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Maternity Basics For All Seasons

Author: Lolly Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it. How things could and would have been different if only I had been able to go back and tell my pregnant self what I know now.

I hated being pregnant, yep there I’ve said it. I’m fully aware that you’re not supposed to say such a thing and there is a part of me that cringes as I write this. I had crippling heartburn, my knees and back ached and I gained a whole load more weight than I intended to. But most of all I hated the fact that 90% of my wardrobe became redundant as the months passed and I was limited to the same revolving cycle of items of clothing as my daily uniform. I felt stagnant and highly uninspired which wasn’t so great for the day job.

Several individuals had told me not to bother spending any money on maternity clothing since I wouldn’t be pregnant for very long in the grand scheme of things and suggested instead that I try to repurpose items of clothing from both my own and Ste’s wardrobe. Whilst this advice was shared with good intentions I have to say that on reflection this approach didn’t work for me.

I really wished I’d actually invested a decent amount of money at the very beginning on buying some key maternity basics that would have made me feel a whole heap better than shoehorning myself into existing clothes that just weren’t going to fit or spending little bits here and there on pieces that were actually pretty shoddy (and which I ended up replacing before the maternity jaunt was up). I know now that I would have saved myself a whole heap of heartache and my precious pennies too.

It seemed only fair then to share with you lovely ladies my top seven maternity basics for your pregnancy wardrobe. Below is a list of those key items that I either wished I’d purchased or I did manage to buy during those nine months or that I serendipitously managed to find in my wardrobe and felt nearly normal in.

The Blazer

I was lucky enough to have a super loose-fitting blazer already resident in my wardrobe when I was pregnant with Hector and I pretty much lived in it towards the end of my pregnancy especially when all my other coats and jackets became too tight to mention. Granted the loose fit turned into more of a slim fit but I managed to stick with it until the day Hector was born. Blazers are so incredibly versatile; perfect for lunches out with the girls paired with jeans and flats or equally with figure-hugging dresses for nights out. Plus you don’t have to do them up over a burgeoning bump for them to look good!

If I hadn’t already had owned one then I would most definitely would have invested. I particularly love this relaxed style version from ASOS which is a snip at £22!

The Jeans

If you’re anything like me and hate shopping for jeans when you’re not pregnant then I’m telling you finding a pair with a bump is like wading (waddling?) through treacle. Topshop’s maternity version of their Leigh jeans was my go to option and I purchased them in both black and dark blue. On the plus side they were very comfortable and for their price tag did the job adequately. If I’m being picky though I did find that the seam on my left leg did tend to annoyingly twist round on both pairs and my dark blue set did wear out before the nine months was up which meant I had to purchase a replacement.

If I could go back and invest more in any of my maternity basics then this would have been one of them. I’ve heard brilliant things about Isabella Oliver’s stretchy Zadie skinny jeans which are currently in the sale at £80. Yes I know…they aren’t cheap but for me at least they’d be worth it for the feel good factor alone. Alternatively I had some friends who raved about H&M’s Mama skinny jeans too. Have any of you had any experience with any of the suggestions above?

The Basic Tee

GAP’s maternity offering was actually a bit of a godsend for me. Available exclusively online usually with free delivery and often three for two offers on too, I found I’d order one day and it would be on my doormat the next morning. How about that for service!

I really rated both their maternity long-sleeved t-shirts and their sleeveless tanks for layering depending on the time of year. They were good quality, super soft and washed well too. I’ve actually transferred most of them into my gym kit now because you can still get away with wearing them without them screaming maternity and they’ve still got plenty of wear left in them. Available in a range of colours with that essential bit of ruching down the sides for more bump room I guarantee they’ll be a staple in your wardrobe.

The Oversized Shirt

One of the best tips that Charlotte shared with me from her own pregnancy wardrobe was to wear a super flattering fitted t-shirt or vest and then overlay this with an unbuttoned oversized shirt on top. This way you get the lovely streamlined silhouette without feeling like you’re exposed or on show.

