Naomi’s Pregnancy Journal – An Announcement & The First Trimester

Author: Naomi Liddell

After what feels like an absolute eternity, I guess it’s time to share our news. I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant with baby number two!!

To some of you, this may come as a surprise considering my post on our initial plans for Ethan to be an only child. But whilst it’s taken us a little while to wrap our heads around the idea of this little addition to our family, we’re now absolutely head over heels in love with the idea of being a family of four (albeit a little bit petrified).

And after 7 months of living with the in-laws, we’ve also just finally put down roots and bought our first house. We have pretty much zero by way of furniture so needless to say, life is about to get real busy and things are about to get real spendy as we ready ourselves and a house for the new baby in 6 months.

Pregnancy test wise, I knew for a full day before anyone else. A FULL DAY. It was bizarre just walking around thinking about the massive life change that we’d been gifted. I took the test in the morning while Gavin was at work and we went to see some friends for dinner that night. It wasn’t until the drive home at 10pm that I pulled over the car and told Gavin. He was dumbfounded, to say the least. We held onto the news for a few weeks before the early pregnancy symptoms became so all-consuming that I actually forgot to pick up my 7-year-old nephew one day and the poor kid arrived home from school to an empty house! At that point, I figured I’d best explain myself to the immediate family. #babybrain

To be honest, I will never understand how anyone keeps a pregnancy a total secret for the entire first trimester. I take off my hat to those of you that manage it. You are made of tougher stuff than I.

Now let’s talk about the most attractive part of being in early pregnancy. The onslaught of unpleasant symptoms. And truly I feel as though this time, I have received an onslaught. I will be honest with you, it’s been a rough ride so far when it comes to functioning like a human.

The all dreaded (and for good reason) morning sickness. I was very lucky that my morning sickness with both pregnancies only ranged from 4 weeks to 8 weeks. Up until that point though there was not just nausea, but much vomiting. I found myself driving the hour-long commute to work with an empty ice cream tub in my lap. I also found myself in bed by 7pm most nights (yes, earlier than my 4-year-old), just to avoid an evening of vomiting. Anything would set me off, smells, sounds, overstimulation… It was like if my boat was ever so slightly rocked, all my body knew to do was be sick. Thankfully this has now ended. And to those of you in the middle of this, hear me now… It is an endurance test. It will absolutely end.

Food Aversions
Oh, the list I could write. Basically, anything in any way good for me that had a colour was off the menu. My diet consisted of mainly white, bland foods. Toast, mashed potatoes, noodles, biscuits, nuts. The most exciting and/or tasty thing I could manage for a while was banana. Basically, all of the carbs. Any kind of meat (and in particular, chicken) was a big no-no. Chocolate bizarrely also turned my stomach. Vegetables were poison and whilst I would usually drink about 10 cups of Rooibos tea a day, it now remains one of the few things in the second trimester that make me turn green. Good old english breakfast tea from here on in please.

Headaches and Nose Bleeds
This was something I had to mention to my midwife and something that they’re still keeping an eye on. I was diagnosed with late-onset pre-eclampsia with Ethan, so the fact that I’m getting multiple headaches a week and nosebleeds almost every day (which is obviously not a usual occurrence for me), means I’m being monitored and will be under consultant care for the rest of the pregnancy. I’m hoping that nothing comes of it, but I will most certainly keep you all posted.

I found this way more debilitating this time. I was in bed for 12 hours most nights and when I could, would also find time to nap during the day. Thankfully, this has now eased and I have way more energy, but for the entire first trimester, I honestly felt like a completely absent mother to Ethan. Gavin was a God and stepped right up. He dealt with dinners, baths, bedtimes and small person demands. He hugged me when I cried with exhaustion and left me to sleep anytime I needed.

While I know that this post has read a bit like a moan-fest, I can now attest that the second-trimester bliss has arrived. Most of the above has eased or disappeared completely and I have a swelling belly to show for all that hard work. I seem to be showing much faster this time around and at 16 weeks look like I’m 20+ weeks gone. Ethan was a big enough baby at 8lb 4oz, I’m thinking this one could be following suit.

Are any of you currently expecting or hoping for a baby soon? And is there anything related to pregnancy in particular that you would like to read about? I’m happy to share anything you lot are willing to read.



Pregnancy Timeline information provided by Hannah Le Witt

Naomi loves daytime baths, learning things and rock music.
(Oh and her kids. She loves them too)
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27 thoughts on “Naomi’s Pregnancy Journal – An Announcement & The First Trimester

  1. Congratulations Naomi. Babies are a few years off for me yet but this is a really nice and concise guide, I do love an infographic!

