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Howdens Kitchen
Howdens Kitchen
Howdens Kitchen

Kitchen Design Trends for 2018 {With Howdens}

Author: Lisa Soeno

In my last interiors post where I was debating whether oak worktops were worth the hassle (you guys! 97 comments! That makes it officially my most commented post ever!), there were recommendations aplenty for Howdens. You readers raved about both the real wood worktops and the laminate options that Howdens have to offer (so much so that I dragged my brood to our local store to have a look for myself). So when Howdens contacted us to ask whether we would be interested in a sneak peek at their new Kitchen Design Trends Guide I jumped at the offer.

The guide covers six different trends for 2018, the first of which is the Refined trend.

The Refined Trend {Style}

Now if Rock My Style were a kitchen I’d like to say it was a Refined one. The Refined style is a timeless and elegant one, classic yet with a contemporary edge, and a sprinkling of old-school Hollywood glamour. And it’s one of the looks we are considering for when we makeover our kitchen, most of the materials were provided by Aero Manufacturing

To nail the Refined look, go for Shaker style kitchen cabinet doors (a design which will never go out of style), luxe materials, and a predominantly dark and moody colour palette. We’re talking inky blues, deep charcoals and rich teal tones. Throw in some muted greys, pastel pinks and metallic accents to pop against the dark hues and add a decadent edge. Howdens have heaps of other styles of doors too, which you can check out here.

The Refined Trend {Features}

Luxurious materials such as marble are key to achieving the Refined look. But it needn’t cost you the earth. I had to do a double-take when I read that the worktops in the header image were in fact marble-look laminates: all the appearance and the beauty of marble, with all the practicality and low-maintenance of a laminate. The ones in the header are Howdens’ White/Grey Marble Effect Square Edged laminate worktops, and the Design Trends Guide also suggests quartz and solid wood oak worktops as alternative/additional worktops to recreate the Refined style. When choosing the best kettle for your kitchen it’s important to look at all the features on offer.

Art deco influences are an important part of the Refined trend so when it comes to floors, think detailed and decadent. The flooring in the image below is a chevron tile floor, which is a nod to the geometric style of classic herringbone parquet.

And my favourite feature of the Refined trend? DEFINITELY the hardware. Brushed brass and copper handles in slick and sleek shapes, all clean lines and oh so elegant. Anyone else following #mandymooresmidcenturymaison (the super-stylish renovation of Mandy Moore’s abode by interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel) with interest? I reckon Sarah would snap up these brushed copper effect knob handles for Mandy’s kitchen before you could say “mid-century reno”.

The Refined Trend {Finishing Touches}

I love, love, love the tongue and groove wall panelling in the inspirations pics above. This is a feature I’ve been considering for our hallway but until now it had never crossed my mind that it could work in the kitchen too.

Finally, the all-important lighting. The gold pendant statement lights in the header are the perfect finishing touch to pull the room together, and if you look closely you’ll notice that lighting has been cleverly used in other ways to achieve the modern decadent feel – from the downlighters within the cabinets to the spotlights in the ceiling.

To check out the other five kitchen design trends that Howdens have highlighted for 2018, and ooh and aah over even more inspirational kitchens,

Once you’ve had a peek, do let me know which of the trends you reckon I should aim to incorporate when we give our kitchen a facelift. Bear in mind that ours is a modern house and the main requirement is that the updated kitchen blends in seamlessly to the living space at the other end of the room. I’m thinking maybe ‘Refined’ meets ‘Monochrome’ meets ‘Pure’?

Which is your favourite of the trends?

Do you have any big makeover plans for 2018?

This post was sponsored by Howdens, but you know us, we only talk about things we like.

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
Follow Lisa on instagram @lisa.soeno
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31 thoughts on “Kitchen Design Trends for 2018 {With Howdens}

  1. Ah, we’ve just finished our new kitchen installation this week and we have a the brass tap from IKEA – I call it the disco tap!

    We’ve also gone for black cabinets, brushed brass handles and herringbone wall tiles – so it’s nice to feel on trend!

    I did think of you when I was sanding and oiling the oak worktops actually – not in a weird way! But I remembered the worktop post and although they are more work than other worktops, you really don’t mind if they’re what you want..

    Good luck with your kitchen – all of the photos above are lovely!

      1. I am! Jennifer_hardy There are some work in progress shots on there but not a final reveal yet! However you can get the general gist. Xx

  2. But what did you go for???!

    I love the tongue and groove which is fortunate as the barn will be full of it, covering up a hideous concrete bench that supports the dodgy stonework. It was necessary but god it’s awful.

    The staff in our local Howdens are lovely but I just can’t handle the powder coated shine finish on stuff. My husband calls me the Howdens diva because he’s worked with them before and really rates them and made me go back four times to have the same argument over the finish again…

    1. Question: we’re tongue and grooving the boot room but how have you been advised it’ll work with allowing your thick walls to breathe? I’m worried about mould creeping in behind?

  3. Not my personal style at all. I think it’ll date and when you’re spending as much as you do on a kitchen, you want it to last. I like the style, just not the colour. I mean, it’s fine to perve on Pinterest, but not in my actual house. I like a colour contrast but something more muted and pale.

