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My Hair Essentials {Lisa}

Author: Lisa Soeno

Can I just begin by saying that I am not, and never will be, one of those lucky people who wakes up with good bed hair. I also wish I was able to just get out of the shower and let my hair dry naturally for it to look good. I read an interview recently with Alexa Chung who said that her daily haircare routine involves getting out of bed, pushing her hair behind her ears, and hoping for the best, and that’s all it involves for her to look amazing every day. If only!…

The Cut

As with many haircut decisions, the decision to have a fringe cut into my hair was prompted by a man. However it wasn’t the need for a style overhaul due to a break up that made me go for the chop, rather it was Rich who persuaded me that a fringe might look good*. I was on a gap year and living in Sydney at the time and I decided to take his advice. I figured that if it looked awful then it didn’t really matter because no-one I knew would see me. So my tip for if you are considering a fringe…move temporarily to the other side of the world. Tee hee.

I had previously toyed with a fringe before but it looked shocking, because I had asked the hairdresser for a wispy fringe – with my thick hair it just looked ridiculous. I ended up leaving the hairdressers on the verge of tears and desperately pinning/plaiting it back every day until it grew out. Isn’t it funny what a bad haircut can do to a girl? So another tip…if you have thick hair, have the confidence to go for a chunky fringe.

So off I tottered to Toni and Guy in Sydney, requested a blunt, thick and heavy fringe, and I walked out feeling and looking like a new person. And eight years later, the fringe is still here.

The Products

One of my beauty sins is that I wash my hair every day. I know, I know, it strips the natural oils, but I just feel a bit grubby if I have a shower first thing and don’t wash my hair. If anyone has any tips on how I can get out of this silly wash-every-day-rut they would be greatly received. (I did go through a phase of wearing a shower cap but I felt like such a granny!) My saving grace is probably the fact that I use Simple’s Gentle Care shampoo. I love all the Simple products and their shampoo is really light and leaves my hair super soft and shiny. Plus it’s only £2.99 and usually on offer if you buy a couple.

When it comes to my favourite conditioners, they too are beauty bargains…L’Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Conditioner at £3.99 and Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner at £4.99. You might be wondering why I use a colour protecting product when I don’t dye my hair. Well it’s because I used to have highlights (with hindsight they looked terrible) and needed something to stop my hair from turning into actual straw. However I’ve found that there’s something in the nourishing goodness of Colour Protect that just works with my hair so I’m still using it. And if I’m feeling frivolous I will treat myself to a bottle of TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey conditioner purely for the fact that it smells blimming gorgeous.

In terms of accessories, I am extremely fussy about the hair bobbles I use. My hair is up in a ponytail 99% of the time so my bobbles need to be good. Anything too flimsy and they inevitably snap which can be a day-ruiner for me. I’ve found the Scunci hair bands to be excellent…I use the cashmere elastics which sound extremely posh but are actually only £3.99 for a pack of 14 from Boots.

And as for electricals, I am a ghd convert…is there anyone that isn’t these days? When my last ghds died (another day-ruiner) I decided to try out the ghd V Gold Max styler. The larger plates work an absolute dream at quickly straightening my thick hair. I also love the Carmen rechargeable cordless straighteners which were a godsend when I was travelling. These are also a must-buy if you cycle to work and need to make your hair look presentable when you get there, but don’t have anywhere to plug your ghds in!

The Upkeep

I probably…nope definitely…outstay my welcome at my hairdressers’ getting free fringe trims. It grows so quickly and my reasoning is that I pay a lot of money when I have a proper haircut so it kind of justifies me popping in every few weeks for a fringe trim.

It also helps that I have recently found an amazing hairdresser, it only took me fifteen years or so. The stress of finding a good hairdresser is a whole post in itself!

*Before Rich can get too excited about the fact that he was the sole inspiration behind my decision to go for the chop, and you folks start to think that he is some kind of style guru, I do need to point out that his disclaimer was, “If you don’t like your new fringe, you can just cut it out!” Eh?!

Are you considering going for the chop, or have you recently had a fringe cut? Any tips for keeping it in shape? Does anyone else pester their hairdresser for free fringe trims?


Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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30 thoughts on “My Hair Essentials {Lisa}

  1. Hey Lisa

    I LOVE your hair, mine is a fairly similar style, although nowhere near as LUSH. I never pop to the hairdressers for a fringe trim. 1) I barely get time for the actual cut with the boys playing football at the weekend and 2) I quite like the grown out side fringe I get between cuts too and can never decide what I like more…..
    My first fringe experience was awful and I’m not ashamed to say I cried 🙁 I’m surprised I tried it again!
    I have a feeling my GHDs are on there way. I bought the slimmer ones so I could curl my hair, but I’ve never been able to get the hang of it, so I think the larger plates are definitely the way forward. xxx

    1. Thaaanks Lorna! I WISH my fringe would look nice in the just-grown-outty-stage but sadly it doesn’t, hence the need to pester my poor hairdresser. What was your first bad fringe experience? Same as me? Well done to us for persevering! Would definitely recommend the larger plate ghds xx

      1. It was actually a trip to Toni & Guy. They’d took it too far back & I looked like a mushroom! My new hairdresser kept making my side sweeping fringe short & shorter each visit, then one day she persuaded me to take the plunge again. Luckily I didn’t walk out crying this time and I’ve had it cut in ever since xxx

        1. I bet you looked like a TRENDY mushroom though 😛

          Sorry, I do feel your pain! Your fringe looks fab now though xx

  2. I recently switched to Toni and guy after years of searching I have finally found my perfect stylist, I’m moving soon tho but I will happily make the 45 min journey back every 9 weeks she is that good, I like a fringe but they are too high maintenance for me plus my hair isn’t thick enough, might try that nice smelling conditioner tho

    1. Hi Emma…glad to hear you have found your perfect stylist, it is a life changer isn’t it! Most definitely worth a 45 minute journey! Do try the TIGI conditioner…it smells like heaven itself x

  3. I’ve had a thick, blunt fringe for about 10 years and can’t foresee a time when I get rid of it. I think it’s a very youthful style and covers a multitude of forehead wrinkles & untidy eyebrows! 😉 I actually found a picture of myself aged 6 recently and have the exact same style then!
    My hair dresser charges £5 for a fringe trim though so I tend to let it grown far too long in-between cuts! Whoops!

