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Keeping It Natural

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I have always been fascinated by essential oils and more holistic therapies. Truth be known I haven’t had a particularly good experience overall, with many “organic” and “natural” products causing the most severe allergic reactions I’ve ever experienced.

Turns out my uber sensitive epidermis much prefers chemicals to calming Lavender, Rosemary extract or anything citrus. I have had some success with a drop or two of certain magic-from-nature though so thought I would share.

When my skin has a meltdown i.e. prune-esque dehydrated but chip pan T-zone with complimentary blocked pores (I usually have one of these hormonal episodes every month) then I really rate adding Jojoba to your cleansing routine.

I use my usual Simply lotion (a very luxe £1.99 at Boots) to remove make-up then gently massage in a 20 pence piece size amount of Jojoba and remove with a warm flannel. The process DEFINITELY improves my skin’s diva strop. I find it balances out oily areas, reduces dryness and generally makes my complexion clearer.

I hear it’s great as a mascara/liner remover specifically but I’m a bit scared to put it near my eye balls. Has anyone else given it a whirl for this purpose?

For mild eczema, dry flaky patches and for when the skin around your peepers appears thin, wrinkly and paper-like (happens) I heartily recommend a teeny drop of Almond oil applied to affected areas. For eyes pat gently around the orbital bone. I wait for it to sink in a bit and then apply my Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair over the top (comes in a ridiculous glass jar but works like nothing else, and I’ve tried everything else).

I’ve had a bottle of Argan oil for a while now – a friend bought it for me as a gift from a trip she took to the States. I am unsure what to do with it to be honest. I know it’s supposed to be amazing for your barnet but as someone who doesn’t even use conditioner, the thought of anything remotely greasy near my locks makes me feel all weird and goose-bumpy. Perhaps I just need to man up and try it out.

What oils do you use? Do you embark on whipping up a skincare storm in your kitchen using all sorts of potions and beautifying wizardry?

If so I probably need to know about it. So please do tell me all of your secrets in the comments box below.

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25 thoughts on “Keeping It Natural

    1. Siobhan do you find coconut difficult to remove? I did when I tried it. I just couldn’t escape the fact all I could smell all day was a giant bounty bar (i.e. my face)

      Which one do you use? x

  1. I’ve recently starting blending my own cleansing oil and facial oil due to allergies. Using avocado, jojoba, rose and frankinsence as a facial
    Oil and cucumber, grape seed and sesame as a cleanser. I had and awful reaction to Benzoyl peroxide and my skin went from red flake fest to normal in 3 days using oils to cleanse and soothe it

    1. Rachel this sounds amazing! I used to use a Frankincense cream from Neal’s Yard years ago when my skin had a complete meltdown in my early twenties, it was very rich but did improve redness and irritation.

      I recently bought avocado – I just need to give it a whirl.

  2. I keep meaning to try jojoba oil, thanks for reminding me Charlotte! I love Trilogy rosehip oil. I have super weird skin that breaks out with most things but this is great. Lavender oil with Epsom salts is an amazing bath or scrub!

  3. I’ve recently given in to the Bobbi Brown sales assistant and bought the extra eye repair cream too. This was after a few visits where I was seriously unconvinced by the very need for eye cream – surely cream is a cream right? Well I was wrong and after about a month of using it I have to admit my dark circles are much improved and so is the skin around my eyes so definitely second that recommendation. The jar really is a bit ridiculous though but I guess at £45 you want to feel you’re getting more than 15 ml.

    I have tried argan oil on my very fine flat hair and it really wasn’t for me. I think I must have washed my hair with shampoo about 5 times to get rid of it. Maybe it would have improved the condition of my hair but it really wasn’t a good look and I didn’t like the smell either.

    I’ve not had much success with natural cosmetics so far but will give jojoba a whirl as especially in the winter I often find myself with a greasy yet flaky forehead.

  4. I’ve been using Wella Luxe Oil for about a year now. I just put a small, barely pea size drop through my wet hair after washing it. It really helps with tangles and smoothness, but I don’t ever use more than this amount. The smell of the Luxe Oil is gorgeous. A friend gave me some Argan Oil to use but I don’t like it anywhere as much as the Luxe Oil and I do find it can make my hair feel a bit greasy. By the way I have fine, straight blonde hair.