I’ve recently purchased this shirt from Topshop and can attest to its fab quality and superb fit. Whilst it’s not designed for pregnant women, the oversized style is perfect for the kind of styling I’ve mentioned above. COS was also my saviour when trying to find items to fit a growing bump – this super fluid long shirt is no exception. It comes in black, grey and pink and would quite easily last for the full nine months. In fact I’m loving most of their new Spring/Summer range and there are a number of items that I can see slotting into a maternity wardrobe such as this and this.

The Slouchy Trousers

I so wish I’d invested in some slouchy trousers for those days when I just wanted to let everything to fit a little bit more loosely so to speak. A pregnant friend came to visit last summer and looked amazing in a pair of silk drawstring trousers, remaining cool and unflustered despite the heat. I hadn’t really considered any other option on the trouser front aside from jeans during my own maternity and felt a bit of a fashion fool.

My trusty dungarees kept me going until about month five when they become too snug for me to be as mobile as I needed to be. I’d definitely recommend investing in a pregnancy pair as they give that little bit of extra room for a growing bump such as these from ASOS complete with tie rather than buckle straps. In fact ASOS have a really rather fantastic range for mums to be and I’m loving these washed grey joggers with biker detailing around the knees as well. They’re currently in the sale priced at £18 with all sizes still in stock.

The Dressy Dress

Not investing in a decent dress is definitely one of my pregnancy wardrobe regrets. With several nights out, my sister’s graduation and two weddings to attend I thought I could cleverly purchase a non-maternity dress in a floaty style, a size larger than my normal dress size. Obviously then I could wear it post-birth with a belt or even taken in if necessary. How WRONG I was. In reality I looked like a beached whale and it didn’t help that the dress was grey to boot. Even now I can’t look at it without grimacing slightly and I know that I really should just close the door on the whole chapter by giving it away.

Next time I’ll buy something like this dress from Isabella Oliver…in black of course. Its jersey composition means it will be comfy and I love the elegant square neckline too. For daywear I’ve fallen in love with this crepe and jersey panel dress from Topshop. Hell I’d even wear it now I like it that much! It’s edgy whilst retaining the comfort factor too but you’ll have to move fast as some sizes have already sold out.

The Support

As soon as a proper bump started to form around the 20 week mark I found that I needed some extra support particularly with my back. These bump bands from Topshop were recommended by a friend and wore them then all the way through to the end of my pregnancy. I’d definitely buy them next time round too.

Another underwear staple has got to be maternity tights especially if you’re pregnant in the depths of winter and want that little bit of extra coverage when wearing dresses or skirts. Good old John Lewis came to my rescue with their super comfy opaque version and from the reviews it seems like lots of other women rate them too.

The other classic maternity must have has got to be a pair of leggings. Slap them on underneath a dress or skirt and you still feel like everything is secure and in place however floaty your frock is on top. You can buy these from pretty much anywhere but I liked this jersey pair from Isabella Oliver.

So how did you/are you finding the whole pregnancy wardrobe fandango? Are there any basics you’ve found you couldn’t live without? Perhaps it’s a piece I’ve not included above…we’d love to hear all about it. Why not share your thoughts in the comments box below…

Author: Lolly
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.
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58 thoughts on “Maternity Basics For All Seasons

  1. What a perfectly timed post! I’m 24 weeks pregnant and have been reluctant to spend on maternity wear but I’ve just got to the point where nothing fits. My work wardrobe is ok as I already had a couple of very stretchy jersey dresses plus I did buy a couple more maternity ones early one and that sees me through the week but I’ve recently found that’s all I can now wear so I basically look and feel like I’m going to work all the time! So I finally bit the bullet this weekend and placed a mass order with ASOS (jeans, dungarees, vests, Ts were all on there!). I’ve stuck to monochrome colours so it’s easy to mix and match. ASOS have a lot of maternity stuff in the sale so I didn’t feel too guilty with the splurge and I’m just looking forward to looking and feeling a bit like me again.

    1. There’s nothing better than a huge parcel from ASOS coming through the door to make you feel better Sophie. Hope all the things you’ve ordered are super gorgeous and make you feel like you’ve got more of a wardrobe to experiment with again…

  2. I found Seraphine brilliant while I was pregnant (even better when they have a sale on). They have some lovely dresses which saw me through a summer at work, evenings out and weekend wear.

