Master Bedroom Renovation (Update) – The Cheltenham House

Author: Lizzie Crohill

A seemingly recurring theme in #thecheltenhamhouse is that every room must be redecorated at least twice before we can put our paint brushes away! A few months back we redecorated the bathroom, ditching the light and bright decor in favour of the dark side… And now the master bedroom has undergone an equally radical transformation.


For the full set of before images please visit the original feature here

In December 2016, I might have suggested we needed built-in wardrobes. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the rails (we have them neatly stored for a future re-appearance) however, the pressure of keeping those jumpers folded was getting too much.

The plan was to re-expose the original fire place that we had boarded over when decorating the room originally and position wardrobes either side, making the mantle piece a beauty/getting ready area with mirror and a few essentials. The downside of this plan was the need to relocate the bed. This became a highly debated topic in our house (for Feng shui/ spatial planning reasons) that came to a head one day whilst Adam was out. I moved it. We trialled it and, to cut a long story short, I won.

We smashed down the boarding in order to reveal the fireplace once again only to find out that it wasn’t there anymore. Let’s not dwell on that… must have been a miscommunication with the builder.

With the original plan slightly scuppered I called Richard from Camden Joinery and told him we might need to adjust the design, add in some sort of dressing table area to link the two wardrobes… Oh, and maybe a shelf and a table area that could double as a slimline drawer to neatly fit all of my make up in? I sketched out my idea and Richard made it happen. He’s been excellent and we really are quite pleased! You should follow him on Instagram @camdenjoinery


The make-up drawer is probably my favourite addition to the room. I generally love the aesthetic of a make up bag but what I hate is foraging around for every single bit of make-up I require, it almost always results in me tipping everything out and causing mayhem, not to mention the number of carpets I’ve ruined. The drawer makes my getting really routine a little less well, messy. I know… #firstworldproblems.

We’ve kept the colour scheme really neutral using Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone for the wardrobes and Valspar Tidy White for the walls. We’ve used dark colours in the house to great effect and we did toy with using dark green in the bedroom for a while but I think the final colour palette has brought us a few steps closer to creating the serene and peaceful vibe that we imagined for the bedroom.

As we’ve kept the colour scheme so neutral, we’ve added texture with a variety of cushions from H&M and a quilted throw from Dunelm. We found our DKNY curtains in Homesense for a bargain £40.00

We’ve added a couple of striking features like our full length thin framed mirror from The White Company and a circular mirror that breaks up the wooden panelling. The Macramé plant hangers came from Wish and were around £5.00 each. Most of my indoor plants (and outdoor for that matter) are purchased from Burford Garden Centre as it is conveniently located on my route home from work, doesn’t shut until 6pm and has an excellent selection of botanical treats.

In recent weeks we’ve finally got around to adding some final touches, I think we both find it really hard to ‘finish a room’. I was given the macramé wall hanging for Christmas by my brother and his girlfriend and it feels perfectly at home between the two window frames. We found the foliage prints at Oliver Bonas in the sale on New Years Eve and once hung over the head of the bed it felt like the room was finally done. For now.

  • Macrame Hangers
  • Wall Art
  • Bedside Table
  • Camden Joinery
  • White Company Mirror
  • Greystoke Mirror

Photography by Adam Crohill

I nurse in planes, I love beautiful spaces and places, I own the prettiest cats in all the land and I reside in #thecheltenhamhouse

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27 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Renovation (Update) – The Cheltenham House

  1. Oh Lizzie I love it!!! I felt a bit sad at first as to what you had done with that amazing coloured wall, and the beautifully stylish rails, but it looks just amazing! Total bedroom envy!

    1. Hey Karen, so sorry for the late reply! I’ve been out all day… I know the Blue wall was lovely as were the rails but it feels a little bit more, well… classy now. Thanks for taking the time to read lovely. Have a brilliant weekend x

  2. Have you also moved your radiator? Our room is identical to yours and we have a huge ugly radiator which takes up virtually an entire wall and I want to move it between the two windows – which will also hopefully warm up that cold north facing wall. Am assuming though that it will entail taking up our old floorboards.

