Bardot Beehive
Bardot Beehive
Brigitte Bardot - Monday Muse #rockmystyle beehive hair style
Bardot Allure
Bardot Allure
Brigitte Bardot - Monday Muse #rockmystyle
Bardot Quote
Bardot Quote
Brigitte Bardot - Monday Muse #rockmystyle
Bardot Make-Up
Bardot Make-Up
Brigitte Bardot - Monday Muse #rockmystyle

Monday Muse | Brigitte Bardot

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Brigitte Bardot was born in Paris in 1934. She is a former actress, singer and fashion model and is now an animal rights activist.

I would like say all of the above accolades are why she’s my Monday Muse but that would be fibbing. My reasons are far shallower and distinctly more aesthetically based.

It is her bouffant hair. It is her dark smoky eyes and pale nude lips. It is that slightly aloof sex-kitten allure that only she can pull off with aplomb.

It was the 1957 (and at the time considered rather controversial) film “And God Created Woman” that propelled her to international super stardom and really paved the way for the 60’s era styled Lolita-esque persona she is perhaps most well known for today.

Some other fascinating information you may be unaware of, Bardot has been married four times (she is apparently still with her fourth husband, Bernard D’Ormale) and posed for Playboy to celebrate her 40th birthday. Sound familiar? yes, Madame Mossy did exactly the same, I wrote about it only last month as it happens.

The off-both-shoulder clothing design that’s oh-so-sultry? that’s officially called the Bardot. And yes – it is specifically named after Brigitte. Who needs an Oscar when you are the founder of an actual neckline?

I don’t think I even need to tell you what she did for the popularity of the bikini, or indeed gingham print. I indulged in a frilly blue check two piece a couple of summers ago, it’s my favourite. I would love to luxuriate by the pool in this attire and appear as glamorous as BB, in reality I have no clue how this is achievable, I am quite sure the layers of eyeliner and gloss would melt off in minutes. Not to mention my distinct lack of St Tropez bronzed glow (from sun-bathing in the real place, not out of a bottle) that Bardot was so renowned for.

All that said, and as I mentioned right at the beginning of this feature, I have on many occasions experimented with a sweep of dark shadow, a false lash and a beige pout in the hope of somehow emulating a bit of that Bardot Je ne sais quoi.

I would even say I’m pretty good at it (slightly blowing my own make-up knowledge trumpet here but believe me I have experimented A LOT)

If any of you have a similar kind of hero-worship for the ooh la la beehived one and would like some product recommendations/maybe even a tutorial then let me know and I’ll arrange something soon.

In the meantime should you know of the PERFECT Brigitte fleshy-toned lipstick then please do leave your suggestions in the comments box below. MAC used to do one years ago aptly named….yes you guessed it Bardot only to go and discontinue the shade.

Yes, beyond annoying.

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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7 thoughts on “Monday Muse | Brigitte Bardot

  1. Ugh. It’s that nude pout again. I am yet to find a nude which doesn’t make me look live I’ve covered my lips with concealer! Experimented with MAC Myth to no avail. Tempted to try one by Tom Ford. He’s my fav!

    And yes, you NEED to do a tutorial.

    1. MAC Myth is also tragic on me – I look dead. Blush Nude by Tom Ford is an excellent choice however! it has a bit more pink in it than most nudes, it is better with a bit of liner smudged in for definition though.

  2. Love Bridgette, but audrey Hepburn is my all time icon!
    I once found my perfect nude lipstick, it was from Mac (limited edition) years ago, I had it in my purse on a night out and must have dropped it or left it somewhere and by the time I got round to replacing it it had been discontinued wahhhhhhh! yes to the tutorial too 🙂

    1. Was it called “way to love” by any chance? it was my wedding day lipstick, limited edition. Similar is MAC creme cup mixed with Creme D’nude

      1. Mmm rings a bell….I have creme d’nude but think I may treat myself to a tom ford one, I’ll just close my eyes when the till shows the price!

  3. Tutorial!? Oh my god yes! I want to pull off this look so bad! I had myth lipstick and looked like I had been pulled from the water…lifeless. The tom ford may be worth a lookey-loo!! Xx

    1. You need to check out the Ford, ridiculously expensive but lasts a LONG TIME. As per above MAC creme cup and Creme D’nude are worth a butchers x

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