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Moving To The Country

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Part of the decision involved in finding our dream family home was to move to a location that was more rural. We wanted not only a considerably more spacious abode, but also somewhere with a large garden for our daughter (and any future siblings) to run around in.

Then there was the whole school for Mabel consideration, as well as the fact I didn’t want to feel completely out in the sticks and therefore isolated. We also wanted a character property rather than a new build. Didn’t ask for much did we?

They say that trying to sell and buy a house is one of the most stressful and time consuming experiences of your lives. They also say what is meant to be will be.”They” were right on both counts – it took us 18 months from when we originally put our previous home on the market to move into our forever cottage in the country. It’s been a long and exhausting journey, with sales and purchases falling through at the final hurdle. I honestly didn’t think we would ever find something we truly loved, and compromise to the point of regretting moving altogether.

And then there it was, our double fronted cottage in a small pretty village we had never even heard of (!) just a few miles from our favourite town of Royal Leamington Spa. We are surrounded by fields and trees. It’s so beautifully green. It has absolutely and categorically been worth the wait.

Of course as with any purchase that you haven’t built and designed yourself there are changes to be made. We are starting with painting throughout, new carpet upstairs (downstairs already has solid oak flooring and the tiles in the kitchen are fine for now as we plan on extending/completely changing this area in the not too distant future) and new column radiators (some vertical to give us more wall space for furniture positioning etc).

And then there’s the subject of spraying the kitchen an entirely different colour which I could do with your help with please oh-stylish-ones. We currently have a black matt quartz worktop and kind of ivory marbled type tiles with taupe/grey in them. The kitchen itself was obviously an investment – it has excellent pan draws and lots of cupboard space including a pull out pantry. But it’s very…wood. So I’m thinking a few coats of paint are in order.

We have already had a quote from a spraying company – they have given us the Farrow and Ball paint chart (I believe they mix the colours to match essentially) and I’ve contacted a specialist kitchen painter with no response as yet.

Based on the details I’ve given above:

a) What colour should we paint it?!
b) Can you recommend a good kitchen painter in Warwickshire?
c) If you’ve had your kitchen painted do let me know ALL the details in the comments box below.

Kitchen project aside, I could also do with your help with some other pressing country-bumpkin matters. I need wellies. And boots. Not suede ankle boots with tassels (have already trashed those wading through soggy leaves and wet grass) but nice waterproof knee high numbers without much of a heel and that don’t make your legs look shorter/chunkier than necessary.

I am told Hunter are the best and most comfortable brand of welly there is (is this true? Do you have a pair?) so I’m going to try some on. In terms of boots made for walking unfortunately I think The Duchess Of Cambridge’s choice of Penelope Chivers is a little out of my price range. Even though this slate/black pair is PERFECT. Sigh. Any recommendations welcome.

I have my eye on this Metal Boot Cleaner for the Utility room, we’ll need one after all of these muddy adventures I have planned*.

One of the loveliest and quite unexpected things that has happened to us since we moved is just how welcoming and generous the neighbours have been. We’ve received cards, flowers, Prosecco, party invites….there is such a genuine sense of community. After such a turbulent 2016, not just what I’ve experienced personally but throughout the world in general, it truly is kindness, thoughtfulness and pulling together that will enable us to create a positive future for ourselves and our loved ones.

In other news, when David and Judith from next door invited us for “Tea and biscuits” they in fact served us with a giant plate of Kitkats. They might just be my most favourite neighbours of all.

*I said planned folks, with reference to the image in the slider above, maybe I should instead consider investing in a patio heater?

You can follow all of our decorating and renovating attempts on my personal instagram.

P.S The patio sign is from Amazon. Plus possibly not the right type of attire for country pursuits but the cable cardigan I am wearing in the header images (I have it in both sky blue and rose) is cheap as chips and you probably need one. It’s from Boohoo (yes, I seem to be the cardigan-from-boohoo-Queen) and only £15. For that price you should probably buy two. Or three even, I really like the grey one….


