      I’ve just nipped over to the Sukin site and found their oil balancing mattifying lotion which looks fabulous. Which one are you using? x

      1. I’ve heard fantastic things about the oil balancing range and would have bought that one, but they were sold out in my local store (another good sign I guess).
        I’m using the Sensitive Facial Moisturiser.
        It’s that beautiful balance between rich and easily absorbed. Really enjoying it so far.

        Maybe the serum you’re using is just purging your skin of some deep gunk? I’d stick to it a little longer and see if it clears up again. But yeah, the novelty thing is real. Especially for my hair! I’m forever switching up shampoos.

  3. I wish I had a fancy product to recommend but all I use is Coconut oil (or if I’m feeling in need of a pamper then a drop of Argan oil.) Simple as that! No nasty chemicals, super cheap and it works so well. No more break outs or patches of dry skin and although it doesn’t officially have an spf I find it really does protect my fair skin as my freckles don’t appear as quickly. Plus it doubles up as a make up remover too!

  4. Waitrose Baby bottom butter every night for my dry dry skin! Cheap and cheerful and no nasties in it. Feels a bit oily at first but it soaks in a treat and I’m sure it keeps the wrinkles at bay!
    Something with an spf is essential during the day though. I’ve just bought olay’s cc cream which goes on all over like a moisturiser but gives the just enough coverage – moisturiser, primer & foundation in one. Looks really natural and glowy – plus a one stop product with a 7month old is great!

  5. Now I confess I would never spend this kind of money by myself, but my Mum picked me up a pot of magic in Duty Free- l’Occitan’s Creme Divine. It smells beautiful and has brightened up my dull skin without leaving any tight or dry patches, in the 3 weeks I’ve been using it I’ve noticed a huge difference. I’m going to have to enjoy it while it lasts!

  6. I just spent a small mortgage on a fancy potion from Space NK (which I adore) to try and fix my dried out, patchy, hormonal skin, only to resemble a sundried tomato a few days later. Back to the trusty Aveeno it is! Just wish the packaging was a bit *sexier*

    1. I hate it when that happens Liv. Hope the sundried tomato status was shortlived.
      Charlotte said exactly the same thing about the aveeno packaging! x

    1. I pretty sure it will Gemma – I’ve not heard anything to the contrary as yet. Come back and tell us how you get on xx

  7. I have normal skin that can get a little dry in winter. I use Olay – just the normal daytime pot. I have dabbled with Lancome and loved the light feel of the moisturiser as you rub it in, but to be honest for £30ish a pot my skin did not look any better using than Olay which is as little as £3.

    I have terribly dry hands at the moment, do you lovely ladies have any suggestions on good hand creams – I’m currently using L’Occitane in Roses et Reines.

    1. Hello! Sorry to butt in, but the Helping Hands cream from Lush is absolutely brilliant. I have very dry hands and I only have to put this on once a day (at night) and it fixes everything. I haven’t been doing it recently and my nails have broken, my cuticles are all torn and my fingers are getting all cracked.

      I have tried so many hand creams and they all seem much of a muchness but this one truly does the job!

        1. When I remember I use CCS foot care cream on my feet before bed for super soft feet and then rub the excess into my hands. I always see an enormous improvement in the condition of my hands the next day. It is truly amazing stuff!

          On the matter of my face, I’ve been using The Sanctuary’s serums recently with very good results and they are frequently on offer at Boots!

  8. I use the Clinique moisture surge and loved it but now keep getting breakouts, not ideal with my wedding being 2 weeks today! I need something for oily skin with a high spf which is currently eluding me! On a side note, I used to use Aveeno for eczema on my legs but have found Kiehl’s Creme de Corps works much better for me. Their super intensive hand cream and honey soy scrub are ace too (I got given the lot as a pressie)

  9. LOVE Aveeno, my doctor prescribed it for my dry boobs when I was breastfeeding – it’s so natural that even babies can eat it 🙂

  10. My skin is not particularly dry but it is sensitive and I have in the past been the victim of the itchy red lumps Charlotte describes. They are horrible. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to a lot of highlighting products as they always seem to do it to me. I might give the Aveeno a go. I have been known to make a face mask out of crushed up oats and it is very soothing to sensitive itchy skin, so if there are oats in Aveeno it might do the trick. The best moisturiser I’ve tried is First Aid Beauty’s 5 in 1 face cream (SPF 30). It’s really gentle and leaves my skin nice and soft without being heavy. Boots used to do it but sadly have now stopped, so I get it from Beauty Bay or Feel Unique. At night I use Embryolisse or Weleda White Mallow Baby Derma Face Cream (from the baby aisle in Boots). They have no SPF but are super gentle. 🙂

  11. After trying a heap of different moisturisers varying in price I decided to try the original Nivea Creme (blue pot and about £3!) after coming across it so often on beauty blogs. I am about 2 weeks in and I love it!! It feels so thick (good for my dry skin) but is easily absorbed and my recent break outs have definitely improved. It is tricky to know however whether this is due to the moisturiser, or my pregnancy hormones, or the fact that about 4 weeks ago I also started using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, and a seventeen BB cream both of which I also love. Whichever way, I am sticking with it!

