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The Natural Trend {Fashion and Frippery}

Author: Lisa Soeno

The buzzword of the moment is most definitely ‘natural’. The homes of Instagram are awash with crumpled linen bedsheets and straw bags a-hanging in hallways. The fash-pack are clad in linen kaftans and button-through linen frocks.

When you think ‘natural’, earthy tones spring to mind. And those tones are definitely dominating my round up below. However I’m also I’m loving the colour pop woven accessories that are having a moment, in particular those George flats…

The Half-Moon Clutch

There are so many half-moon clutches out there that I’ve had to dedicate a whole section to ‘em. This M&S half moon clutch is reminiscent of a rainbow, so I was always going to be a fan, and it’s no secret that my favourite shop du jour is Whistles, where I have my eye on this taco clutch and this natural raffia wristlet.

  • M&S Half Moon Clutch
  • Whistles Vacances Clutch
  • Whistles Taco Clutch

The White Linen Piece

There is nothing that screams ‘SUMMER’ louder than white linen. (Ok apart from maybe a Solero ice cream). The White Company seem to be the best place for the stuff (obvs), with the white linen shirt in the header and this ultra-pretty cami top, but Zara comes a close second with this stylish linen dress with bow detail.

  • Zara Linen Dress
  • The White Company Shirt
  • The White Company Cami

The Beach Bag

I’ve just ordered this M&S beach bag (it’s 100% paper and has rave reviews). Although I love the look of a colourful tote, the M&S one will go with more outfits. (And at the risk of sounding like a grannie, I like to keep my belongings zipped up, thankyouverymuch). Let’s also talk about this Zara bag. I’m not sure it’s possible for a bag to tick any more trend boxes. Rucksack…tick! Natural material…tick! Pom poms…tick!

  • Zara Crochet Tote
  • M&S Shopper
  • Zara Backpack

The Footwear

When Becky did a roundup of all the best sliders on the high street a couple of weeks back I pointed her in the direction of these metallic finds from George at Asda…and George have only gone and done it again in the form of these colourful fringed woven flats. There’s something oh-so-wrong yet oh-so-right about these Whistles sliders (is it because they remind me of Rich’s Adidas sliders that he wears to put the bins out?). And for the most flattering wedge espadrilles I’ve ever seen head to The White Company.

  • George Fringed Mules
  • Whistles Sliders
  • The White Company Espadrille Wedges

Have you been treating yourself to any natural/woven bits recently?

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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12 thoughts on “The Natural Trend {Fashion and Frippery}

  1. I just bought a gorgeous burnt orange linen dress from warehouse for my parents golden wedding garden party and those George slides might be just the thing for With if

    1. They would look 👌🏼 with orange Rachel! Hope you all have a fab day, 50 years is such an achievement x

  2. The THING with supermarkets is having to locate items amongst total dross. Drives me nuts. Sainsbos have some gorgeous stuff in but it’s lost in a sea of bloody Paw Patrol and Minnie Mouse.

    I got really excited about the wedges then clicked and could have cried. Ankle strap? Nooooo. Monsoon do some lush Court wedges with peep toe (I meet think to look there for shoes but worth a squizz) which I now have two of in Navy and one metallic. No unflattering ankle strap. It’s a rarity in summer sandals I grant you unless you get spendy in LK Bennett (also they’re way more comfortable so Kate, if you’re reading this….Monsoon is where it’s at).

    Having a love in with Bravissimo clothes new season. Ordered 8 dresses and keeping them all! Clothes that fit and flatter!

  3. Lisa, you inspired me to wear my blue linen Warehouse dress today!! But now I want, no, NEED that Whistles clutch and the wedges! Gorgeous! X

  4. This trend is so up my street for interiors, I am ALL about the natural fabrics and plants at the moment. But weirdly, I hadn’t really translated it to fashion. Probably because I’m just about getting by with a passable maternity wardrobe.

    I think I need those Asda mules though… If I’m destined to have cankles all summer, I might as well make them fancy looking cankles, right?

    1. Naomi maybe you need to do a similar post but on interiors?! (Please?!)

      Hope you’re doing ok, the cankles will all be worth it x

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