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Keeping It Faux

Author: Lauren Coleman

Faking it is becoming extremely popular. Fresh off the wave of all the (allegedly) easy-to-care for cactus and succulents, we’re embracing the longevity of fake flowers. All you need to do is arrange your florals once and (other than a quick dust every so often) hey presto, a low-maintenance, constant floral display all year round.

Now to fool all my guests I put my faux stems in water. Obviously they don’t need the H2O, they are artificial after all but a vase of empty liquid is a sure-fire way for people to guess you are faking it. I’m not necessarily advocating you choose to go down this route. Artificial florals often have wires inside to add structure which can corrode in the water so do change regularly or alternatively opt for an opaque vessel rather than clear.

Let’s face it, silk flowers used to be a bit naff, but these days they are getting so realistic. When I’m choosing my own fake stems I always have a good old gander at the leaves as sometimes they are huge and completely at odds with Mother Nature’s real-life version. If you fancy getting your hands on your own then below I’ve listed a few stores to help you on your way.

Home Sense

The hydrangeas in the image above from HomeSense and were such a bargain at £2.99 a stem. My local store has oodles and oodles of artificial stems on display ranging from orchids right through to roses.

Abigail Ahern

Abigail’s faux blooms are for those who embrace a ‘free form style with a just picked from the hedgerow softness.’
You can have ranunculus in autumn and peonies in winter if you pick from Abigail Ahern’s large range. I was in a local interiors shop recently and they had a large stock of these flowers and I can vouch they were extremely lifelike.

John Lewis

John Lewis have some excellent product reviews on a lot of their faux floral sprays. I am very tempted by their eucalyptus spray which I’d add to bulk out an arrangement of real flowers.

Not on the High Street

To keep cherry blossom in bloom all year round then do take a look at Not On The High Street. There’s a wide selection of stems available from various sellers, however I’m a big fan of Mia Fleur’s Pussy Willow and my eye was also drawn to the cherry blossom sprig from Forest & Co.

Cox and Cox

Cox and Cox have really increased their faux offering recently. They have a lot of plants too and I’m considering ordering their concrete potted fern as I can’t manage to keep my own alive.

Are you faking it too? Any places you’d like to suggest for picking up artificial flowers?

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18 thoughts on “Keeping It Faux

  1. Peony is the best place for faux – they’re the only company RHS approved too! (They’re local to me which is how I heard about them it I think they sell in JL)

  2. I totally agree about the foliage Lauren, that is what lets down a lot of faux flowers, I usually add fresh foliage from the garden, which really adds to the mystique, are they fresh or fake? My latest buy are bright orange tulips and I’ve added some contorted willow twigs from the garden, brings a lovely pop of colour to the room. I always buy mine from Holloways of Suckley (Worcestershire), which is a wonderful place that sells lots of interior decor and they have the most lovely cafe for lunch (well it would be rude not to!)

    1. Oooh Eileen, I must check out Holloways next time I am over that side of Worcester. Looks lovely. xx

      1. You must Lottie, my favourite are the quiches, best pastry I’ve ever tasted. Although they don’t sell faux flowers, there is a cracking vintage furniture shop on Bringsty Common, just a few miles away.

    2. Tulips and willow – such a winning combo Eileen.
      Also sounds as though I need to get myself to Worcestershire pronto! x

  3. I’ve never bought artificial flowers but some of these look amazing! I’d love some pink flowers to add a splash of colour to my green kitchen, so the cherry blossom would be fab. Thanks Lauren, I’m off to check some of these out! X

  4. My Dad actually has his own small online fake flower business, last year I went on a buying trip with him and you can most definitley can’t tell the high end fakers to the real thing until you are up close. I currently have 5 bunches of hydrangeas in my office and love how easy they are xxx

  5. Inspired post – my mum uses faux flowers and foliage & I have to admit I often admire her cherry blossom stems but have never bought any myself. I used to live in Cirencester where there was a Peony shop, might check that out now, plus my favourite Cox and Cox

    1. I need to get myself to Peony too!
      Cherry Blossoms are so pretty Nicola. Let me know if you do go faux x

  6. Love this topic as I was just considering faux flowers for the wedding – at least for tables, any tips?

      1. Yes that’s what I’m hoping for, I love peonies but they’re out of season in September so might get the silk version of those mixed with lots of real ones too 🙂

  7. I just got give the ‘creams and greens’ bouquet from Funky Bunch as a birthday present and I love it. I’ve put them in a tall opaque vase and they look amazing, people assume that they are real. I’ve got my eye on the pink spring bunch next!

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