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One Biker Jacket {Three Ways}

Author: Lisa Soeno

Today I am chatting all about the trusty biker jacket. It’s that one item of your wardrobe that will work well in any season and you can dig it out, year on year, and know that it will never fail to give your outfit an edge.

The biker that I dig out year on year is one from Mango that Rich treated me to for Christmas circa 2014. It’s the softest butteriest leather and it still looks brand new despite me wearing it on numerous occasions. I know that excessive studding and embroidery are all the rage at the moment but my Mango one is quite simple – just black but with gold zips and subtle gold studs and details – which means it goes with pretty much anything in my wardrobe. So my starting point when trying to hunt down the perfect biker for this post was Mango where I found this little beauty. I reckon it’s a good price point for what looks to be excellent quality. If you have a bit more cash to splash then check out this classic from All Saints, or if you’re on a budget then this one from H&M is just downright gorgeous. It’s under fifty quid and if I hadn’t have read the description then I would have been totally convinced that it was real leather.

1. Off Duty

How good do biker jackets look with denim? I live in jeans and tees which can be pretty boring. But adding a leather biker and crisp white trainers (I’ve got these Superga ones which are the bees’ knees) and a statement scarf can completely transform a play-it-safe outfit. I also think that biker jackets look ace with tapered joggers but haven’t yet been brave enough to try this combination.

  • All Saints biker jacket
    All Saints Biker
  • Topshop tee
    Topshop Tee
  • Superga trainers
    Superga Trainers

2. Swishy Skirts

I wish my figure was svelte enough to pull off a pleated skirt. Maybe once I’ve had the baby and started going to a gym (as I am totally planning to do but probably won’t) I will be able to squeeze into one. But for all you lucky ladies that look lovely in a pleated skirt, I think teaming a swishy number like this one from M&S with a biker would look seriously on point. As well as the soft pink hue, Marks also sell it in an ‘oyster’ shade.

  • Mango biker
    Mango Biker
  • Asos heels
    Asos Heels
  • M&S skirt
    M&S Pleated Skirt

3. Rock Chick

The ultimate biker jacket look. Wear with a band tee, Chelsea boots and black skinny jeans. On that note, has anyone bought anything from John Lewis’ new AND/OR brand? Loving the look of their range of jeans…

  • John Lewis jeans
    John Lewis Jeans
  • Joules boots
    Joules Chelsea Boots
  • H&M biker
    H&M Biker

Are you a fan of a biker jacket? What do you wear yours with? If you don’t own one, have I managed to convince you to treat yourself to a payday pick-me-up?

P.S. Be sure to join us next week where the lovely Lottie from Rock My Family will be showing us how to wear one white shirt three ways.


All images are from Pinterest

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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33 thoughts on “One Biker Jacket {Three Ways}

  1. Biker jacket with everything. I don’t think I could ever be without it ❤ Mine is just a basic ASOS with silver zips and studs but I love it.

    I love that look with the tapered joggers, might have to throw it into the repertoire! xx

    1. Nor me Karen!

      The tapered joggers combo is such a good look isn’t it. I’ve got to admit, I tried wearing my biker with regular (pregnancy) joggers the other day and I think I just looked a bit strange ? x

      1. I have a feeling I’d look like I was just putting the bins out in my pyjamas and grabbed the first jacket I could find. Mastering ‘effortlessly casual’ will elude me forever I think x

  2. A biker jacket is pretty much my signature look. I’m generally in the ‘rock chick’ styling camp but have know to wear one with fancy joggers and also wear one in summer (which is a balmy 12c in Glasgow).

    In other news, the girl in the photo above is @noholita on Instagram. 100% girl crush! ?

  3. I love the look but have come to the conclusion that they don’t really suit me. I’m tall and curvy, so the cropped biker jackets are often too short. Also, as much as I love black, black leather can look a bit harsh against my very pale skin.

    My alternative it the Hush military jackets which are a little longer – fall on my lower hip – and I now have both the khaki and black versions.

    Anyone any other suggestions?

  4. Ooh love this post! I literally live in my biker. I’m vegetarian so don’t wear real leather but Warehouse do a gorgeous soft fake leather biker jacket with silver zips. I wear it with white tees, skinny jeans and chunky black ankle boots. I always feel like the outfit is way cooler than its wearer though…!

  5. I know what you mean Caroline. I’m curvy too and feel like I can only get away with a biker jacket if I’m wearing skinny jeans on my bottom half sucking me in!

    I’m loving all the pink bikers and even found one in Asda of all places and think these would look lovely on paler skin:–_-dskwid-s92700013688825440_dc%26gclid%3DCKis6u-UgNMCFROZGwodR38MNw

    I know it’s a much smarter look but I don’t think you can go wrong with a blazer.

