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My Go-To Shops {Lisa}

Author: Lisa Soeno

If you’re reading this then a massive THANK YOU for ignoring my moody face in the header. I’m not that bad in real life, I promise.

But on to the good stuff. The shopping.

Today I’m giving you a run-down of my favourite shops for wardrobe staples such as jeans and day dresses, and bikers and bretons. They’re all tried and tested and I could wax lyrical about each and every item. Apologies in advance for any credit-card bashing that may ensue.

Day Dresses {Hush}

Hush and Topshop are AMAZE for day dresses. On its website Hush describes its Ivy frock as ‘a modern take on the T shirt dress’ but with a pair of pointed loafers it would also be perfect summer office attire. I bought the black version back in Spring and got so much use out of it I figured I probably needed the Haze version too. I wore it with leggings driving up to Leeds this weekend (the ultimate in comfy), then off came the leggings when the sun came out: it’s short but not TOO short. I clearly need the latest version – the leopard print – too.

For a dungaree dress or a pretty ditsy you can always count on Topshop (this one is calling to me), and Oasis also do ditsy really well.

  • Oasis Ditsy Midi
  • Hush Haze Print Dress
  • Topshop Shirred Midi
  • Topshop Pinafore Dress
  • Hush Ivy Dress
  • Hush Leopard Print Dress

Slogans {Whistles}

I wrote so much gumpf in this paragraph and found so many lovely slogan tees to shout about that I’ve decided that slogan apparel deserves a post of its own, so stay tuned. All you need to know for now is that Whistles is the king of slogan tops (the Belle Etoile tee that I’m wearing above is a Whistles one), with Hush coming in a close second.

  • Whistles Slogan Sweater
  • Hush Slogan Tee
  • Whistles Slogan Tee

Bags {Whistles}

For budget bags I’m a big fan of Accessorize (SO. MUCH. PRETTY) – it’s where I got the cross-body bag that I’m wearing in the header. It’s perfect for taking to soft play as I can keep my phone/purse/keys on me whilst being buried in ball pits and whizzing down slides. It’s also smart enough to be used at work/on nights out. They don’t seem to stock it any more but Whistles sell a near-identical one. Which brings me nicely to my Go To for investment bags…

WHISTLES. I would quite happily wear each and every one of the bags in their current selection. They’re timeless, simple and elegant. I use my foldover clutch (get it quick! It’s in the sale!) on nights out and weddings alike and know I will get years more use out of it.

Oliver Bonas is also brill for bags. My friends treated me to a gorgeous OB tote for my birthday last year and this red one is sitting patiently in my online basket.

  • Whistles Mini Rucksack
  • Oliver Bonas Cross Body Bag
  • Whistles Cara Bag

Shoes {Next} and Trainers {Superga}

How good is Next for cute-but-smart shoes? The red suede loafers I’m wearing above are from Next: I was looking for a pair of shoes that would bring a pop of colour to my wardrobe and I’ve had so much wear out of these. Wear with the aforementioned Oliver Bonas cross-body bag.

I also swear by Aldo shoes: my go-to shoes if I’ve got a wedding or I’m out-out are the Fiollas, but these LK Bennetts are turning my head. They’re dusky pink, have a tres flattering V shape cut into the front, and a wearable block heel. Need, need, need. (I don’t need the £195 price tag but a girl can dream, right?).

And as for trainers, you can’t beat Superga for a pair of classic white pumps. The leather Supergas are brill on rainy days cos they’re waterproof.

  • LK Bennett Mules
  • White Leather Supergas
  • LK Bennett Mules
  • Next Loafers
  • Aldo Fiolla Heels

Leather Jacket {Mango}

The biker jacket in the header is a Mango number and if I ever lose it (god forbid), I will be stomping straight back down to Mango to try and hunt down a replica. Yes, leather jackets are pricey, but the way I see it is, they’re an investment piece. I’ve had my Mango one for around five years and I know I’ll be wearing it for at least five more.

I’m also coveting Whistles’ summery take on the biker jacket (sorry, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record!): it’s white with wide sleeves (oh-so-flattering), and am all over this star studded Hush biker.

  • Hush Star Leather Jacket
  • Whistles Wide Sleeve Biker
  • Mango Biker

Breton Top {Joules}

You know when you have to do the school run and you just need to grab something that looks vaguely presentable? Well the Joules Harbour is what I turn to again and again. It has ¾ length sleeves, so it’s not too cold but not too hot, and doesn’t cling to your tummy. But don’t just take my word for it…take the word of the 937(!) reviewers on the Joules website who have given it 5 stars. Wear with a leopard print scarf or the aforementioned red flats or ripped jeans (or all three!).

  • Joules Navy Breton
  • Joules Harbour Breton
  • Joules Classic Breton

Jeans {Topshop}

Topshop has been my go-to shop for jeans ever since I started wearing denim. The Joni ‘holding power’ jeans that I’m wearing in the header (I was sold at ‘holding power’) are the perfect jeans. They’re ankle grazing without being baggy at the ankle – so super-flattering – and look just as good with trainers/flats as they do tucked into boots. They’re also slimming (the ‘holding power’ is REAL), a perfect mid-wash blue, and extremely comfy. In fact I’m wearing them as I type. I was obsessed with the maternity Jonis too and can totally see why the Joni has been Topper’s bestselling item for the last few years.