First Photo in slider by Anna at We Are The Clarkes

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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87 thoughts on “Moving To The Country

  1. Congratulations on your new home! We moved from Leamington last year at 35 weeks pregnant to rural Nottinghamshire. We had our previous kitchen colour matched to F&B Mizzle by Duane at D.A Decorators. He did a fantastic job, it looked like a bespoke kitchen! The colour was interesting but still subtle, it went very well with a black oven and terracotta floor tiles. I’ve just finished painting our new kitchen myself with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Provence. It’s very bright but such a beautiful colour. I’d lived with the heavy wood for a year and it hadn’t grown on me! The colour looks great with black range and fridge with grey slate floor tiles. I’m really chuffed I took the plunge as I was toying with the safe choice of duck egg blue.
    On the wellie boot front, could not be without my Hunters and Joules wellie socks. So comfy, can wear them all day!

    1. Oh Wow Charlotte thanks so much! I will get in touch with Duane! – I’m just looking at Mizzle on the paint chart, what a lovely colour. If you happen to have a photo of your old kitchen then it would be super if you could email me it, I would be very grateful 🙂


        1. Duane is coming over Thursday evening to give us a quote – hows about that then? Thanks so much Charlotte! x

  2. I have a pair of Hunters and honestly they’re not all that. I usually end up in my sparkly stripy ten year old matalan ones instead. And my favourite ever pair (not counting my froggy ones when I was little of course) were a classic £12 generic green from the garden centre jobby.

    1. Maybe I need to go to Matalan? I think I need to try some on, I have such short lower legs they all look really odd on me and kind of rub against my knees (!)

      1. From a fellow short legged lady, I wouldn’t go for Hunter wellies. They are lovely (cosy, shiny etc etc) BUT they rub like crazy behind my knees because they are designed for non-vertically challenged people. Grab a cheaper, shorter pair and invest in a pair of Hunter wellie warmers instead! Em x

        1. Emily I’m so glad folks like you have taken the time to comment, I really don’t think I can wear hunters – they just seem so…tall?! I don’t want my knees rubbing! xx

          1. I have kids ones. They go to a size 5 I think. Shorter in the leg and narrower too for teeny calves. And also only £25 donkeys ago.

            Saying that, I don’t know anyone that has Hunters in the country for anything other than festivals. Get yourself some Dubarrys. ”Tis like your legs are wrapped in cotton wool.

  3. If the budget stretches, check out Dubarry boots. So comfy, and waterproof, and still look decent with jeans or skirts. Since I got mine, I’ve hardly touched my wellies OR my winter boots. So basically, even though they’re expensive, they’re pretty much 2 pairs of boots in one!

      1. Thanks ladies – my manicurist actually recommended Dubarry (she has horses/is the epitome of country lady) how do the sizes come up? x

          1. I literally just came on this post to recommend a pair of Dubarry boots. Much better than Hunters (which SPLIT now, anyone else find that?!). And Aigle wellies.

            1. I’m totally with you on the aigle wellies Sara. They have proper walking boot style insoles so are super comfy, don’t do that horrible leg rubbing thing and have a really long guarantee against splitting. Much much better than hunters and give you much more kudos with the country croud! Also I live that we have the same opinion on wellies and the same name!

  4. Hunters are comfy but so are le cheamea spelling?! But you know what brand I mean.
    Now your in the country you’ll need a Barbour jacket or any other cosy wax jacket, gilet and socks for your boots. I wear my dubarry boots all the time, half welly half able to go shopping in them. Oh and a dog. You now need a dog.

    1. Jill there are LOTS of dogs in the village! And yes on the wax jacket. I need to get looking as it’s ruddy baltic at the moment. I’m not sure my wool Kooples number is going to cut it (!) I am currently using an old Zara parka but it’s not the most waterproof x

      1. Just a word to the wise – wax jackets are lovely and great for light rain but they’re really not completely waterproof so you’re going to want to get something properly waterproof too if you’re doing nursery/school runs or popping to the shop in torrential rain. I found this out to my cost at Legoland a couple of years ago…

        1. That is true Sara, I probably should consider something properly waterproof. I feel very naive about all of this country attire, it’s been like a school day reading through all of the helpful comments x

  5. Last year I painted our laminate kitchen doors with F&B purbeck’s a subtle grey but can look darker when the light changes. It was 3 weeks of my life i’ll never get back but absolutely worth it. It looks like a new kitchen and as it’s open plan it’s changed how the whole house feels.
    Congratulations on the new house. It sounds like it was worth the wait.