    1. Hello, yes we have. The other one was right under the window so we didn’t really get the heat. It was a really easy job for us as we were moving it to the same wall so only really needed to get the pipes cut and the radiator re-hung (god knows if thats the correct term). Always worth getting a quote from a plumber hun, it’s make a big difference to the temperature of the room. Thanks for reading and you have a lovely weekend. x

    1. Oh you are a total babe. Thank you lovely, it’s easy to be so critical when it’s you own house right?! So thats very kind of you to say x. Ps – sorry for the delay in reply, I make a terrible guest blogger. x

  3. I absolutely love your dressing table, I think the removal of the fireplace was a blessing in disguise, it’s gorgeous!

  4. This is gorgeous! How long ago did you get those curtains!? They are lush!!
    I’m trying to figure out how to pursuede the husband about hanging planters… he won’t get it. And as as he is the one that would have to figure out the diy it’s going to be an uphill battle! He’ll probably ask why I can’t just put them on a table ☹️

    1. Hey Lisa… I think we bought them around a year ago now but I have seen absolutely loads of DKNY curtains in Homesense recently. Seriously, they are so easy to hang… we just have those little screw hooks, you don’t even need any tools. Sometimes the only way to persuade is to ‘just do it’?! However, my husband might disagree with this advice. xxx

  5. This looks SO beautiful and those built in wardrobes and your ‘getting ready’ area are what dreams are made of! Stunning! Loving all your plants too, I really need to learn how to keep indoor plants alive ☺

    1. Hello Ellie, thanks for reading my love and for your lovely comments. I’m really not that great at keeping them alive either, it’s too much water or not enough with me however, with a bit of perseverance, I am improving using those little plant feeders has really helped some of mine. Xx Have an awesome weekend x

  6. Beautiful! Love the Purbeck Stone, such a perfect grey, and so lovely and calm for a bedroom. As we are currently living with the chaos of clothing rails and multiple chests of drawers I can appreciate the need for lovely built in wardrobes. Sadly we’re up in the eaves, and I can’t work out where they could go.

    Also, I spotted the copy of Skinful of Shadows on the bedside table, which I recognised because it’s currently on my bedside table, though I’ve not started it yet. Frances Hardinge is a wonderful writer though, so it’s one I’m looking forward to.

    1. Rebecca, thanks for your comment my darling. I’ve actually seen lots of interesting things done with built-in’s that are up in the eaves. A good carpenter might be able to advise?
      As for Skinful of shadows, it came earlier this week and I’ve been so bloody occupied with working most evenings I’ve only managed 8 pages. BUT… over the weekend I’ll be spending at least 5 hours on the train so I most certainly will be making a dent in it. Have you read the Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden? If you haven’t, it might be worth a read. SO GOOD. Xx

      1. bear and nightingale also on my to read pile at the moment, just finished a book so now I have to decide which one to read first…

  7. I love the wardrobes and how clever the hidden drawer is. Hope you don’t mind I have stolen this idea for my next house. Your bedroom is beaut!

    1. Oh Claire, I don’t mind at all. I mean, this is exactly that platforms like this are for. To share and explore ideas. I’m sure you could probably make it even better. Have a lovely weekend babe. x

  8. This is stunning! Such a calm and serene space, just full of beautiful finishing touches. I adore it. I bought my first house plant (a chalk sticks blue succulent and a hanging pot) from Burford Garden Centre last week – if I can keep it alive, I am definitely going back for more! Any excuse to go there really, it’s divine and one of my happy places to go when I feel I need a bit of calm, just looking at all of the lovely things makes me breathe a little deeper! Thanks for sharing your lovely room with us xx

  9. Wow Lizzie, absolutely stunning! I love .everything about the bedroom. Can I ask where you got the carpet from the brand and the colour. Do you have the same carpet in all your bedrooms? Well done on such a beautiful transformation Xx

  10. Beautiful room and I love the addition of the live plants. Do you mind me asking what the long trailing plant is called please?


  11. This is so beautiful, can I ask how did you order the pgt-reclaimed side tables, I am loving the products but can’t see where the prices are or how you contact/order them?
    Loving your vision and how you share the process with us!

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