Multi-tasking Makeup
Multi-tasking Makeup
posie tint
posie tint
Benefit Pose Tint
Stila convertible colour in gerbera

Multi-tasking Make-up

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Recently I’ve been trying to downsize.
No, not my house (I’d like that significantly more spacious if possible please) but my make-up bag. I seem to harbour an innate inability to streamline, I literally take everything I use on my face everywhere I go. And that means bulky. And heavy. And is possibly all a bit unnecessary (in reality I perhaps touch up my powder, concealer, lip and blush products only.)

Rather than try and do a complete overhaul of what I put on my face (expensive and time-consuming) I thought I would invest in a couple of multi-tasking products and see how I got on.

So far it’s just been a couple of pink-hued items to enhance both your pout and your cheeks. Benefit Benetint in Peony (fresh, liquid-y, long-lasting) and Stila Convertible Colour in Petunia (sheeny, creamy, good colour pay off).

I am quite liking both products as it happens, although the fact remains – do they work as well as my usual Chanel lipstick and MAC powder blush separates? Hmmm, I’m not convinced they do.

Are there any multi-tasking products you would recommend? And how do I go about streamlining?!

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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7 thoughts on “Multi-tasking Make-up

  1. Just buy a bigger make up bag… 🙂 My make up fills nearly a whole room (!) Not into downsizing. More the merrier – isnt that the saying?!

    1. Ha ha ha. Quite. It’s more needing to take less time in the morning too – I’m forever running late fiddling about with liquid liner smudges!

  2. Have you thought about decanting some of your products into smaller containers? I’ve seen some great ideas from make-up artists along this line.

    1. I have – but where is the best place to find small containers? I could do with somewhere that stocks tiny pots rather than the bottles/jars….

  3. I have the benetint, and I have to say I can’t seem to enjoy it as much as powders. I like the colour but find it hard to get it on right, the right amount, and also even. I end up a bit blotchy if I rub my cheeks too much too.
    I really like their blush powder bella bamba, a pink shimmery blush.

    I can’t minimise either, I’m constantly adding to the collection! However I am getting better at just taking what I NEED out/away with me rather than everything I think I may use. Muji have good make up storage but not sure if they do little pots and things.
    I need a decent make up bag for going on holiday though! Can you remember vanity cases?? My sister used to have one! xx

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