    1. Cherish, did you paint it by hand? We’ve just bought a paint sprayer for ours but think a roller and brush might be the best budget option. Sorry to hijack your post Charlotte!

      1. Yes I did paint by hand but if I had been braver I would have used a sprayer. I did two coats of primer too. There are parts where you can tell it’s a diy job but it cost me £50 in paint vs £750 that I got quoted for a professional to spray and the overall finish is good. Why don’t you try the inside of a door first with a brush to see if you like the finish?
        I think if i had sprayed instead it wouldnt have taken so long

        1. We recently painted our kitchen doors (previously a fetching shade of peach laminate – in an open plan kitchen/living room/dining room. Horror!) because we can’t afford a complete refit just yet. We used a laminate paint which required a microfiber roller – the finish is great and you can’t tell it’s a DIY job unless you get very close! Priming is super important, especially if you’re going over laminate though. It was a bit labour intensive, but the fresh white plus some new handles and it feels like a whole new kitchen – it’ll last us a couple of years now while we save up!

  6. Congratulations beautiful O’Shea’s, wishing you years of love and happiness in those walls.

    Now, all of my well-heeled country friends wear Dubarry boots my love, not quite your usual thigh highs but you’ll look the part ? either those or Le Chameau I’m told.

    Also, we painted our kitchen – it was a fairly nasty laminate effort but paint and new handles have transformed it. However, we used Annie Sloan after it was recommended for coverage on the surface and I’ve regretted it ever since. Even with their floor lacquer over the top, it manages to absorb every drop of food that comes in contact with it (and with a sloppy husband who loves roast chicken, you can imagine the scenes).

    Current plan, until we rip it out and extend, is to sand it back and use F&B. Good luck with yours, the difference will be amazing I’m sure!


    1. I remember when you left the comment on my instagram about “Riders” – I actually laughed out loud. These Dubarry seem very popular and a good investment. I can see where my afternoon will be spent (online, looking at posh boots)

      Boo on the Annie Sloan but we have a similar issue with a cupboard in Mabel’s play room, I think the paint looks lovely but maybe only for non child/food areas of the home! x

      1. Ha! I’m actually reading Jilly’s latest at the moment (when little E allows me such a luxury) – you’ll have to have a read. Rupert CB is back! ❤❤

        Looking forward to hearing more about your country pursuits my dear xx

  7. Congratulations! We moved from Leamington Spa to the countryside about a year and a half ago and it was the best decision ever. Wellies were a must for me and after some research in Landmark I went with these – a great Christmas present my husband could buy me 🙂
    Plus Joules wellie socks are a must. Loving the Boohoo cardigans, I already bought 2 after the last post with them in!

  8. Check out apartment therapy on Instagram. There’s some lovely ideas for kitchens including a dramatic dark blue one with no wall units at all (something I will definitely take on board when the time comes to change ours), just open shelving, wire racks/baskets etc..

  9. I live in the city so don’t really have a need for wellies but in my festival going days I favoured a pair of Hunters or Aigle boots (y’know, if I was feeling a bit French).

    For waterproof / snow proof outdoorsy boots of the non-welly variety I like Sorel. Proper cosy, although most do have a slight wedge.

    1. I actually used to have some Sorel flip flop/shoe things and they were the comfiest ever. Thanks for the reminder – I don’t mind a bit of a wedge either (I need all the help I can get on the stumpy leg front) x

  10. Congratulations on your new home, it looks BEAUTIFUL!!
    I can’t help you on the kitchen but can offer my advice on the equally important footwear front… !
    In my opinion Le Chameau wellingtons are the king-ding-a-ling of wellies and they come in SO many styles and super comfy.
    Like Kate said, Dubarry boots are a winner and super comfortable and smart and also Ariat Grassmere boots are really comfy and good and warm (Ariat also have some other really nice styles too!) but the beauty of a welly is no cleaning…..!