  2. Ahhhh Naomi, congratulations!! So happy for you – you will love having 2 I’m sure, I was full of apprehension about ‘sharing’ myself during my second pregnancy but watching the love between your children is amazing and more than makes up for any tough days where you feel torn in 2! I had allll the food aversions in my first pregnancy but bizarrely not the second, even though I had nausea and sickness with them both. The food aversions just disappeared though immediately after birth and I could eat normally again. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well for you! x

    1. Thanks so much Sarah, I didn’t have any real food aversions with Ethan, so this is new to me. Glad to hear there’s a good chance all will return to normal after baby’s born.

  3. Congratulations Naomi! I’m currently 8 weeks and ‘enjoying’ feeling nauseous from when I wake up until almost midday everyday unless I continuously graze so I’ve had to bring healthier snacks into work to save the chocolate box raids and an expanding waistline!

    At the minute it’s just me and my husband who know (along with my trainer at the gym!) and I’m desperate to tell people but also really want to wait until the scan and I have photographic evidence I’ve not made it up!

    With my 1st I found out I was pregnant and due to an admin error didn’t get registered properly so I ended up with my booking appt and scan within 2 days if each other. We also found out I was 4 weeks further on than calculated (that was a bit of a shock I can tell you- thinking your 12/13 weeks to be told you’re almost 17 weeks and pretty much halfway!).
    Looking forward to updates etc x x

    1. Welcome to the club Vicky! I hope your sickness passes soon. The grazing is a definite life saver. That’s amazing about your first, being 4 weeks further on than you were! I think this time I’d quite like to be told that, but alas… A confirmed 16 weeks here.

  4. Naomi I just made a ridiculous squeaky noise and am grinning like a loon. Rubbish to hear you’ve been feeling so unwell though, it’s jist so grim. With S I was nauseous but only sick once but with P every evening I just lay on the bathroom floor feeling sorry for myself and puking every ten minutes or so. Thank goodness that has passed for you.

    Also Becky you are a graphic design goddess. What an illustration, helpful and beautiful. Or did you do it Naomi? It’s fabulous.

    1. No no… All credit goes to Becky. The woman is talent personified. I’m delighted that this news made you squeak. I remember your comment on my only child post being so reassuring and lovely Lucy xo

  5. Naomi I’m so excited to read this! I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant with no. 2 and despite having an easy ride first time round, I feel like I’ve been hit twice as hard this time. Like you I also had some last minute complications first time so will be under consultant care this time. Really looking forward to following your journey – I too am much bigger this time so there’s no hiding it!

  6. Congratulations! I’m 35 weeks now and it’s crazy to think I’m so far through that timeline! Morning sickness lasted until week 19 and I was so relieved when I stopped being ill and having to carry a packet of ginger biscuits with me everywhere! xx

    1. 35 weeks Catherine! How exciting. You’re almost there! You poor love on the morning sickness front. There’s no better feeling than when that passes. I hope you’re enjoying the end of the pregnancy. I found myself missing being pregnant after Ethan was born. xo

  7. AAAAAHHHHHHHH how exciting! Huge congratulations Naomi! Sorry you are feeling utterly rubbish, but at least you have (hopefully!) made it to safer pastures in the second trimester. I have really suffered with tiredness this time (currently 33 wks with second), and as someone who doesn’t nap it has been a shock to have to take myself off to bed at the weekends occasionally. But I can’t really complain as otherwise I have pretty much no other symptoms. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!!

  8. Congratulations Naomi! I had baby boy no 2 eight weeks ago and I describe my entire second pregnancy as an endurance test. I have total sympathy for anyone who was pregnant as I moaned the entire 9 months! It was awful – horrid nausea, which gave way to heartburn (I drank peptac out the bottle for 5 months!), pelvic girdle pain, dry itchy skin, varicose veins, anaemia and dizziness, and worst of all I developed gall stones in late pregnancy. It was awful from start to finish. I was so delighted when I gave birth not to be pregnant any more! 8 weeks post birth and I feel fantastic! I hope you continue to feel good now you’re over the first trimester. I found it harder second time too, and finished work at 6 months which was the best thing I did as I could nap while my 2 year old was at nursery. Wishing you the best for the rest of your pregnancy x

  9. Congratulations Naomi! 🙂 Lovely news.
    I am currently 10.5 weeks pregnant with my second…eeekkkk! My scan is next week and i’m feeling SO nervous- hurry up and be here please scan day!
    I have a 20 month old girl so i am very excited at the prospect of giving her a brother or sister.
    I’m clearly a lucky one…barely had any nausea first time around and didn’t go off ANY food (not even coffee – WTH?) Oh but i did have SEVERE gagging every time i brushed my teeth! With this one i feel absolutely NOTHING! No nausea, food aversions, teeth brush gagging – nothing! Hoping everything is ok and that i should just enjoy not being sick! I look forward to your future posts 🙂 x

  10. Congratulations! I miss being pregnant. I spent the whole 9 months throwing up (didn’t pass here either time) but I’m now at the rose tinted glasses stage where I was pregnant with my second when my first was this age. Rose tinted glasses are WONDERFUL.