    I also have some of theit nursing tops which have been good for covering the post pregnancy not yet gone mid area!

    H&M mama jeans were great as well.

    12 weeks on I’m still waiting to get back into all my old clothes . . .

    1. Louise I ended up waiting nine months to get back into all my clothes. Admittedly some fitted me earlier on than this but to truly feel comfortable in my pre-baby wardrobe I’d say it was about the nine month mark. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to get back into everything too quickly…as my mum says it takes nine months to make a baby and then the equivalent again to get back to a pre-baby figure or as close as you’ll ever get to it again. Hope you’re enjoying being a mama xx

  3. Another vote for H&M skinny jeans – have lasted me from around 5 months to currently overdue! Unfortunately I hated the Topshop Leigh jeans, they just kept falling down but Topshop Joni’s in both under bump to begin with then over bump have been amazing.

    Wish I’d got more basic tops in something other than black and definitely second the need for a nice dress – I had a nightmare finding something for Christmas nights out.

    1. Joy I have to admit that I found the Leigh jeans fell down too – but only towards the very end of my pregnancy – say in the last two weeks and then I assumed that this was because I was getting a bit big for them. I didn’t try the Joni’s but my sister in law has and she rates them highly!

  4. I’m currently 27 weeks and have too got to the point where I’m wearing a very small capsule wardrobe. For a girl who loves clothes this is slightly depressing. From around 3 months I did invest in some stretchy dresses from H&M which are seeing me through work. I also bought the Leigh maternity Topshop jeans but really don’t like them, I’m constantly pulling them up and I feel like they look like ‘mum’ jeans as they aren’t very skinny, especially around the ankles. I would really like some dungarees so going to check out ASOS now…..

    1. Natalie I feel your pain! I’d say definitely invest in a few pieces if you can as you’ve got a couple of months to go and those last two months can feel like an age! Hopefully you’ll find some bargains in the sale xx

  5. Interesting post. I’d give anyone the same advice after my recent pregnancy – buy good, buy early and enjoy it! I wish I’d had a couple more investment pieces too. Although nothing fitted by the end! New Look jeans were my go to. Not expensive but looked like proper jeans so I felt slightly normal at least!

    1. Kerri, I thought exactly the same. I wished I’d bought stuff so with my second pregnancy I went on a spree early on (even if most was H&M) and it was so worth it. x

  6. I’m 20 weeks with baby number 3 and feel like I’m FINALLY finding a maternity ‘style’ that makes me feel like me! first two times I seemed to buy maternity clothes that in no way resembled my usual wardrobe and just made me feel really…pregnant!
    I’ve made the most of the ASOS sale this Christmas and bought a really lovely chunky jumper in a beautiful berry colour. I love my over the bump H&M skinny jeans and have a selection of maternity tops which I feel flatter my growing shape rather than making me feel exposed (I love my bump but sometimes feel like tight fitting tops make it a bit in your face!)
    I agree with you though and wish I’d invested more first time around rather than made do… 9 months is a really long time to feel like you have nothing nice to wear at a time when you’re hyper sensitive and emotional!!!!

    1. You hit the nail on the head Amy – it feels like an age when you’re feeling very emotional and nothing fits properly and you feel like a frump in everything!!

  7. Another vote for Seraphine! I got a pair of jeans and a denim skirt and from about 24 weeks thats pretty much all I wore! A little pricey, but very comfortable and good quality – so much so that even after all that wear they’re packed away should I ever need them again x

    1. I definitely think buying some quality pieces is a good investment. With my second pregnancy I got out my old maternity clothes and instantly put them all in the charity shop! I then justified a new shopping trip x

  8. I gave birth four months ago and am now having the same frustrations with nursing tops…how I long to go back to my old wardrobe!