    Those Hush military jackets…all the heart eyes! I’ve got a similar khaki one from Topshop but feel like I need the black one from Hush! Thanks for the enabling 😉 x

  6. Love love love this post – I’ve been meaning to buy a biker jacket for ages! This has just reminded me how much I love them!!! Right, off to Mango I go! Loving all the styles. H x

  7. Biker jacket now to the top of my want list – and loving the H&M one – might have to have a cheeky look when I am in Bristol tomorrow 😀
    And yes I have bought from AND/OR – bought a pair of their ankle grazer skinnies last week – I am SO happy with them – they have become my fav pair of jeans!
    Fab post Lisa x

    1. Ahh thank you Janey ? And thanks for the tip re AND/OR. I know where to start looking for jeans once I’m out of these maternity ones now x

  8. I adore this post Lisa! Biker jackets are one of my wardrobe staples and the jacket that Ste bought me for my wedding present is a prized possession. Despite the fact it is green it’s very wearable and looks just as good with floaty dresses as it does with skinny jeans. Still going strong 4.5 years on!

    1. Yey Lolly! And trust you to have something uber cool and a bit different…I would never have considered a green biker. Did he pick it himself or did you drop a few hints? X

      1. I dropped a few hints about how much I loved it but was prepared to wait for the sales. I never in a million years expected it on my wedding day. I did wonder whether I was being totally impractical by not choosing black but it’s surprised me how versatile the green hue has been!

  9. Love my biker jacket! I have a style from All Saints very similar to the one pictured but without the epaulettes – it was my reward to myself after I passed my Chartership exam 🙂 All Saints do have a sale once a year where they discount the jackets so watch out for that as its when I bought mine – think I saved nearly £100! I love wearing it with a canary yellow pleated skirt from zara that I got last year but it just goes with anything. I also find if I’m having a rough day and look terrible, it makes anything I’m wearing just look less ‘mumsy’ somehow! I’m loving the trend for pastel shades in the biker jacket too – I think I might have to invest in a nice faux leather one for summer. P.S. I totally think you could pull off a swishy pleated skirt Lisa 🙂

    1. Emma, you’ve made my day, thank you!

      Love the sound of your biker/canary yellow pleated skirt combo and will definitely be looking out for the All Saints sale x

  10. Thanks for this post Lisa – I’m going to have to try and steal some styling tips from the ladies in your moodboard! I would love a real leather biker, but I’ve never found one that fits my petite-with-boobs torso well enough to justify the expenditure. I really love the All Saints ones but they just don’t look 100% right on me. I always feel they should be tighter on the arms or something as well.

    In the absence of my dream leather jacket, I recently purchased this faux number in the Wallis sale – it’s actually much nicer in real life than on the webpage:

    Now wondering if I can make it last through the next 6 months of pregnancy (unzipped, obvs)! x

    1. Pleasure Tracy. And congratulations!! Are you going to find out the sex? Yey, you’re in the glowy trimester!

      How annoying that you’re yet to find the perfect fit. I wonder if it would be possible to alter the arms on an All Saints one or something?

      That Wallis one is lovely but out of stock online – your mention must have persuaded a few people to buy it this morning 😛 x

      1. Thanks Lisa, hoping the glow catches up with me soon – I still feel knackered! Really not sure whether to find out the sex. We didn’t with our first, and it was a lovely surprise when she arrived, but this time I feel the temptation… 😉

        Have thought about altering the arms on a leather jacket before, but so scared it’ll ruin it! I’d be heartbroken if I spent £300 on an All Saints one and then messed it up with alterations! x

        1. Yes good point…and then you couldn’t even take it back to the shop. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you find the perfect biker soon. I’m guessing you’ve tried ones in the petite ranges?…

          The first trimester was definitely the most knackering for me this time round. I’m sure you will be glowing in the next couple of weeks ? Good for you having the willpower to not find out the sex with your first! I am just too impatient x

  11. Ohh that H&M one in the pale pink <3 I neeeeeed it! (My bank account disagrees but oooooohhhhhh). Love a biker jacket and a big fan of tapered joggers with trainers! No idea if they really suit me but it's so darn comfortable, that I've decided I don't care.

  12. Ha ha bet you look great in them Maike.

    And erm how did I not even notice they did it in pink?! I think it would almost be possible to do a post purely on lovely pink bikers x

  13. I live in my leather jacket come Spring, it’s just a bog standard Oasis one but probably my most worn purchase of the last few years. And I just popped out to M&S at lunch as I had a £15 gift voucher to spend and nabbed the velvet midi skirt in oyster, it’s so beautiful and comfy, thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Oh yey glad it’s nice Jo!

      This is the thing – a leather jacket is expensive when you first buy it but if you wear it repeatedly then it’s a good investment. Or so I keep telling myself. x

  14. I live in my “pleather” biker jacket and I’m saving up to invest in a beautiful new leather one in the New Year
    I have however just bought myself a statement leopard print woven biker jacket from Debenhams. A real show-stopping investment piece I know I’ll wear to threads

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