  11. Really exciting to read all about your plans. For kitchens I am a massive fan of dark cupboards…something along the lines of deVOL’s pantry blue but not sure if that would work for you. Boot wise I’ve had a pair of Musto gore-tex boots for 7 years now and they’ve been great, comfy, waterproof…on the style front however I think dubarry wins and price-wise pretty much the same. Either way well worth the investment as I think you can easily expect to keep them for 10 years. Can’t wait to hear more about your country adventures (while I’m still not brave enough to leave the London suburbs despite moaning about the lack of space and house prices almost daily).

    1. Kat I was dubious about moving, I was very used to having a shop, takeaways, restaurant, post office etc etc within easy walking distance. I wasn’t by any means in a “town” but it was considerably more urban than where we are now. Everything is only 5 minutes by car though so I don’t feel isolated at all. And it’s so peaceful. I do LOVE the dark blue but I just don’t think it will work with the floor tiles – I’m thinking we’ll have to go down the grey/green route x

  12. Congratulations again on the move- leaving Southampton for the wilds of Devon was the best thing we have ever done. The landscape makes me happy every single day, to say nothing of our lovely neighbours and village pre and primary schools for S.

    Right, to important things. Hunters are worth it if a) you can get them in the sale- try Office. And b) if you will use them for walking. I learnt that cheap wellies split after about a month of twice daily dog walks, but you get a year out of Hunters. It’s definitely worth having a couple of cheapie pairs for town guests without their own too. John Lewis or Joules do the best little wellies IMO.

    No advice for the kitchen, still totally clueless about the colour I want in ours!!!

    Finally.. if you want a less high maintenance pet than a dog do have a look at BHWT and get some hens. They are so lovely and fun to keep, and easy too!

    1. Lucy Mabel would love some hens (!) her Grandad has some – she talks about them frequently.

      Loving the idea of having wellies for guests, I am already decorating the utility in my head as I type…. x

  13. Hi Charlotte
    Congratulations on finding your beautiful new home…sounds very exciting.
    I painted my Cherrywood shaker kitchen in Farrow and Ball Dove Tale – it did take me every weekend in October but so worth the time and effort put in – preparation is key.
    Taking off the doors, cleaning drying then using the F&B primer before ensured a perfect base.
    3 years on and with only a couple of scuffs (from me) they still look freshly painted.
    I understand the need for getting in a professional – even more so now we have a 7 month old baby – time is something we don’t have a lot of especially for painting a kitchen.
    Good luck and I hope you find the right colour – I emailed F&B for their advice as I wanted something to compliment Elephant’s Breath but also compliment the tiles and the stove.
    Best Wishes
    (I’m stating to look now at kitchens on my Instagram feed and really fancy painting them again – but cannot contemplate that with a baby right now).

    1. Dove Tale is on my list Emma. Well done for painting it all yourself, that must have been quite the task. What with james and I both working full time and Madame Mabel being an actual bulldozer (!) we will have to get the professionals in – and keep the manic daughter out of the kitchen whilst it’s being finished!

      So glad to hear it looks almost good as new after 3 years x

    1. These are lovely Kate and price much more suited to my budget. Not sure if my chunky calves are suited though 🙁 I think they would look ace on Charlotte though.

  14. Your new place looks absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on finding your dream home (finally!). With regards Hunters – don’t do it! I just think its too… obvious! I was born and raised in the Cotswolds – now live in Wiltshire, but whenever I go back to visit family, all the ‘newcomers’ wear Hunters because they assume they’re country attire. They complete the look with Barbour jackets too (gosh, hope I’m not offending anyone here!). All my old, local friends & their parents (including game keepers, farmers) go for the less obvious – Aigle, Le Chameau or Dubarry are firm favourites. Joules are always good too. Gosh, who’d have thought I could be such a welly snob?!!

    1. Nicola! you welly snob! ?

      I’ve never heard of Aigle or Le Chameau since this thread so will definitely be checking them out today.

      I love Joules for Mabel but have never thought to look for myself x

  15. Another Dubarry vote! I’ve had mine for 3 years and, imo, they look even better with age. I have waded through streams, beach walks, forests, worn them to work and the shops and they’ve been perfect. My feet are always warm, dry and toasty.