    I was a big fan of Isabella Oliver for maternity clothes. It’s undoubtedly pricey but if you buy a couple of key pieces (for me it was a little black dress and a white shirt), then when you work out cost per wear, it’s not so bad! Also, I found it was a false economy to buy cheaper stuff that didn’t survive the constant washing and drying and had to be replaced! X

    1. I really struggled with nursing tops too! I found that layering worked best for me – a nursing vest with a regular top over the top. this meant I could use my existing wardrobe and also have a bit of cover over my tummy when feeding.
      I invested in a dress for a wedding but other than that I didn’t really buy too much considering I ended up feeding for 14 months!
      ASOS have a few nice nursing tops but I guess it depends on your personal preference xxx

    2. Exactly Nathalie – this is the predicament I found myself in! I wish I’d just spent more initially because I would have saved money in the long run. The cheaper stuff just didn’t last the constant rewear.

    3. For nursing I found that the best option was a vest top with a normal tee on over it – you can lift up the t-shirt, pull down the vest (and bra) and create a nipple sandwich – without showing off much flesh at all! You don’t even need nursing vests for it, so you can just stock up on cheapy H&M vest tops instead of having to spend lots.

  9. What a great post! I’m coming up to 14 weeks and I have just moved on to maternity tights and jeans. I also got some really lovely dresses at Mothercare (of all places!) in the sales recently. Definitely agree on the H&M jeans – overall, I have to admit, I wasn’t too impressed with the Topshop maternity wear. I need to dress fairly smart for work and wanted a few options to rotate… Will take a look at Asos, too!

    I also loved that you said you didn’t enjoy being pregnant, it’s such a taboo to ‘admit’ that. I’m still fairly early but I’m definitely not enjoying it so far (constant sickness, already aching all over, headaches etc) and I look at all these lovely new summer clothes coming out knowing I won’t be able to wear any of them. Not very dramatic, I know, but I loooove clothes! (I feel really superficial moaning about this now).

    1. Maike trust me when I say that we’re not the only ones. Quite a few people have admitted to me that they really didn’t enjoy being pregnant and for a long time I felt guilty feeling this way because it really is an amazing thing to grow a brand new life. Generally I felt exhausted all the way through and just battling through the heartburn made every single minute so uncomfortable. I was just very honest and up front about how I felt and that gave other mums to be the space to be open about how they felt too which can only be a good thing. You never know you may find that you come into your own a bit further along your pregnancy. Good luck xx

  10. Perfectly timed post! I’m 22 weeks and suddenly my wardrobe options have drastically shrunk! I’ve been wearing Mamalicious skinny jeans since about 18 weeks, they are super comfortable and go up to a 34 leg length which is a huge bonus! I tried the ASOS over-the-bump ones but found them really uncomfortable.
    I’m finding work-wear the most tricky to manage, as most stuff seems to be more on the casual side. I’ve got a couple of dresses from New Look but have a feeling they won’t last long as the quality isn’t brilliant…
    Thanks for the heads-up on Gap Maternity – I had no idea they did it; just been browsing now and there’s loads of nice stuff (not so good for the credit card!) x

    1. Ooops sorry Rachel. If you sign up for their offers then you’ll get loads of money off so that your credit card shouldn’t take too much of a bashing 😉

  11. At 27 weeks it’s only during the last few that I really got hit with the feeling that absolutely nothing fits anymore (though that’s still not strictly speaking true) and I think I’d already managed to find a style pre-pregnancy that works with a bump. I’ve bought a few bits and pieces of actual maternity wear – a couple of long sleeved fitted tops for layering with my normal cardigans and shirts now whilst it’s cold, which will hopefully be good on their own if it warms up a bit; a couple of pairs of jeans and a pair of smarter trousers. Jeans wise I’ve a pair of skinnies and a pair of boyfriend cut, both from dorothy perkins. The boyfriend ones are unfortunately a bit big and tend to fall down!

    My favourite thing I’ve bought is one of the 4 ways cardigans from Jojo Maman Bébé, something I think I’ll definitely keep wearing post pregnancy. I also have a couple of their wrap tops and one of their basic jersey dresses, all of which are pretty decent quality, and should see me through feeding too.

    Speaking of which, my next fashion dilemma – what on earth does a (hopefully) breastfeeding mama wear to a wedding?! (I’ve got 5 to go to before baby turns 6 months!)