    I had a look at the other kitchens but they’re all very ‘themed’ and a bit brash for my taste. Unless I lived in somewhere like Bali, I’m not sure ‘Natural’ would suit. I could see ‘Pure’ working in a modern house but not for me.

  4. We have just moved house and are hoping to convert our current lounge-diner and separate kitchen situation into a kitchen diner and separate lounge. The prospect of having a bigger living area in the kitchen is such a dream for me so this is perfectly timed inspiration! I think I still sit in the lighter cupboard camp – though I love the idea of having a darker statement island. Or better still, the raspberry one!! I love the hint of decadence with the metallic lights too though. So I am probably looking at some kind of ‘pure’, ‘individualistic’, ‘refined’ combo… and hoping that would work! We are lucky enough to have inherited a Howdens kitchen with beautiful wood work tops so hopefully we can keep majority of it and add additional units where we need to (I think what we have is still in-line). Can’t wait to see how your kitchen project turns out Lisa! xx

  5. We’ve got marble laminate on the worktops in our new rental and although something I probably wouldn’t have chosen myself, a few weeks in I actually really like it. All the prettiness of marble, but the practicality of laminate! Not into the shaker style at all, if it were my choice I’d probably go for pure meets cultural (love a bit of colourful tiles!)

    1. I’m so impressed with the look of this marble laminate Emma! My friend has tiled her bathroom using colourful tiles and it looks fab.

      1. yes, if I’d seen just a sample or a picture, I would have thought it couldn’t look as good in the flesh, but it does!

  6. Congratulations on the house move Emma! A kitchen-diner makes much more sense than a lounge-diner 😉 Would love to hear more about this kitchen you’ve inherited. Your plans for it sound lush x

  7. I love these kitchens. They’re grown up, glamourous and have a touch of masculinity. We have two sitting rooms instead of a sitting room / dining room (one for me and a Gentleman’s Club style room for the husband) but I’m so tempted to knock the second room through to make a bigger kitchen and living space (preserving my sitting room of course!). Our layout is an Edwardian terrace with the stairs in between the two reception rooms and a long, narrow corridor running from the front door, past the reception rooms and into the kitchen, which is not small, but an awkward space. I’ve really struggled to find examples of knock throughs with my layout as a lot of terraces (especially London) have a larger entrance and staircase to the side.

    1. Grown up, glamorous and a touch of masculinity – perfect description Abby!

      Yes our kitchen is a funny shape too, but we don’t really have a room to knock through into. Gotta preserve your sitting room 😉

  8. My kitchen units are virtually identical to this except I have brushed chrome hardware. Love the brass, but I was too scared it would date quickly! I have square edged oak effect laminate worktops. I really wanted natural stone but the budget didn’t stretch. If I’d seen laminate like the one above I’d have been all over it – I’d have had no idea it wasn’t real if you hadn’t mentioned it!

    On a separate note, I want a ceramic sink so badly but my husband won’t hear of it. He says it’ll get damaged. All the eye roll emojis. 😊

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your kitchen Lisa! x

    1. Great minds Tracy M!

      I wasn’t kidding when I said I had to do a double take!

      And Tracy M’s husband. You need a ceramic sink. 😛

  9. Ah we are having a howdens kitchen in our new extension and I cannot wait! It is shaker style – Fairford Grey with then a Navy Island. We are splashing out on white quartz worktop – i am hoping it will be a mix of modern/meets country! Again like your’s Lisa it will flow into a dining/ small living space so i want it all to flow nicely.

    1. Lucy we have a mixture of Fairford grey & navy with light quartz worktops and we love it! We were also aiming for a mixture of modern & country and think we’ve achieved it! Good luck with the building work.

      1. Thank you Katie. Ah you kitchen sounds lovely.. i can’t wait for mine. We have had it since November just waiting to for extension to be ready so we can put it in.

      1. It is literally one drawer unit and the important stuff two wine racks. So not really eating at but was going to work better rather than an L shape unit.

  10. I’m currently obsessing kitchens as I am moving house soon and hubby and I really want to knock a wall down and create a kitchen-diner. I’ve been pinning away for months and have realised that almost all of the pictures I have pinned are kitchens with a traditional style of unit, but with modern surfaces – just like refined trend. Trends may move on, but for me I feels like a flexible style as I don’t ‘have’ to have a rigid style of modern/traditional furniture to go alongside the kitchen and I can mix it up a bit. I will be looking into Howdens when we have finished smashing walls apart.

    1. Isn’t Pinterest brilliant for mood boarding and narrowing down exactly the style you’re after? Good luck with the house move and the smashing walls apart!

  11. Absolutely loving this post today Lisa. Rob & I are very close to our extension starting and have been deciding on what finishes we’d like. All of these design concepts are beautiful and have each got elements you can draw inspiration from xxx

  12. Love this post, Lisa! I have recently moved into a new house in Devon and I’m thinking about renovating my kitchen. Part of me wants to keep the rustic, country feel and part of me wants to give it a modern twist! I really love sleek looking marble counter-tops. I’m hoping I can incorporate the two as I want to embrace the fun and atmosphere of country living.

    1. Hi Jenny, we’ve double checked with Howdens and it’s not available just yet but will be in the summer.

      1. Thanks for that.
        I went in again too and was told q3. Guess they are building up anticipation. If you know anywhere that has something similar then I would be pleased to find it.
        Love your page BTW- only just found it.

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