    Failing that Le Chameau would be my choice. I have Hunters too but they’re not great on my wee, short legs.

    Enjoy the shopping! x

      1. Dubarry seem like a super investment, and I can totally justify the cost if they last that long AND look better with age (I am obviously going to read out your comment to my husband and follow it up by sending him a link to the pair that I want) x

  16. We completed on our “forever home” in the country the same day as you! Our kitchen has already been painted but we’ve been doing touch ups so I can take time to think about other colours – it’s painted in a Little Green Intelligent eggshell paint which has a lovely finish. I haven’t found my boots yet but now I’ve seen the Penelope Chivers there’s never going to be another pair!

    1. I’ve heard of Little Green Jen, I’ll take a look. And so SORRY about the Penelope Chivers enabling…..if they are good enough for the Duchess!

  17. I have Hunters and have had my pair for the last five years. I do really like them but I have had my eye on a pair of Le Chameau boots for a while now. They have the edge in the style stakes but also I’ve heard good things from a wearability/practicality factor… I’m hoping Santa will bring me some for Christmas…

  18. I would through in a recommendation for Dublin River Boots or Ariat country boots into the mix. I am on my fifth pair of River boots (I’m a one of those horsey bumpkin types so literally LIVE in them), they are nice and narrow in the calf department so don’t have the frumpy effect and also have a supportive sole, I find the dubarry’s rather flat footed and not ideal for walking long distances. Ariat are also super luxurious and equally comfy! Would recommend going down a size in a Dublin and a half size in an Ariat. 🙂 Also much warmer than a wellie 🙂

  19. Dubarry all the way! Haven’t taken mine off since I got them. Think about old faithful cost per wear… They’ll pay for themselves in two months. Promise!
    Re Hunters, in the day they were THE welly, but I think they moved production and since then the quality hasn’t been the same.

  20. Your cottage looks gorgeous! On the welly front it’s a vote from Aigle from me. I spent £130 (I think) on mine but I can walk miles in them (they have a walking boot type sole) and they are going strong two years on. I think they’re well worth the investment. I too thought hunters straight away, mainly ’cause I think they do a great marketing job, but the country shop I bought my Aigles from them said they are no longer stocking Hunters because they fall apart. If you are going to be doing some serious country walks and are in favour of an investment pair that’ll last ages I’d go with Aigle or Le Chameau. If you want to take photos with the Hunter label and don’t plan on wearing them a huge amount then Hunters probably won’t be an issue.
    We are about to move further into the depths of the countryside and have a similar sort of house project lined up so I’ll be reading with interest!

  21. Hi charlotte congratulation to all three on you new house it looks lovely. Since I also reside in a (semi rural ha!) village I also have a dog daughter so wellies are essential and my Barbour! I’ve had 2 pairs of Hunters I agree with one of the comments above they are not all that, more of a fashion accessory! I’m hoping Father Christmas may bring me some Dubarry’s a la Cate M!
    As for colours we have recently extended and re designed our kitchen I have emailed you some photos. We have a Victorian property dating 1880’s we splashed out on fixtures and fitting as we thought they would be an investment and also my dream machine duck egg blue Aga. We chose Cornforth White for units, granite worktops and Parma grey for the island to complement the Aga. We painted the kitchen table legs in French grey along with sash windows and by folding doors all farrow and ball.
    We used clay paint by Earthborn (also supplied at Ty mawr eco paint company) on the walls as it helps damp, condensation and healthier especially for little people (according to our architect) we used Seagle on walls a grey/green and cup cake for my pink pantry!
    Good luck in your new home I look forward to seeing you put your stamp on it! ??

