Traditional meets modern kitchen inspiration

Kitchen Makeover Inspiration {Traditional Meets Contemporary}

Author: Lisa Soeno

Rich and I currently have a bet on. He doesn’t think I can makeover the kitchen by the end of the year. And considering we are nearly halfway through 2018 I need to get my skates on if I don’t want to end up £50 down come Christmas.

The ‘look’ I’m going for is traditional meets contemporary. I would love the finished result to be elegant, timeless, and classic, and modern yet rustic. This may sound ridiculous but the inspiration for the kitchen is the TV cupboard in the below photo, which is in the open-plan section of the other end of the room to the kitchen. The TV cupboard has a Shaker-style frame, simple black knobs and manages to be contemporary but rustic all at the same time: I don’t even mind that the paint is chipping off the top, thanks to all the plastic toys that get flung at it. I’m hoping that if I keep this piece of furniture in mind when making decisions about the makeover I will end up with a kitchen that I love as much as the other end of the room.

Read on to hear about all of the different components of the kitchen and my grand plans…

The Worktops

Back in January I blogged about whether oak worktops were worth the hassle. Well after months of deliberating and taking into account all your comments I decided that…dun dun dunnnn….oak worktops are NOT worth the hassle and that silestone worktops (a type of quartz) in ‘Lagoon’ are the way forward. It’s beautiful, stylish, and practical. The Amtico tiles which currently adorn our kitchen floor aren’t dissimilar to the appearance of Lagoon silestone so I’m assured that the colour and pattern will work in the space.

The Flooring

Seeing as I’ve decided against oak worktops, I’m going to need to add warmth into the room elsewhere, and one of the ways I’m hoping to achieve this is by replacing our current ‘ceramic frost’ Amtico tiles with some different Amtico floor tiles in an oak shade, laid in a herringbone pattern. We’ve got Amtico Spacia in American Oak in our hallway, so if we use similar floor tiles in the kitchen this should create a nice sense of flow from room to room.

The Window Dressing

Another way of adding warmth will be through the window dressing…and because of the busy-ness of the parquet and the marble-like features of silestone I’m thinking something very simple and unfussy and neutral. I like the look of rattan blinds but Rich tells me they remind him of the kitchen blinds he had when he was a student, so we may just go for simple linen roman blinds.

The Kitchen Hardware

This is the one area where I’m still undecided. Which I guess is good, because it’s a relatively simple one to change? The instagrammer in me is very taken by the matte black hardware and taps that are all the rage at the moment, particularly in bathrooms, but the traditionalist in me is saying, “Don’t give in to the trend! You’ll be kicking yourself a couple of years down the line! Stick to nickel or brass or something timeless!”. I’m also slightly concerned that matte black taps will be hard to keep clean from watermarks.

All I do know is that the shiny silver bar handles are going to be replaced with something simple, understated and matte/brushed.

The Kitchen Cupboards

To save on costs we’re going to paint our existing cupboards. As you can see from the header image of Wit and Delight’s fabulous kitchen and the deVOL Coach House kitchen I’d love a two-tone kitchen, with either navy and white, or navy and grey, (see my Howdens post for even more inspo of the navy variety), but as the room is too blinking dark to be able to handle the likes of Pantry Blue and Manor House Gray I’m going to have to stick with white. The little TV cupboard I mentioned above was painted in F&B All White, so I reckon it’s a shade that’ll work well in the space.

The Splashbacks

We’ve been in our house three years now and STILL haven’t got splashback tiles. This kills me daily and I’ve been tempted to tile the whole area myself just so I’m no longer scrubbing grease splatters off the white walls! I’m going to go for simple white subway tiles and grey grout.

The Accessories

I know what you’re thinking…there’s a whole lotta white going on in this kitchen. Which is where the accessories, plants and cookbooks come in. I’m going to put up a couple of shelves in the spot where the larder is now (the larder is going to be re-homed in our garage), and upon those shelves I will be propping all the pretty teapots, chopping boards, kitchen scales, glassware, stoneware, books, plants, and of course my black watering can (which H&M now do in sage green peeps!).

