Lisa's master bedroom
Lisa's master bedroom
Lisa's master bedroom

Lisa’s Characterful New Build {The Master Bedroom}

Author: Lisa Soeno

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the first house I would buy would be a new-build. I love period properties and my first grown-up home was a Victorian terraced property in Moseley village, a trendy little suburb of Birmingham that my best mate and our respective boyfriends rented after Uni. I adored everything about it – the original and quintessentially British floor tiles, the exposed brick wall and the extravagant roll-top bath. Life moved on and eventually we all moved out, but I secretly hoped that one day I would end up buying that Moseley bolthole.

So how, ten years later, did I end up moving into a new-build house? Well Rich and I came to view it on a bit of a whim and it was love at first sight. The bright airy rooms, the new-carpet smell, the fact that we could completely put our own stamp on it. There was something so special about getting the keys to a brand-spanking new property, knowing that my little family would be the first to make memories there.

Today I’m talking you through the master bedroom of the house but stay tuned over the next few weeks if you’re interested to see how I’ve tackled the other rooms.

The Vision

My vision with our bedroom was to create a calm, minimalist space, but with pretty and interesting details. I wanted it to be modern in order to reflect the era of the house. It had to be practical and child friendly because Lyra spends a lot of time in here, trying on my make up and jewellery and scrambling into our bed at ridiculous-o’clock every morning. Rich told me I was under no circumstances allowed to use a feminine colour palette which I was initially disgruntled about, however I now adore the dark grey and white colour scheme which we finally agreed on.

The Feature Wall

I have a love/hate relationship with the white painted interior walls which seem to come as standard in new build properties. I love that they look crisp and clean but am not so keen on the fact that they can make a room sterile and soulless. So to add a bit of character I decided to make a feature wall using wallpaper behind the bed. I ordered a load of wallpaper samples, including Seascape, Scion Lotta in mink/taupe, and Scion Mr Fox (I was very taken by Lottie’s landing). I decided to go with Cole and Son’s palm jungle print in soft grey on white. If you have ever wallpapered a room you will know that it is tiring and messy work which requires a bit of skill, a lot of luck, and full use of your fingers. So why I decided to tackle this task on my own with a broken finger I do not know. However I am pretty pleased with the result and like the way it brings a bit of nature into the bedroom.

The Furniture

I love the modern look of the beds and decided that they would be a perfect fit for a modern house, so after umming and ahhing between the Jonah in shire grey and the Capri in etna grey I decided to go for the latter. Only to change my mind and cancel the order when I spotted this ottoman bed in Dwell during a sales shopping spree to Manchester. It’s brilliant for storing spare bedding and board games, and it’s got no sharp corners so Lyra can bash into it to her heart’s content.

My hunt for a chest of drawers was a tricky one because I needed some that were extra wide (they had to both fill the space and cover up the unslightly plug sockets) and low (so a TV could be placed on top). It turns out extra-wide-and-low chests of drawers aren’t a common thing. I fell in love with the Ercol Devon six drawer chest from The White Company, which turned out to be the perfect size, and was even more enamoured when I spotted it on Ebay. I also went for the bedside tables from the same range. If you’re looking for something similar and are on a budget then it’s worth checking out the Boston Lyon bedside chests from Wilko which, other than the tops, are virtually identical. And at just shy of £60 they are less than a quarter of the price. I wish I had spotted these sooner.

The Soft Furnishings

I had spotted the curtains whilst wandering around John Lewis one day and ruled them out because I thought they were too expensive. However after several more months of searching I just couldn’t find any other floor length curtains that were of a similar quality, texture and colour, so I put my hand in my pocket and am really happy with them.

For the bedding I wanted to go for the boutique hotel look so I picked up a simple white duvet cover from Dunelm. I have been so impressed with how crisp it looks and how soft it feels that I’ve just bought another for the spare room. The herringbone cushions and throw are from M&S and I managed to buy them for half price in the Boxing Day sales.

The Finishing Touches

Although the palette is dark grey and white, there are a couple of touches of oak which I think brings a bit of warmth to the colour scheme in the bedroom. I particularly love the wood and metal desk lamps which were from Dunelm, and whilst we’re talking lighting, the pendant shades were from Tesco.

The grey porthole mirror was from Sainsbury’s, the concrete alarm clock was from Liv Furniture and Things (but I’ve noticed that it’s also currently available here in the Not on the High Street sale), and the glass vases which you can just see on the windowsill were from Zara.

I’ve propped a few pictures on the drawers but I do intend to add a few more prints and photos to the wall opposite the bed. The bicycle prints are from The Yellowstone Art Boutique, which is a shop in Staffordshire that sells work by art graduates and emerging British artists, and the photo frame was from Zara (a Christmas present from Rich’s lovely sister).

So that’s my bedroom. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be showing you around the lounge. And if you would like to see Lyra’s nursery, which I quite possibly like even more than my own bedroom, then pop on over to Rock My Family today.