      1. Oooh! Perfect! I read that post at the time and loved a few of the things mentioned, but had forgotten all about it.

        Sadly a few of the items are now out of stock, but some of them are in the sale (including that gorgeous Isabella Oliver dress)! And if nothing else it’s given me a couple of places to keep an eye on 🙂

        1. I think a lot more places are trying to develop the nursing fashion as well as Maternity, which is great for breastfeeding mummies.
          I hope you find something fabulous for the wedding xxx

  12. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and have already worn through a pair of JoJo leggings – super comfortable but apparently not very durable?! I’ve been really underwhelmed with everything I’ve bought from there actually.

    I’m really liking Gap this time around. They have great sales and offers on, and my over-bump skinnies have been an absolute godsend – stylish but still make me feel contained, with a nice shaped bump. I’ve found H&M a bit hit and miss – the natural fabric clothing has been great but the more structured stuff either hasn’t washed very well or it just isn’t hugely flattering or comfortable. They have got a biker coat in their maternity section that I really like the look of – I’m just not sure I can justify spending the money on something I’ll get a maximum of 5 months’ wear out of, especially as this is definitely our last baby!

    1. I really was impressed by Gap Sara which is strange as I didn’t tend to wear anything from there pre-pregnancy. I didn’t buy a huge amount from H&M so not able to comment on my experience of their maternity range. I say go for it on the biker coat though!

  13. 30 weeks pregnant with number 2 and the phrase over it springs to mind! (Although I do appreciate how lucky I am obvs!)

    Definitely echo everyone’s comments re: buying early and buying well. Some of my early buys in the first pregnancy are still going strong second time round such as my Isabella Oliver stretchy black long sleeve top. I also wore this for ages post baby too as it was stretchy enough to pull up for breast feeding.

    Slightly annoyingly my seasons are totally different though this time round as I was in late pregnancy in summer last time so lived in stretchy maxi dresses and flip flops but this time it’s all about jeans and jumpers!! Echo the h&m skinny mama jeans although I find by the end of the day I need to change into joggers as they are quite tight!

    This time round my star buy has been a black Isabella Oliver jumpsuit. Slightly pricey but I was able to dress this up for all the Christmas parties and it’s so comfy I think I might live in it for the last few weeks! Might get those asos joggers too.

    Great post Lolly!

    1. Pleasure Rachie!! And I know the jumpsuit you mean – I’d be tempted to get something like that for next time round. It must be so strange being pregnant at different times of the year; have you found that it makes much of a difference? I discovered I was pregnant with Hector late Feb and by then Winter was over or near enough. I only really experienced being pregnant in Spring and Summer which was great because I was able to drink over Christmas and New Year (always one of the hardest times to be teetotal) but a bit naff during the summer when everyone was enjoying refreshing cocktails in the sunshine.

  14. Lolly, I’m totally with you on pregnancy being a bit rubbish! Obviously it’s completely worth it and amazing but it does take such a toll on our bodies. I’m 7 months pregnant now and EVERYTHING HURTS – am trying not to whinge but I’ll be glad when bub is out for many reasons, one of which is that I can get by body back! 😉
    I think I’ve been quite strategic about my maternity wear buying and, so far, it’s all worked out. I was lucky in that my sis in law was able to give me some dresses from H&M. My absolute fave buys are:
    – Asos Maternity Jeans ( – I’ve got some topshop ones and they’re fine but I LOVE my Asos ones, they’re super super comfy, look really cool and fit well. I prefer under bump things but they have an over bump version also I think.
    – Mothercare Mat Leggings (,default,pd.html) – these aren’t really leggings, they’re more smart trousers that I wear to work. Between these and the 3-4 dresses I have, I’ve got the smartish work look covered.
    – Asos Maternity Bodycon dress ( I bought this in a size up so it’s not super tight but it’s really lovely, quite dressy and I was able to wear it to all my fancy Christmas dos etc. Plus it’s only £15! I looked at buying some dresses from Isabella Oliver but, honestly, this was my fave.
    I actually found quite a lot of stuff on ASOS – I bought a bunch of things and then returned whatever didn’t fit. I found this quite cost effective as they often have mat stuff on sale etc.

