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To The Women Who Raised Us

Author: Lauren Coleman

With Mother’s Day fast approaching and International Women’s Day just gone we wanted to mark the occasion sharing what the women in our circle mean to us.


Growing up with three sisters and having a daughter means I’m a girls girl through and through. Our sisterhood and The Sisterhood is the best support network you could ever ask for. Of course in life you come across women who don’t respect this wonderful sense of belonging, but on the whole the ladies I encounter on a daily basis show intelligence, grace, compassion and empathy. All it takes is a knowing look, a sympathetic smile or an offer of support to remember someone has your back and we’re all in the same boat. Or as Zoe Kravitz puts it far more eloquently – Once women find sisterhood, there’s nothing stronger.


My parents split up when I was a tot, and my mum moved to New Zealand, so my dad was both the father figure and the mother figure for most of my childhood. I was lucky in that I had a lot of other strong women in my life: my auntie, my gran, and of course my mum was only a phone call away.
As for the relationship with my own kids, I think I summed it up in a text to my auntie recently where I described being a mama as the hardest but best job in the world. They’re my everything.

Alice (RMW’s latest recruit!)

My mum and I have been through a lot together and we are still so close. At her wedding to my step-dad a few years ago I read EE Cummings ‘I Carry Your Heart’ because it means so much to us both. We have lived in different continents, cities and homes for a while now but I know she’s always with me and always there for me.


My Mum was always and still is a “yes” Mum. Ready for spontaneity and fun, always saying yes to something we wanted to do. I wish I was the same but I am definitely more of a “maybe” Mum. When we were younger she would be the parent inline at Toys R Us for a Tamagotchi upon release. The parent doing cartwheels on sports day. I am grateful to have a Mum (and a Step Dad) that all my siblings and myself can be honest with. We were raised in a house where conversation was open and are probably all unapologetic oversharers because of that. I always call my Mum when I need advice and I trust her call, she doesn’t judge and is able to think of every sides to a situation which makes her the perfect go to. I feel incredibly lucky to have her.


My mum has always given my sister and I unconditional love and support.
She’s a true warrior (and a worrier!), a great host, an incredible cook, (she never leaves the party early, but always make the Sunday dinner the next day) she cares deeply for others and has a knack for putting people at ease.
When she was ill a few years ago, the messages of support came far and wide from every stage of her life. Over the years she has been a confidant to so many people, and has nurtured so many minds and spirits but it’s just my sister and I who get to proudly call her mum.


I appreciate just how much my Mum loves me. I appreciate how much she will have sacrificed for me. I appreciate how mad she must’ve been when I messed around as a defiant teenager. I appreciate the frustration of cleaning a whole house only to have a whirlwind come through it and destroy all her hard work in a matter of minutes. I appreciate how much she enjoys seeing me when we get together. I appreciate how every time she hugs me she probably never wants to let go. I appreciate how many tears she will have shed; whether they were through frustration, fear, anxiety or because she was bursting at the seams with pride. I appreciate the inner strength it takes to raise a human being and the all of the worries that go along with that. I appreciate her more than she will ever know.


It truly is the year of the woman and I have to say it really does bring me hope for the future which awaits my wonderful three year old daughter. The trap we all too often fall into however is actually forgetting that amazing can be an every day occurrence. Of course, I along with women everywhere have been thrilled to see large scale, world changing happenings achieved by those heralded our generation’s greatest women but there is another group who should be celebrated, and they are yours. I’m serving myself, and anyone else who needs it, a little reminder that amazing is everywhere. Amazing is you reading this. Amazing is your mum. Your sister. Your daughter. Your friend. Your neighbour. Your GP who takes an extra couple of moments to reassure you. Your child’s nursery worker who records wow moments you wouldn’t want to miss. Your unknown ally who tells you you’ve put the wrong colour bin out. Whilst the world is full of amazing women, so is your world, and it’s okay to celebrate them too, I know I will be.

Who will you be celebrating this weekend? Who are the amazing ladies in your life?

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5 thoughts on “To The Women Who Raised Us

  1. This was a really lovely read, I can’t believe no one has commented yet. I am so lucky to have many amazing women in my life and am looking forward to making my mum feel extra special this weekend. Also looking forward to hearing more from Alice! X

  2. This is really lovely. My mum is so unsure of herself, always feels she hasn’t done enough in her life. But what she’s done is given all of herself to us. She’s faced some truly difficult times that I can only begin to comprehend now I’m a mother myself (losing her own mother, suddenly, age 28, whilst pregnant). She gave up her job and nursed me after spinal surgery. She nursed my dad through cancer. Both of her own parents through cancer. She is an unbelievable support to me and my husband, someone who always takes care of us. My children adore her, as they bloody well should. I’ll never ever forget how lucky we are to have he and I hope I’m half the mother, daughter, wife and grandmother she is.

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