  5. A friend gifted me a bottle of the Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil for my birthday, and I haven’t looked back. On its own, or mixed in with a lighter lotion (I just use a touch of E45 lotion for my stroppy, unpredictable skin), my skin is the best it’s been in years! And it lasts (6 months and counting)

  6. I started using oils while on mat leave this year as I couldn’t justify the cost of my fancy Clarins! Turns out they’re better. I use sweet almond oil for makeup removal, body and nails, and Japanese camellia oil (which is GORGEOUS) as a moisturiser x

    1. Hi Alice, do you use the Japanese camellia on it’s own? And how do you use the sweet almond oil for make-up removal? I end up spending so much on Clarins products and while I love them, I am very much open to using more natural products at a fraction of the cost. Especially if it does the job better! x

      1. I use the camellia oil first, then put an Olay SPF15 moisturiser over the top. Sometimes I skip the moisturiser as you don’t need it with the camellia oil, but I like having daily sun protection. I really should switch to a higher SPF, mind. Almond oil is lovely for makeup removal – wash face with warm water, massage in 2p dollop of oil for a minute or two, and then wipe off with a flannel soaked in hot water (I use a new flannel every day). You get a lovely glow afterwards. For eyes, just some almond oil on a cotton wool pad and carefully wipe x

        1. Alice do you find the oil gets in your eyes a bit? I think I must not do it properly as I always find my vision is a bit blurry afterwards.

          1. Err, I find the level of blurriness caused by oil-in-eye is in direct proportion to the general blurriness caused by prosecco-consumed-that-evening ?

  7. Jo Malone recommends a lovely face mask in her new book which uses jojoba oil and avocado oil with yogurt, warm honey and lemon juice – seeing as I adore everything this woman does, I’m going to try it for super clean skin!

    1. Kate this sounds great (minus the lemon oil) and I absolutely need to buy her book – I read an interview with her recently and it was so interesting.

      1. It is a really interesting and lovely read. A really strong woman. Need to visit Jo Loves when i next get to London…….

  8. I have recently started using Pai Rosehip Oil and oh gosh it’s the best thing I have done for my skin! I suffer with combination skin which is extremely sensitive to certain products but this has definitely made a difference in the overall appearance of my skin! x

  9. I have sensitive skin, particularly in the winter and I have started to use Neals Yard Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil. I only use a couple of drops at night on my face and neck and in the morning my face feels all peachy and happy. You don’t need to use much at all so it lasts ages 🙂

  10. I use Trilogy pure organic rosehip oil on my face, mainly under my eyes, every morning and evening and it is AMAZING! Not only have my undereye wrinkles improved, they also seem to have stopped developing! I’ve even been getting compliments on my skin which just blows me away as I sort of felt defined by my skin problems for 30 years (dry, sensitive, peeling, eczema etc)… but now aged 31 my skin looks the best it ever has, all thanks to the rosehip oil.

    1. Elle I used this on my torso when I was pregnant, never thought to use it on my face – I don’t have stretch marks so maybe it was the rosehip oil! x

  11. Waitrose baby bottom butter (olive oil) or Waitrose baby solid massage oil (coconut) plus almond oil for hands and nails. I always wake up with good skin after any of these used as nightcream and I have super dry skin! Plus they are very cost effective! Hair oil might be good used at night and washed out the next day maybe? I like hair oil personally but used sparingly…

  12. Charlotte I love Argan oil and originally brought it for my hair which is prone to being dry at the ends but found after I used it my hands looked 10 years younger so started using on my face and body as well. I only do it every now and then as it is expensive but def my favourite oil! xx

  13. Hi Charlotte,
    I love what you’ve put together here at Rock my world! Really useful information for families.
    This is my first time visiting your blog, as Ive only just heard about it from the lovely Beth Webber from Forest Found. Her and Phylecia are friends of mine and had asked me to incorporate my essential oil education knowledge at the mother wild baby shower you’ve recently posted about. I was having a browse through the rest of your blog and stumbled across this thread, and I just HAD to chime in as this is my passion and line of work.
    If you ever have any questions about essential oils and/ or carriers and blends you can create, I’d be happy to answer them for you. I am an essential oil educator and guru, and have taken certification courses in aromatherapy and essential oil chemistry for humans and animals for the last 10 years. Since having my children I’ve been focussing on building my business mostly with the use of doterra essential oils. The aim is to empower people to embark on their own essential oil journey of health.
    These oils are beautiful and unique as they are the only company with essential oils that can be taken internally, put on topically and used Aromatically.
    So please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you wish.

    Look forward to following your blog more often!

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