    1. Kate everything hurt or ached or itched or something from I think month 3 for me so you’re doing very very well to only be slightly moaning from month 7. I think my family were sick of me by then!
      So much love for ASOS – somewhere I never thought to look until too late – that the thought of being pregnant again doesn’t terrify me quite so much 😉

  15. I’m currently 14 weeks with a very small bump just appearing so I’m really enjoying reading this and the comments, thanks Lauren. I did hit the January sales to buy a few thing to help see me through pregnancy, but I didn’t have a bump or a clue what I was looking for. I got a light coat for after winter in H&M and a couple of tops. I also got a few tops in Mothercare. I bought a pair of over the bump bootcut jeans in Mothercare (not in the sale) as everywhere seems to just do skinny jeans and they are not flattering on me at all now as I am only 5′ 1″ and was a pear shape to start with, though I did try on a nice pair of boyfriend shape ones too which I might go back for. I also bought some elasticated waist jersey trousers from M&S to do me through this in between stage (normal clothes too tight but maternity too big) in work and a pair of dressier over the bump trousers for work in Debenhams by Red Herring. I also got a couple of summer dresses in New Look, one was reduced to only £1.

    1. I also picked up a pair of navy maternity yoga type trousers in Lidl on Monday night when I picked up some groceries. They are quite light material but I will only be wearing them around the house so figured they would be fine. They had a few maternity tops and nursing bras and also some tommee tippee items for sale too for reasonable.

    2. A dress reduced to £1!!!! Wow! Good hunting Ruth! You’ve actually been very organised (so much more so than I was!) so I’m certain you’ll be able to fashion your way through the next six months without a hint of bother. I’m very jealous!

  16. Did anyone manage to track down petite-length maternity jeans/trousers? i am 5ft 4 and all the ones i have bought are far too long and i will never get round to shortening…feels like there is a gap in petite-length maternity wear

    1. Hi Katie, I feel your pain! Thankfully my MIL very kindly turned up a pair of the trousers I bought. The only place I saw petite maternity trousers (but haven’t bought any) was online at I hope this helps and let me know if you do order any and what they are like.

      1. Also 5ft 4, I found the Topshop Joni jeans for L30 the best, also have ones from gap in the short length which are good for length but I just don’t like the fit so much. H&M jeans are a great fit but ridiculously long & I haven’t managed to find anything but standard length. Also never get round to turning anything up, but then tucked into boots most of the winter it didn’t really matter.

    2. Katie I purchased my Topshop jeans in a size 30 inch leg and they were fine (I’m 5ft 4 too). I ordered mine online though because I couldn’t find any in store xx

  17. Definitely agree with you Lolly re GAP, particularly as when you sign up they are always sending you discount offers and there is still some stuff in the sale. In fact I just ordered a couple more of their tank tops as I was finding I didn’t have enough to last me the week. I also have a pair of under the bump jeans which I like from there.

    I managed to get some nice things from JoJo Maman Bebe (which I got in the pre Christmas sales to make things cheaper); a pair of jeans, a swimming costume, 2 dresses and some of their wrap tops. With the wrap tops I see no reason why they shouldn’t last me right through my preganancy and maternity leave, I’ll just need to wrap them around my body more as the bump disappears. I did find some of their clothes hit and miss though which is irritating when you need to pay delivery charges. I do have a store locally but no changing room meant it was easier to order online.

    Finding trousers for work that weren’t black (which I refuse to wear because it makes me look like horrendous even if it is just on my bottom half) was hard but I managed to find Navy ones at Next and New Look which didn’t cost the earth. I’m not sure how long they’ll last though. In fact colour would generally be my complaint with maternity clothes. For someone who is use to wearing colour everyday the seemingly standard maternity palette of black, grey and white can be uninspiring. I don’t normally wear these colours and finding clothes that weren’t was more difficult than I imagined.

    Other than that I’ve found tunic tops and large cardigans good value particularly as I should still be able to wear them after the bump has gone.

  18. Another vote for the h&m over bump skinny jeans, got lots more wear than my topshop ones which just didn’t sit right.
    One of my best purchases was a black 3/4 sleeve jersey maternity top from debenhams red herring maternity range. It was so soft and comfy and washed brilliantly. Think they still sell it now.
    i found pregnancy a great excuse to spend more on accessories to jazz up the plain stretchy tops I lived in. And then long shirts, kimono style wraps/cardi or loose Blazers over the top.