Do you live in a new build property and if so how have you made it homely? Which colour palettes have you gone for in your bedrooms?



Images by Adam Crohill

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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26 thoughts on “Lisa’s Characterful New Build {The Master Bedroom}

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the wallpaper, the cycle prints, concrete alarm clock! I too have period house love – still living in our Edwardian house we bought pre-marriage & kids. I have to confess though, I sometimes hanker after a new build, where everything is brand new, full utility, all set up for modern family life. There are some beautiful style new builds around our way now, & my rightmove stalking habit doesn’t help! Can’t wait to see the rest of your house over the coming weeks. Oh, I was a Birmingham uni student too & one of our grotty student houses in Selly Oak had the infamous furry palm wall paper that featured in Del Boys flat in Only Fools & Horses, delightful!!

    1. Aw thank you Nicola! Yey for Smelly Oak 🙂 We probably lived round the corner from each other.

      Jealous of you having an Edwardian house. I think the dream would be to have a renovated period property so you’ve got the best of both worlds.

      I know exactly what you mean about Rightmove. It’s addictive. Rich loves our house but is still on Rightmove EVERY DAY.

      I’ve never seen Only Fools and Horses (I know, it’s a crime), but I have just googled Del Boy’s wallpaper…him and I clearly have similar taste! Ha!

  2. I love how restful your bedroom is Lisa. So calm!
    Can’t wait for you to share downstairs tour – some gorgeous details coming up for our readers eyes ?X

  3. It’s gorgeous, Lisa. Super relaxing and calm, and you’ve nailed it suiting the age of your home. Beaut! Xxx

    1. Thanks Laura! It IS super relaxing, until a two year old tornado starts shouting through the wall “Mummy, Daddy, I’m awake”! Hee hee. I have really tried to keep it modern but it is a little bit sad when I see lovely old furniture in antique shops and charity shops that I know just wouldn’t go with the age of the house x

  4. Such a tranquil room. Love the cheeky Wilko shout on the bedside tables Lisa… I’ll definitely be checking out their furniture (Wilko is my secret shopping guilty pleasure) x

    1. How good is Wilko Karen! Also, when did they change from Wilkinson’s to Wilko? That threw me! x

      1. Seriously, you can wander in there just to pick up a bottle of bleach and leave with:
        A new mop
        Bird food
        Kilner jars
        A tin of emulsion
        4 rolls of ribbon
        7 birthday cards
        A pack of hot pink bulldog clips
        A pair of curtains
        A toy pram
        A plastic cow
        and a lucky dip for the euro millions

        Obviously this sort of thing happens to me a lot.

        You don’t get that at Selfridges!! x

  5. Oh Lisa it’s blinking gorgeous!!! I’ve actually had my eye on that chest of drawers from The White Company for a while now so I’m currently a fetching shade of green having spotted it in your room. So jealous. You’ve made the space so completely your own and I love it. Can’t wait to see the rest xx

  6. This is lovely, as is Lyra’s nursery over on RMF! Hoping there are more rooms coming up! We have a Victorian terrace which I love, but sometimes I look at all the little niggly bits that still need sorting (and there are lots!) and feel very envious of living in a new build! x

    1. Thanks Amanda! Stay tuned to see the lounge over the next couple of weeks. Love love love the Victorian terraces and all their quirkiness and character. x

  7. Ooh i’ve been looking forward to seeing your new build Lisa!
    We are in real need of inspiration as we moved into our new build last year and every room is still boring magnolia. Your room looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the house.

  8. I’m really looking forward to seeing more new build updates, your bedroom looks beautiful Lisa. We bought our own new build last year and are in the slow process of making it ours.
    All our walls are magnolia, we decorated the first of our bedrooms last week (Dulux Supermatt White, thanks Lauren!), I love how bright it looks now and can’t wait to tackle the other rooms.
    I too would have loved an older house, but actually I’m quite glad we didn’t get a Reno project as we can just concentrate on the pretty bits. xx

    1. Thanks Alex H! It IS a slow process. There’s still a lot of walls that I still think are a bit bare. It’s a good job I enjoy decorating.

      Can’t beat Lauren’s supermatt white 🙂

      Rich and I like the idea of a renovation but I think in practice we would actually kill each other in the process! We can’t even build flat pack furniture without bickering! X

  9. Ahh this is so elegant and peaceful. I’ve had the green version of this wallpaper on my pinterest board wish list for my new office at work and seeing it here makes me move it right to the top of the pile- its so lovely and the perfect print size. (I hate it when you fall in love with a pattern and then it disappears or looks too ditsy when you get it on the wall)

    My first grown up home was a flat in a beautiful period property in Moseley too xx

    1. Aw lovely comments Amanda, thank you. I think the green version is gorgeous, would love to see pics of your office once it’s done! And yes I know exactly what you mean about the print size.

      Yey for Moseley period properties x

  10. Love this room.

    Possibly a silly question but does the concrete alarm clock make a ticking noise? Keen to get one but husband will not be pleased if he can hear it!



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