    1. Ceri that is so kind of you! sounds wonderful – I do love a brightly coloured Aga amongst more neutral units. Will go and check my email now! x

    2. Ceri I love that colour Aga and have been dithering over other cupboard colours for months – so good to hear what goes.Can I ask what colour granite you went for? Thanks x

  22. My hunters split after 18 months (my first pair lasted 10 years! But someone told me they changed the country and materials for manufacture so maybe that’s why). I’ve now treated myself to a pair of Dublin River boots which are amazing! More pricey but look great and are warmer than wellies but just as water and mud proof. I couldn’t quite stretch to Dubarry’s but these are a great alternative x

  23. I too am a ‘dinky’ person Charlotte! I have a pair of Hunters to walk my sausage dogs when it’s uber wet & muddy however this year I invested in a pair of Joules Wellibobs (basically waterproof chelsea boots) they are perfect for us more petite ladies, fleece lined and SO comfortable! 🙂 Your new house looks gorgeous by the way xx

  24. I have a pair of hunters and love then, super comfy. If you are worried about them rubbing against your knees then have a look at the shorter length ones.x

  25. Oooh, there was a kitchen on Remodelista that was really cool and the colour was beautiful. It was done in F&B Pigeon, which may work depending on how light your kitchen is?

    There was also a whole blog post about how to paint the cupboards yourself, but for such a fancy sounding kitchen an expert sounds like an excellent idea… Looking forward to seeing more of the new house, I’m sure you will do lovely things with it! And your neighbours sound ace.

    Re wellies, definitely recommend looking beyond Hunter. They are ok, and my calves are not like yours it would seem (I need the back adjustable ones to get anywhere close to getting them on, argh!), but they do rub and they aren’t hugely comfortably to walk miles in. Get yourself down to a local outdoor/riding etc store and have a browse at the various brands. There are so many to choose from, including the Dubarry/Le Chameau etc, it really depends on which is the best fit for you. Enjoy your countryside gallivanting!

    1. Annie I love that Pigeon shade! I think it might be perfect – and not one I would have considered had you not sent me this link. Thanks so much – really appreciate it.

      James and I are unfortunately quite terrible at DIY (we have tried in the past!) so I think I do need to get the professionals in. My problem is I just want everything done NOW and obviously we have to wait (and save the pennies!) xx

      1. You’re welcome! Definitely test the colour in your room, I know Pigeon in particular looks different depending on the light, but it can be absolutely gorgeous. Good luck!! I have the same “want it all done now” syndrome… xx

  26. What a gorgeous house and so exciting to be starting renovations!

    Have a look at Welligog for boots, my mum swears by her pair (Sloane mocha leather boots), she wears them almost year round on her daily dog walk and are still looking very smart in winter season three. Expensive outlay but worth it and on my Christmas list!

  27. I had a decorator re-paint ours just recently, it was farrow and ball paint, Railings on the bottom, all white on the top. (hkroberts86 on insta if you fancy a peek) it chipped and stained so easily, but after a re-paint and a clear matt varnish going over the top is does seem to be better, but I think we are going to be forever painting them! Farrow and Ball colours our gorgeous but they are just not hard wearing, varnish on top will hopefully to the trick! xxx

  28. Hi Charlotte, your new house is the absolute DREAM! All the dramas and waiting shows that things happen for a reason, patience pays off! I’m not qualified on kitchens but wellies – as much as I love Hunters they have always been a bit too costly for my piggybank. I can wholeheartedly vouch for Joules wellies which are stupidly comfy as well as being so cheap that you can buy them in an array of colours to match your Boohoo cardigans! I bought a pair for Glastonbury this year and wore them for pretty much 120 hours straight, of which all the time was spent wading through swamps of mud. I had the glossy black field boots with a yellow stripe and I received lots of compliments, they kept my feet warm and dry, no blisters or rubbing and no ‘welly-stuck-in-mud’ incidents! xx|BLACK

  29. Moving to the country really is a different world away from the city. We left Edinburgh a year ago to buy a gorgeous farm house that was originally built for a Duke!

    I have Hunter wellies for gardening and haven’t had an issue with them. I have really skinny calves, so much so, I got made to measure knee high boots a few years ago. I like the slim fit of my hunters. I don’t feel like I’m ‘space walking’ in them. To be fair though, I hardly wear them. I bought them ½ price so can’t complain either. What I do recommend is the sheepskin inner soles. I put them inside all of my boots. I also have a £10 pair of polka dot wellies from Asda. They have been to 7 school camps and are still going strong!