  • Blue Joni Jeans
  • White Joni Jeans
  • Black Joni Jeans

Anyone else a Joni jeans girl? Which shops do you head straight to when your wardrobe’s looking worse-for-wear?

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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17 thoughts on “My Go-To Shops {Lisa}

  1. LISA! Now I want that red bag from Oliver Bonas. And I thought Charlotte O’Shea was a bad influence. 😉

    1. Lauren it’s gorge, you need to get yourself one. Red and cute triangular shape and not a bad price 😊

  2. Love these posts. I used to buy pieces/staples as and when I needed them but as I’ve become a mum, I’ve been more inclined to invest in staples that last and can survive daily wear and tear! Love my Kate Spade bag and I actually like Zara, M&S and H&M for workwear; not pricey, sizing works for petite people (me!) but last and wash well. I’ve also got Boden boots and New Look shoes that have held up for years.
    Love my canvas Supergas but always an issue in the rain, so I’ll be buying the leather ones! (I was wondering how yours in the header looked so pristine with 2 kids 😂)

    1. Glad you like these posts Danni! Yup the leather supergas are a lifesaver. I’ve also got a pair of black supergas which I’ve had a lot of use out of: so practical!

  3. I haven’t tried Topshop in years as I seemed to be blinded by crop tops whenever I look there, not for me after two babies! But you’ve inspired me to have another look. My go to is Oasis at the moment with a bit of Warehouse thrown in. I find Oasis fits me well, I like their fabrics as I’m a fan of colour and print, and the quality isn’t bad either. I love M&S for cheap quality shoes and ASOS for sheer variety and choice. I’m just about to return to work after a year on maternity leave so looking forward to revamping my work wardrobe. Just frustrates me that the actual shops round here are pretty poor so I’m reliant on online shopping and sizing can sometimes be way off. Thanks for the inspiration today!

    1. Lol-ing at ‘blinded by crop tops’: I know what you mean however Toppers DO do dresses and jeans well!

      I always think of Oasis and Warehouse together, and YES to M&S shoe selection. ASOS is brill but sometimes a tad overwhelming I find?!

      Good luck going back to work and happy wardrobe-revamping x

  4. Crumbs! £359 for a jacket?! Don’t get me wrong I’m all for investing but that is nowhere near my budget.
    Any chance you could limit the number of luxe items or do more of the splurge v save style posts?
    Love the inspiration as always but would like some more realistic price points if possible 🙂

      1. Don’t apologise Charlie. £359 is expensive! Good job the Mango one is only £99 which seems reasonable for a real leather jacket.
        Splurge vs save for fashion posts is a great idea.

        1. Thanks for the understanding 🙂 and £99 is way more in reach 🙂
          I think of £359 and think holiday! Xx

  5. Lisa you look fab as always. And I can’t believe I’ve not heard of these Joni jeans?! I have issues with baggy ankles, I want them tight TIGHT! I’m going to order some right away x

  6. Oops! just bought some Jonis! I need to be a bit more capsule, so think I may as well just cut out and stick these images on my wardrobe/keep in my purse… thanks for the inspo 🙂

    1. Hee hee Rhian. Hope you like the Jonis (I’m sure you will…they must be Topshop’s bestseller for a reason) x

  7. My staple shops when I need something new
    M&S: workwear and the comfoest nude patent heels for £19.50
    TK Maxx: unreliable but I have three beautiful quality Jaegar breton tops for work
    Joules: Navy chino shorts, floral scarves, winter parkas

    Oliver Bonas: got the most beautiful yellow handbag after some dirty enabling from the all things yellow post on here
    H&M: Hate the sizing, couldn’t even get the size 18 trousers to do up but just bought 3 lovely tops in sizes 12 and 14. Wish I had a store nearby but Bath is my closest.
    Boden: Got a fab khaki, trimmed with red, military style coat but on eBay, also got a nice navy with gold polka dot summer dress this year.

  8. Just catching up on this post and loved it. During pregnancy I have been embracing a capsule wardrobe and I have really enjoyed it, something I want to continue post-pregnancy too so this was really helpful. Great mix of luxe and affordable bits too x

  9. I love ALL the accessories in Oliver Bonas. Its totally my go-to for gifts as you can get some really nice bits that aren’t too spendy.
    I also think of Oasis/Warehouse together…..they are always next to each other in shopping centres where I live too, lol! In fact probably everywhere right? Oasis jeans have always been good for me. Top Shop for blazer type jackets (blame Charlotte!)
    Cheap shoes I love New Look. The heels can be a bit young for me but I always buy 2-3 pairs of winter boots and yes they might only last 1 season; but for ‘fashiony’ ones at £20-30 a pair I’m really not bothered as then I can get black, brown, grey. Also have some tan crossover sandal things from there which look like they cost £60 and are uber comfy. This will be their third summer! Although enabler Charlotte has me wanting the Office ones she always mentions – damn it!

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