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My Magical {And Probably Expensive} March

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

As you read this I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Glasgow with my husband James and our friends (Glasgow is one of my most favourite places in the world). I’ve obviously been reading lots of tips on what to see and do in Lynsey’s city guide feature.

The trip is child-free so the plan is to drink gin, shop, eat, shop some more and find a few live music venues. Did I mention shop? potentially dangerous under the influence of aforementioned gin drinking but so much fun.

James has asked what I would like gift wise and I’ve suggested that I clearly need my Stuart Weitzman Highlands in charcoal grey. He remains unconvinced. Maybe I should ply him with the gin?

Talking of Birthdays, it’s also Mabel’s on the 26th of this month. I can’t believe she is nearly two?! And after a lovely Twinkle Twinkle themed affair last year which was wonderful but a considerable amount of organisation, this year we’re not hosting a party as such but instead are taking her to Severn Valley Railway . I’ve heard great things about it, and Mabel is obsessed with trains. Of course she still has to have a special day outfit and I’ve just received my order of this gorgeous rainbow knitted dress from Boden.

Towards the end of the month we’re shooting the first major section of content for the Rock My Wedding book. We are really excited, and if I’m honest, more than slightly overwhelmed. Luckily our publishers Ebury love what we’ve created so far so we’re trying to be as organised as possible in order to ensure the shoot runs to timings and we capture everything we’ve planned to include. You probably don’t know this but Lottie (she of amazing home decor and immense baking skills) now project manages our shoots (complete with large clipboard and bossy boots). In her previous life, she used to do the same for big chiefs McCann where clients had budgets of a gazillion pounds and their backdrop was a villa in Ibiza….ours is in erm Wales. But you know, I’m sure she will enjoy the scenery equally as much.

Recently we sold the house, AGAIN. And we currently have an offer on the table for a completely unexpected property in an area we had previously never considered. I’ll be sure to update you on any progress or news, but I’ve got everything crossed that March will be the month we finally secure our dream family home.

And, AND!… it’s Easter! Which means lots of chocolate and treats! If anyone is wondering what I’d like, a giant box of Sea Salt Caramel Truffles by Charbonnel Et Walker would be smashing. Thanks in advance.

This year I’ve told myself that I WILL bake a special seasonal cake…..and if I do it’ll be this one, complete with mini egg topping.

Do let me know your plans for this month and how best to persuade James that I REALLY need those boots…

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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12 thoughts on “My Magical {And Probably Expensive} March

  1. Welcome to Gladgow, You’ve clearly brought the sunshine with you! If you take James to WEST Brewery, you’ll get the boots love ?

    @Lottie – I’m also an agency PM and worked on a couple of Harley- Davidson things with McCann (albeit a lifetime ago!)

    1. How funny Lynsey. That was my team!! I didn’t work on Harley but it was under the same account team. Small world x

  2. 26th March is the most perfect date for a birthday -yes, it’s also mine. Joint party Mabel?
    Where in Wales is your shoot? I’m from the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan

  3. Happy Birthday Charlotte! I must admit, I can’t wait to see sneak peaks of the shoots for the book – what an incredible project. To say I am super excited for the actual hard book too is an understatement!

    Have an amazing time celebrating in Glasgow with your beloved and all the lovely things.

    Love Karen xxx

  4. I have my birthday next weekend, and my mum’s the day after! I am excited to only be working a 4 day week, as Al is taking me out for the day on Friday but I don’t know where!

    Then at the end of the month I am bridesmaid for my friend so we’ll be spending a few days in Kent. I can’t wait for some time off work and some actual fun!

    Enjoy Glasgow and Happy Birthday Mrs! X

  5. Happy birthday Charlotte. Enjoy the gin it sounds well deserved!

    Ahh the big 2, where do the years go! Have a great time your month sounds super exciting.

    Good luck with the house. Xx

  6. Happy birthday!
    I really really want to drink gin and shop! But I am 127million weeks pregnant. Having a baby next Monday- Glad to see he/she will share a birthday month with you and Mabel!
    James- get Charlotte the boots!! X

  7. Happy birthday Pisces are the best! (I celebrated my birthday last week) Glasgow sounds fab I’ve never been its on my very big list. It’s not a birthday without a vast amount of gin or gin cocktails I always say.

  8. Thans so much for all of your birthday wishes everyone! I didn’t come home with the boots (no room in my rather over packed suitcase!) but James has since asked if they are what I want….obviously the answer is YES! x

  9. Happy birthday Charlotte. Hope you enjoyed your weekend in Glasgow – it’s a pretty great city! It is my birthday on the 27th March and as I turn 30 this year we are off to Washington DC and then New York – to say I am excited is an understatement! My husband keeps asking what I would like and I cannot think!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your exciting month! x

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