    I would say make the absolute most of it. We had a lovely non tacky photoshoot when I was pregnant. Just my daughter and I before we moved and it was lovely to have those to look back on of a really special time.

    This also applies to everyone with second babies who are really young. I’m looking back now and I didn’t make the most of the special early days (definitely a “oh crap I have another baby now” realisation) because I was so busy trying to maintain the status quo for the eldest.

    I should basically have a third but it’d mean not being able to stay at Premier Inns anymore so……..

    (although I did *just* discover the perfect name which I didn’t have second time around).

  11. Huge congratulations Naomi!

    I’m currently 12 weeks with my first – going for our scan on Friday and I’m looking forward to seeing little one on the screen (and the confirmation that this isn’t all in my head, haha). I’m feeling exhausted and nauseated all the time and the only cure is salt and vinegar crisps or bland, beige food. I’m all about the carbs, and like you, vegetables or anything vaguely healthy may as well be poison. I’m trying not to feel guilty, and hoping once the promised improvements in the 2nd trimester kick in I can get back on top of a more balanced diet. Fingers crossed!

    I’m looking forward to reading your posts, and thank you for giving me hope that I’ll feel better soon too! Xx

  12. Oh what a lovely news post. The teaser earlier I though was house news but this is much better! Though I love houses too.

  13. Huge congratulations Naomi.
    I’m not far behind you at 15 weeks with number 2. Glad you are feeling better now. Completely sympathise as I’ve been struck with Hyperemesis this time around (so bizarre as I didn’t have this with number 1) but feeling good now, phew. I’m also completely with you on the nosebleed front – don’t they always happen in the most embarrassing places possible too?!
    Looking forward to following your story. X

  14. Congratulations Naomi on both your pregnancy and new house! Really looking forward to reading your posts- are you still going to write a series on your experience of house buying/settling in too? Would love to hear it as I’m in the middle of it myself with a 5mth old! Wishing you all the best 🙂

  15. Ahh congratulations this is lovely news. I am currently sat feeding my week old second baby. The thing I suffered with most during my pregnancy was being so tired all the time and felt like I was a rubbish mum to my toddler. However, now he is here my daughter is so in love with him I think she would have put up with another 9 months. Look forward to reading your updates xxxx

  16. Congratulations Naomi. I’m reading this at work (sorry!) with tears in my eyes. Just like you I thought ‘Nooooo way!’ when it came to baby no 2 but I sit here at around 12 weeks pregnant (because who knows, I have no idea of my dates unlike with no1!) and cautiously looking forward to our scan tomorrow. I think I can say this on here but at this stage I’m still not sure how I feel about it all. I still don’t really want another baby. I know that will all change once they’re here and I’m sorry if that offends anyone. I know there are a lot of people who struggle with having one and I shouldn’t complain, I just can’t help those feelings right now. Baby no 1 will be 2 3/4 when the next one arrives and I’ve no idea how I will cope with 2! I know everyone says you do and I know we will slot in to some sort of ramshackle routine but…

    I hope your pregnancy goes really well for you. I can SO relate to the morning sickness. You poor thing. I had none at all with no 1 but this time…oh. my. days. Ended up telling far more people this time round at the 8-10 week stage just because they must have thought I was going mental (not to mention eating ALL the carbs like a lot of people here have said AND the almost immediate expanding waistline). I wasn’t, I was just vomming morning, noon and night. NOT pleasant and I hope that stops soon!

    Right I’m off to the loo to have a bit of a cry and pull myself together then back to work. x

  17. Congratulations Naomi!! What a fantastic way to make a new house a home! I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and we moved into our new house 2 weeks ago, so I can completely appreciate the combined stress that this brings. Although mega bonus of not having to lift any heavy boxes on moving day!
    I’d love to hear basically anything you have to say about your journey, deciding whether or not to find out the sex, what to do to prepare etc. This will be our first baby and we are the first among our friends to be in this position, i’m a planner so need as much info as I can get!

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, I hope the second trimester is kinder to you xx

  18. Congratulations Naomi 😊 I had an eclamptic seizure with my first so my second pregnancy was very scary. There were a lot of issues, though not all related to that, and my blood pressure was out of control at the end, but the overall outcome was that we were both fine with no long term problems. Just thought that it might be nice to read about a positive outcome as I know how stressful and worrying it can be. I’m very glad I’m now done with pregnancy and just enjoy other people’s babies instead 😄

  19. Hi, is there a way we can still view the blog but filter out the family stuff? I know we can filter by category but rather than go into each one individually it would be great to just filter that one out? I really enjoy the blog but I try to avoid baby/family stuff where possible. Thanks

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