    1. Hi Bryony, YES to the fringe covering up wrinkles and eyebrows! That is a reason to have a fringe in itself. PS Shhh…don’t give my hairdresser any ideas about charging for trims 😛 x

  4. I too have similar hair, but am quite naughty/lazy with the fringe upkeep! Luckily my hairdresser doesn’t charge for fringe trims, but I am full of excuses when it comes to actually popping there- “no time/I’m pretty sure they’re closed Wednesdays/I’ll just book a proper haircut”…
    I am currently loving Moriccan Oil on my hair, it smells amazing. I may well try the other fab smelling products mentioned, as I am a sucker for a fine smell!

    1. Trust me Alaw if I didn’t pester my hairdresser for the free trims it would look AWFUL. I try and keep on top of it myself but it never looks as neat. Have heard good things about Moroccan Oil, will have to give it a whirl. I agree, you cannot beat a beautiful-smelling hair product x

  5. I would LOVE a proper fringe – I am so envious! My hair is wavy/frizzy/curly (depending on the weather) and I have a kink in the middle of my forehead. A hairdresser years ago convinced me to to for a fringe and it was atrocious. Even with blow-drying and straighteners, it just doesn’t stay 🙁

    I always thought a fringe looks so elegant and stylish whilst being effortless – something my hair just doesn’t!

    1. The grass is always greener isn’t it Maike…I bet having curls you DO have good bed hair 🙂
      Hairdressers have a lot to answer for! X

  6. I loved my fringe when I had one about five years ago (I grew mine out for my wedding and then never had it cut back in) but I didn’t really enjoy the sweaty/spotty forehead that came with it! That said I’m always super envious whenever I see a lass with one (including you Lisa – you always look so glam!) and am half tempted to have one put back in. The problem is I’m a bit of a faffer when it comes to my bonce and now that I have Hector it’s way less maintenance to have a style that I can literally scoop out of the way…perhaps I’ll return to the fringe when he’s a bit older…

    1. It’s funny isn’t it…. so many people asked me if I was going to grow my fringe out for my wedding but I thought ‘this is what I’ve looked like for the entire time my husband has known me’ so I’ll stick with a fringe for the wedding day. I had my fringe with a beehive up do, but it worked well with my 50s style dress 🙂

      1. LOVE the sound of fringe, beehive and 50s style wedding dress. I might just have to steal that idea if Rich and I ever get married…x

    2. Lolly I think that’s one reason why I have to wash my hair every day, because of the oily forehead issues having a fringe causes!

      We need some pics of you avec fringe 🙂 x

      1. My solution is – wash the fringe only! It’s actually one of the reasons I love my fringe. My hair is quite curly and has a tendancy to be big and ‘fluffy’ (!). Drying it takes ages and there’s no way it needs washing everyday. But if I wash and dry the fringe, my hair looks as if it has some sort of style and maintains a fresh look. If I’m feeling lazy and I don’t even dry the rest of my hair on wash day, I just put it up which smooths out the waves somewhat and the neater fringe stops me looking quite so ‘dragged through hedge backwards’. The fringe wash is a total hair refresher!

  7. I’m about to get my hair chopped back into a bob and wondered if anyone had any recommendations for styling products that will help me perfect the beach waves look? I can never get the tousled not-overlydone-but-not-a-mess look right and end up either looking like I’m off to my 6th form prom or like I’m having a really bad hair day… Any ideas??

    1. Bex I love Toni&Guys Seasalt Spray! it gives a nice tousled look – just spray in damp hair and crunch 🙂

    2. Bumble and bumble do a nice non-blowdry styling creme – I think it’s called “Don’t blow it”? It depends what your hair texture’s like, if it is fine and smooth then I think a salt spray will add some texture but if it’s already textured like mine the creme does tone down the shaggy mess into something a bit more manageable and slightly smoother. You can get a smaller size too which is good to try.

  8. I love your fringe, Lisa! I had a similar cut a few years ago, when everyone seemed to be getting a fringe cut. I enjoyed it but needed a change after a couple of years so grew it out…tempted to have it cut again though after this post!

    One trick a friend of mine taught me was the ‘fringe wash’. I wash my hair every third day, but would wash my fringe in the sink with a drop of shampoo and blow it dry on the in between days. This kept my fringe looking full and clean, without drying out the rest of my hair. Also helped keep my forehead spot-free.

  9. I have been growing my fringe out for 1 1/2 years and it has been a long process but I am nearly there. Until recently I have always had a fringe – mostly a swept over one and every couple of years I would switch to a full fringe for a while. But now I have almost grown my fringe out I am starting to miss it and I think it suited me more than without and I am considering having it chopped back in.

    I have naturally curly hair and no matter much I have tried to tame it or how much I have spent on products I have have admitted defeat and resort to straightening it within an inch of its life. Recently I have had lighter highlights than I’ve had before and my hair is feeling quite dry. Do you have any recommendations of rehydrating hair masks?

  10. I think Alexa is telling fibs! My hair is very low maintenance but at the least it needs a brush and a little dry shampoo on a non-wash day!

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