    1. Sounds like Topshop need to have a look at their maternity jeans range don’t they! So many of you saying they fall down and seams twisting and generally not sitting right. Perhaps I’ll check out H&M next time round for jeans then Cat – thanks for the feedback xx

  19. I loved Colline maternity clothes (available through Verbaudet website) so much so i still sometimes wear them now 15 months after! Designed for being suitable pre and post birth, they were very handy for breastfeeding and being French, stylish and practical. Will definately be turning to them earlier next time!!

  20. I feel a little naughty admitting to this but how has Primani not been mentioned yet? I bought two pairs of skinny maternity jeans there at about 20 weeks and they were brilliant right up until the end. And at 8 quid each I didn’t resent them too much! Jumper dresses and leggings were another staple for me- H and M ones. Also a fan of long stretchy vest that looks like a body con dress with a tee over it- I found buying men’s size S was good for my bump. With leggings and a cardigan this was my uniform!

    Also, shoes. Could we have a feature on shoes you don’t have to worry about when you can’t see your feet? I loved my Toms but spent a lot of the last few weeks in flip flops.. In February!

    1. I didn’t even know Primark did Maternity stuff? Never seen it there but also haven’t been in one in ages (none local since we moved last year). Thanks for the tip, that’s well worth looking into for basics!

    2. Shoes is a great idea (we love shoes!). I was mortified when I was pregnant with Molly and one day couldn’t do the zips up on my boots. How did my calves gain pregnancy weight?!! Luckily with Alice it was summer so my feet were saved x

  21. Such a perfectly timed post – I am just over 11 weeks (had my 12 week scan yesterday and they pushed me back a week!) – but I have a number of weddings this year where I will be very pregnant. Some of them I will be working at (I’m a wedding planner) and others are really close friends, so I want to look as lovely as possible! And I have the hen weekends to think about too – aggghhhhh!

  22. Ooh this is very timely. I’m 6 weeks today and I’m trying to calm my first trimester anxiety with a Pinterest board of maternity clothes. I have to say I’m quite excited by all the shopping opportunities! It’s a much more positive focus than all those terrifying Dr Google message boards, and that’s how I will justify the credit card bill!

  23. I’m a big fan of black swing dresses… of which I purchased multiple of from M&S! So easy to wear with leggings and means can wear some funky necklaces and team with a open shirt or coloured cardie. I just bought a board of nursing vests from ASOS in the sale which are good for now too 🙂

  24. This a perfectly timed post! I’m due my first scan tomorrow but I’m guessing I’m between 12-15 weeks! Not showing yet but jeans and work trousers are starting to get tight. I don’t really wear dresses as I’m quite tall and always feel too dressed up in them, has anyone found any good trousers for work? I live in chinos as my work stuff doesn’t have to be that formal. Any suggestions would be fab. Also did you wait until you were showing to buy clothes? Thanks!!

    1. Rach, I got some great chinos from H&M which I wore through the whole pregnancy. Hopefully they may have some in with the spring clothes. I also really rated M&S for trousers. I did find the M&S one’s felt massive when I first bought them so added a belt for a while. xx

  25. I could not agree more with this! When I was pregnant with my little boy I really resented the idea of spending any money on maternity wear which I found for the most part unflattering or ageing (those wrap dresses look lovely on Kate M but make me look matronly!). This time around (I’m 6 months along with number 2) I have found there to be many more options for modern and sleek maternity clothes and I have really enjoyed picking out some nice basic which don’t make me look and feel like a whale!
    Also, I would recommend the JoJos band which you can button to your existing jeans and allows to you to unzip them and wear them much longer. This didn’t last so long this time around as I am carrying differently (read: my stomach muscles gave up earlier) but first time around this kept me in my normal jeans for 6 months!x

  26. I wore most of the things you mentioned and loved my maternity wardrobe – feeling pretty fashionable most days. The Topshop bump bands were the best purchase ever and I’m still wearing them today to help cover up whilst breastfeeding my 5 month old!

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