Dining Table
Dining Table
Scandinavian inspired home with an all-white colour scheme and simple decor with ideas for how to decorate a rented house
Scandinavian inspired home with an all-white colour scheme and simple decor with ideas for how to decorate a rented house
Scandinavian inspired home with an all-white colour scheme and simple decor with ideas for how to decorate a rented house
Scandinavian inspired home with an all-white colour scheme and simple decor with ideas for how to decorate a rented house
Scandinavian inspired home with an all-white colour scheme and simple decor with ideas for how to decorate a rented house
Scandinavian inspired home with an all-white colour scheme and simple decor with ideas for how to decorate a rented house

Jennifer’s Chic Monochrome Family Home

Author: Lolly Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Given the amount of Instagram likes we had when we shared a sneak peek on our Instagram feed of Jennifer’s beautiful home on our feed last week I’d say that you lovely lot have been looking forward to this home tour very much. In fact it’s our first tour of 2017 and frankly the perfect home to start 2017 off on; in short it’s a beaut.

Perhaps most interestingly is that Jennifer actually rents her home, proof that despite the restrictions that a rental property possesses, you can still make your living space your very own, filled to the brim with your own interior style. Shall we take a look around…

Jennifer: We moved into our home two and a half years ago. We’re currently renting and it was a big decision to move into this property as it meant it would take us longer to finish saving for a home of our own. However, with an almost one year old, we were rapidly outgrowing our previous home and desperately needed more space. We soon became a family of four so it’s just as well in the long run. It’s very handy living within a stone’s throw of all the shops and we are within walking distance of lots of lovely parks. When the time comes to buy a house we’d quite like to move a bit further away from town in favour of more wide open spaces, especially for the kids.

Living Space

This is where we spend the majority of our time. I adore white walls and luckily for us everything had been freshly painted when we moved in. The high ceilings give that extra sense of space and the huge windows let in so much light. The sofas and footstool were purchased from DFS and the dining table from Swoon Editions. I’m on the hunt for some new dining table chairs as these ones came with our old table which I snapped up on eBay years ago. I’m very much influenced by the seasons and so during the Winter I like to make everything super cosy and warm. Out come the extra blankets, fluffy cushion covers and sheepskin rugs. As this space has many uses I’ve introduced lots of lighting options to suit everyones needs. All the lamps are from Ikea and the ceiling pendants are from Cult Furniture. The rocker chair is from Cult Furniture also.


Our kitchen is tiny and so I’ve stored away as much as possible in the cupboards to free up work top space. We have a satellite cupboard next to the dining table for cutlery, table linen and additional glasses etc. It has really made me re-evalutate how much kitchenware we actually need. Surprisingly little! And I have to say it’s so much easier to keep surfaces clean and tidy.


When we eventually buy a house we’ll most likely go down the built-in wardrobe route so we didn’t want to spend a fortune on freestanding storage. Good old Ikea to the rescue, this is where we sourced the majority of our storage furniture.

The master bedroom is my favourite room. The light in the early morning and late afternoon is incredible. My aim was to keep everything as pared back as possible to retain the light and airy feeling. I find white very calming which, given the nature of the room, helps me to unwind and relax.

The bedlinen is from Soak & Sleep and the throw from Urbanara. The chest of drawers is from eBay along with the leather straps and hardware I used to make the drawer pulls.

If you loved Jennifer’s beautiful home tour so far then you might want to see how she’s decorated her children’s rooms over on our sister blog Rock My Family today. Zachary and Skyler’s rooms are every bit as gorgeous as the rest of the house. Pop over and take a look…

  • Soak & Sleep Bedlinen
  • Cult Furniture Pendant
  • Eames Inspired Rocker
  • Swoon Editions Table

Images by Adam Crohill

Author: Lolly
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.
Follow Lolly on instagram @graceandgable
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53 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Chic Monochrome Family Home

    1. She certainly does…I’m just waiting to hear back from her as to whether she’s happy for me to share it. As soon as she responds I’ll let you know.

