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Book Club | Love From Boy

Author: Lisa Soeno

It’s a cliché, but when I was little my favourite author, by a country mile, was Roald Dahl. I’m pretty sure I’ve read all of his kids books. Therefore when I heard that a collection of letters he wrote to his mother was being released as a book I knew that it had to be next on my to-read list.

Now I’ve got to admit, I was a little bit gutted when I discovered that the whole book wasn’t just letters that he wrote to his mum during his childhood and adolescence, which I had assumed from the title. It actually also features letters that he wrote to her throughout the rest of his adult life. Call me a big kid but I’m just not as interested in stories that are about adults. However, I ended up enjoying the letters from grown-up Roald almost as much as those from little-lad Roald.

Apparently the letters he wrote to his mum whilst in boarding school had to be vetted by the teachers which is sad and heartwarming and poignant because he wasn’t able to write about all of his negative experiences – the teachers wouldn’t have allowed it. But you also get the feeling that Roald would have wanted to protect his mother from the nasty side of boarding school. And although his time at school was probably extremely unpleasant at times, you can’t help but notice where Roald found inspiration for some of his books. You see the mention of a fox hunt, elaborate concoctions and a salamander … if it hadn’t been for these experiences then we probably wouldn’t have been treated to the likes of Fantastic Mr Fox, George’s Marvellous Medicine and Matilda.

Following on from school, the book takes you through the next stages of his fascinating life. We see the letters he wrote from colonial Africa and those that he wrote whilst training to be – and then flying as – a fighter pilot in the Second World War.

The book also made me realise that not only was Roald Dahl a blimming brilliant author, he was also an inventor. When his four month old son was seriously injured after being hit by a car, Roald helped to develop a valve that drained excess fluid from the brain. Who knew.

One of the best things about reading his letters was the fact that they are peppered with his unique Dahl-esque witticisms. His humour, his warmth, and his lovely way with words really comes through. The one criticism I would have – and it’s not really a criticism – is that I felt that the book was just a tad one sided – I would have loved to read some of his mother’s letters. But then what would they have called it?

As well as being an entertaining read, Love From Boy also made me think about the dying art of letter writing. Will the next generation of autobiographies be collections of text messages and emails?!

What did you make of Love From Boy? Did you get any good books for Christmas?

  • Love From Boy
  • The Butterfly Garden
  • Go Set a Watchman
  • The Marble Collector
Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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8 thoughts on “Book Club | Love From Boy

  1. I have been so looking forward to this review!! I haven’t read it yet, but it is firmly on my ‘to read’ list and this has encouraged me to bump it up the list! xx

  2. I didn’t see this coming up on the book club list, but now I want to read it. I LOVED Roald Dahl growing up, and recently bought my 7 year old niece a box set of all his books for Christmas (and advised her what order to read them in – nerd attack). I’ve read Boy and Going Solo, so I know how interesting his personal life was. Excuse me while I make my way over to Amazon… 🙂

    1. Tracy I was just saying to Rich the other day how I can’t wait until Lyra is old enough to have Roald Dahl books as her bedtime stories. Your niece is going to love them, fab prezzie. Would be intrigued to know the order she has to read them…?! X

      1. I’m the same Lisa, my little girl is just turning 2 and I am so looking forward to reading Roald Dahl and Harry Potter with her! I just ordered it so she’d start off with the simpler ones like Esio Trot, moving up to the Fantastic Mr Fox etc, then the Charlie books, Matilda and the Witches and I told her to leave Boy and Going Solo to the end cause I think she’ll enjoy them more if she’s that bit older when she reads them. x

        1. Yes I’m praying Lyra will be a Harry Potter fan too 🙂

          Good advice! And thanks for reminding me that I’ve got Esio Trot recorded to watch at some point x

  3. I absolutely loved Roald Dahl’s books as a child. This sounds like a really fascinating read, will definitely be putting this on my “to-read” list. Thanks for the recommendation RMS x

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