    I totally get what you are saying about certain labels too! I stay away from Joules and Boden as everyone up here tends to wear their stuff. However, my friends and I giggle when we all turn up to walks in our Hunters. We call ourselves the Hunter brigade.

    Now that we are country bumpkins, we spend most of our weekends walking around country estates or along our local beaches. My feet are always freezing!

    I’ve been looking at a brand new pair of ankle boots. I currently have a leather pair and make them more cosy with my sheepskin inner soles. These new boots by UGG look super cosy though.

    Talking of jackets/coats… have you seen the Hunter rain coats? You’d definitely stand out amongst the wax jacket brigade!

    One thing I’ll definitely swear by is that you have to spend the cash.
    Going about the city in a chic French Connection jacket is fine when you’re dashing in and out of shops or your car. When you’re out on a walk with no shelter in sight, you really do need that £300 Rab jacket! ☺️

  30. Dubarry boots for general tromping around but if you want actual wellies then Aigle are BY FAR the best! If you’ve got slim legs the Parcours would be the best style. They’re ridiculously comfy to tromp around in and will last much much longer before splitting than Hunters. I did used to be a hunters fan but after getting the dog I swiftly realised they were fashion over function!


  31. Your dream home looks absolutely stunning! Thoroughly looking forward to seeing your plans take shape (all inspiration for our future dream home whenever we get around to being grown-ups and thinking that far ahead…!)

    Definitely can’t offer anything more than congratulations – I never knew how many different brands of wellies/country-suitable boots there were until reading all the comments above! I’m a city-girl through and through obviously! I don’t think I’ve actually owned a pair of wellies since I was a kid. In fact, I borrowed a pair from a friend when I went to Reading festival many years ago and then last year, I had to borrow my mum’s when I took the dog for a walk up in ‘rural’ Worcestershire (rural compared to London that is). My mum actually rolled her eyes at me when she saw me put on my Converse and silently handed me said wellies. Doh!

  32. Sigh – the new house looks stunning and definitely worth the wait!

    Best wellies I would say are Aigle – I moved from town to rural Wiltshire last year – and had to do the whole proper wellie thing for walking when it is too wet/muddy under foot for walking boots. I did extensive research online and with rural friends – who all said avoid Hunters (don’t last) – and recommended all the spendy brands that have already been mentioned – I was slightly aghast at spending that amount of money on a pair of wellies! Check Amazon out – I found my Aigle Parcours on there at less than half price. The wellies themselves are SO comfy – and snuggly – I have done long walks in them and they don’t rub at all – and are slightly like walking on air!

  33. The new house looks amazing, looking forward to seeing what you do. Our new kitchen was painted cornforth white with a down pipe island, vewet walls and white Quartz top. It looks great, local decorator painted it quite reasonably we are in bucks though so not too near you. Aigle wellies rock !

  34. I used to live in Stratford-upon-Avon before moving to a bigger city. It’s a gorgeous part of the country! I’m now living in rural Nottinghamshire and I’m loving it. Hope the move has gone well.

  35. I live in my Dubarry boots (except at the moment my pregnant feet won’t fit in them ?) – I actually get a bit grumpy in Summer when I have to wear shoes or sandals instead. They weren’t the cheapest boots but they have lasted me 5 years already and are showing no signs of wearing out. I’ve actually asked Father Christmas for another pair in a different colour. Fingers crossed I’m on the nice list! xx

  36. Best of luck for the new home – as far as wellies go, I would go to an “outdoorsy” type shop and go from there rather than focus on the designer/fashion aspect!
    As an aside, I am constantly amazed at the amount of info people post on this blog & associated social media – from home details sufficient to find out your exact address and details of your daily routine, to when you’re on holiday or away, to what nursery your child goes to! Wondering if this is a consideration for the writers?

  37. Chameau wellies are fab as well (the neoprene lined ones rather than the leather) my husband debated for ages over whether to make the investment or not but he wears them all the time now. Apparently they have a really long guarantee too. Not as sexy as Dubarry, but a totally different type of boot.

  38. Dubarrys for dog walking shopping. Neoprene Argylls when the going would ruin the Dubarrys. They are slightly shorter than tall hunters without being shorties all together -very comfy and warm

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