As ever, I’d love to hear your thoughts, advice and stories about your own room makeovers. What are your projects for summer 2018?

Do you have matte black hardware/taps and is it hard to keep clean?

Does anyone have silestone in ‘Lagoon’ and would you recommend?

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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14 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover Inspiration {Traditional Meets Contemporary}

  1. Silestone Lagoon looks very similar to the quartz jupiter we got from JL last year – happy to say that it is very hardwearing and looks great (ok if you look from certain angles you can see water marks but I am not picky to polish it every day). We got some granite cleaner from method which is good and also have some special cleaner that came with the worktop which I haven’t got round to trying. Like you we never got round to tiling and 6 months down the line I’m not sure we will bother – the glass spashback behind the hob was a cracking idea and gave some colour (teal glass again from JL) added colour to an otherwise neutral kitchen.

  2. I love your ideas Lisa – I’m sure it will be fab in the end.

    We’re just about to move into our forever home and the previous owners had done a Kitchen extension. Everything in it is good stuff but nothing is my taste…nothing! Until we can afford to rip it all out and start again, I’ll be painting the doors and replacing the handles. I hope this will lift it somewhat but in future I dream of something more modern and contemporary.

    Good luck with your plans! Can’t wait to see the end result!

    1. Thanks Sarah!

      Yes this is the problem! There’s nothing wrong with our current kitchen and the quality is pretty good but it just isn’t what I would have chosen. I reckon a lick of paint and new handles will make a world of difference to both our kitchens.

      And yey to you moving into your forever home. Good luck with it all. X

  3. Love all these ideas it is going to look so cool! And you know what I think just go for the black taps- how is it less trendy than brass if you think about how out that was just a few years ago? If you don’t spend a fortune you can always swap taps around in 5 years or whatever if you fall out of love with it?

    I love herringbone flooring so much. The packets for the barn are just sitting there and I just gaze at them longingly. They’ve just been joined by the kitchen units which I got in plain sanded ash and am planning on doing in F and B Blackened – I want that grey white tone and am dreading doing a tester in case it doesn’t match my vision! Love the idea of using two colours, it’s so clever! We are having a bright Aga in “pistachio” so that’s going to be the pop for us.

    Glad the worktop situation was resolved and it sounds to me like you won- now get after that 50 quid 😜

    1. I’m on it Lucy S!

      I think you’re right about the taps…they won’t cost a fortune so can always swap them out in a few years.

      Loving hearing about your barn plans x

  4. Do Navy and Grey! It won’t be too dark… we are doing our kitchen extension now (only a few weeks left Hurrah) and is Howdens. Main cupboards are Fairford Dove Grey and Island is Fairford Navy. We have gone for a White mirror quartz worktop. The Silestone Lagoon looks lovely though. I feel ours might be quite white and bright.. but we only get the sun directly on the back of the house in the morning, so wanted to keep it light.

    Best of Luck!

    1. Thanks Lucy! I remember admiring those Fairford cupboards when I was writing the Howdens post. Your kitchen sounds like it’s going to be a stunner x

  5. I have Silestone Lagoon but in suede, which is the matt version. More expensive but it looks much more modern and more expensive

  6. Ahh very similar to my plans for our new kitchen – although we’re replacing the whole thing (good for getting what we want but bad for our wallets!). I’ve also admired the black taps! I think we’re going for handless white units as our kitchen is small and north facing so anything bright and space saving is a must! I want a wooden floor and love herringbone but am currently torn between having wooden herringbone parquet floor and standard tiles for the splashback, or wooden plank flooring and herringbone splashback tiles…!

    Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen! It sounds like I will like it a lot 😂

  7. Matte black taps need a bit more looking after but I think it’s definitely worth it for how sleek they look. I can’t wait to see the finished kitchen, and I hope you win the bet!

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