    1. I’ve heard such good things about Night Repair and about the old school Nivea Creme. Glad you’ve found a routine that works for you Laura x

  12. Has anyone used Arbonne products? I’m trying their cleanser and moisturiser at the moment. I’m a week or do in and my skin isn’t brilliant. Not sure if it’s linked to the product change or if my skin will just take a while to settle into the new products? I was using Dermalogica before…….have I made a mistake?!

    1. hi sarah, i had a phase using arbonne as some of my friends do the arbonne thing. I found it quite good after the first week, i was using the anti-ageing products, and particularly liked the night cream which my face sucked up. In the end i found it super expensive for what it was and had started to ween back off them- at first i definitely noticed a difference not using them but i’m currently pregnant so my face is a dry mess which is unusual for me as am a little more oily. I’m not sure what i will use post pregnancy. Apparently the arbonne stuff have high botanicals or something so if you are used to using something like neils yard you will find it easier to adapt- i think dermalogica have more medicated products in them but am not sure! Sorry if that isn’t the most helpful! Good luck x

  13. Charlotte, quick question- i have been using the aveeno cream for my dry pregnant skin following your recommendation- only thing is it offers to SPF and i noticed i was rather pink following some weekend sunshine. What do you do to combat this? thanks x

    1. Hi Rachel! The no SPF thing is a pain, but then I’m allergic to literally every suncream going (I know, yawn..) anyway, I use Bare Minerals brush on SPF 30 sunscreen powder. Use a VERY light hand and you can hardly see it – it’s quite translucent. I also wear a large hat and sunglasses if ever it is sunny SUNNY. I also try and wear make-up with an SPF in too, my current powder has SPF 10 xx

      1. Thanks so much! I’m hoping I can keep using it post pregnancy and just add a little more make up as suggested if my skin doesn’t return to its usual combo self Xx

  14. I’ve always loved Nars moisturiser and eye cream but mentioned to my GP about redness on my eye lid, which just wouldn’t go away and she prescribed Aveeno Moisture Cream to apply to my skin as a cleanser, then wash off and apply more before applying makeup, it transformed it within a week, I’m not using anything else now. I’ve never had sensitive skin before, so not sure why it’s happened now.

    1. Oh no Eileen, glad you’ve managed to find something to sort the redness. Allergic reactions are no fun at all x

  15. I always used to use Dermalogica Sheer Moisture as it was light weight, had SPF and was good for my fairly oily skin. In a bid to find something cheaper I tried LOADs of things and nothing was quite right until I found a moisturiser that has since been continued. In a panic buy, someone from Boots persuaded me to buy their No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Oily Skin and it is brilliant. I don’t get any spots from using it, no shiny face and it has SPF. Perfect!

  16. I love Liz Earle’s Superskin range. I always just assumed it was for the more ‘mature’ lady but I’m 36 now (one kid down, another on the way) & it really has done wonders for my poor old skin (prone to breakouts with a bit of sun damage). I use the serum in the morning, followed by the teensiest daub of the moisturiser & the oil on its own at night. Warning: my husband hates the smell & has used the words ‘vile’ and ‘like a granny’ but I don’t care; *that’s* how good it is.

    1. I’m really tempted to try out an oil Nikki.
      Your comment about your husband made me giggle. He’ll be stealing it next when he realises what great skin he could have 😉 x

  17. Hi Charlotte – I’ve JUST gone through all the issues you described and have had to throw out almost all my skincare and make up – nightmare! Would you be able to share some of the other products you use cleaners and makeup wise?


    1. Lauren have you checked your shampoo and nail products? I’ve had reactions to both, and it’s always my eyes/face that is effected the most. I use a lotion cleanser by Boots, it’s their simply sensitive one, I apply it with a cotton pad to remove make-up then another dollop and remove it with a warm flannel. I use Max Factor or Dolce & Gabbana mascara at the moment (neither irritate) and Estee Lauder BB glow concealer pen. In fact I use a lot of Estee Lauder – there is a link to my post in the text above. I also have reactions to lipstick (such fun!) but seem to be fine with Dior or MAC. xx

  18. I swear by Aveeno! I get married in August and suddenly had a bad outbreak of eczema all over back in January. Aveeno was recommended and within weeks it had all cleared up! I use it all the time, moisturiser, shower oil hand cream it’s a miracle product!

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