    2. Philippa it’s @jenniferdewett …now pop along and get all unnecessary (love that phrase!) xx

  1. Oh and of course – gorgeous house!! its lovely to see what someone with a good eye and a sensible budget (ikea ebay etc) can do with a rental place!

  2. Gorgeous! And thankyou for featuring a rental property! Unfortunately ours isn’t so light and airy but hoping to get permission to paint a couple of the rooms. Can I ask where the headboard is from?

    1. Hi Emma – our pleasure. We were thrilled when Jennifer agreed to show us around as we know so many of you requested more rental property home tours. Glad you like it xx

    2. Thank you Emma. I’ve found if you keep it neutral then most landlords/agencies are more than happy to give permission as you’re doing them a favour. The headboard is from Ikea.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, so homely, may I ask where the bedside lights are from? Also love the bedroom mirror, where is it from? For my next property I definitely want stairs so I can copy the photo idea, the joys of London living currently in a flat, we dream of stairs!

    1. Hi Anneliese. Jennifer will be popping on shortly to answer any questions about where her interiors are from so stay tuned xx

  4. So stylish and tranquil Jennifer – you have such a lovely home! Thanks for letting us share it on RMS x

  5. Gorgeous home. You have done such a wonderful job with everything Jennifer.
    RMS yay for featuring rental properties as I know it has been requested so much and having rented a lot in the past it’s always difficult knowing how to make a big impact without decorating etc. x

  6. Wow, what a gorgeous house! I need to know… are your plants real? I love them! I’ve seen some similar faux ones but they don’t look real enough, these look amazing!

    1. Haha! Thank you and yes they are real. Although I’m surprised they let me out of the shop with them. I find plants that can generally survive drought and extreme conditions fair best in our house xx

  7. Beautiful! It looks so calm and peaceful. If only my own house was as clean and tidy I might be tempted to share some pics with you all, but alas…!!

    Total random aside (well not that random) – ages ago there was an instagram post about a house tour that looked awesome, from memory perhaps a navy wall or something? Anyway, for whatever reason it never appeared on the blog, and I remember comments on the instagram post saying that the problem was being worked on but it never returned? Is it going to appear any time soon because I was really really keen to see it! Or perhaps it did reappear later and I never saw it.

  8. That staircase!!!!!
    All those glorious photographs and fabulous collection of frames!
    We’ve begun our collection but this is now the benchmark!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh wow – Jennifer, what a skill you have. Can you come and declutter and u the calm anti in my home please? Sorry, another where is this from q – but i adore your chandelier int he master bedroom – have ai missed the pointer on where you got that beauty from?


    1. Ahh thanks so much Nicola. I think once you start de-clutttering you get the bug and it’s hard to stop. So much easier to keep tidy though!

      I snapped it up on eBay. I think you can get similar in places like Homebase etc. xx

  10. Wow! Love everything. Am looking to do a similar photo wall in our hallway but (this might sound ridiculous!) always find them a bit of a logistical nightmare. Do you tend to buy the frames you want first and then buy the prints you like in the relevant sizes to fit the frames? Or get lots of photos printed in different sizes and try to find frames to fit? Which method did you use? Sorry for the dull question! X

    1. Thank you Laura. A very valid question! I decided to purchase frames first and arrange them on the floor before hanging them. This way it was easier to envisage how it would look on the wall. Although there’s no reason you couldn’t do it the other way around xx

  11. Wow this house is eeeeevvverrythiiinnggg! I have pinned nearly every single picture! What a beautiful tranquil home you have. I have a small galley kitchen and have never bothered showing it much love, but this just shows you can make any space gorgeous. Can I ask where the mat is from, in your kitchen? It looks quite like a rug and reminds me of the RMS kitchen rug debate post and this looks stunning. Thank you for sharing xxx

  12. A bit late to this one after a very busy day at work ate into my browsing time!!! Please can I ask how you did the logs in the fireplace, I really want to do something similar in my dining room!! What a beautiful house, so cosy!!!

  13. Hi Jennifer! Could I ask where you got your tv stand from, in your living room? I’ve been looking for something similar for a while!

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