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Rock My Room 28 Day Decor Challenge
Moving Day
Moving Day
Rock My Room 28 Day Decor Challenge
Jan 2016
Jan 2016
Rock My Room 28 Day Decor Challenge
Rock My Room 28 Day Decor Challenge
Rock My Room 28 Day Decor Challenge

Introducing The Rock My Room Challenge

Author: Lauren Coleman

Today I am super excited to launch a brand spanking new interiors series on Rock My Style. It’s fair to say we all love a ‘before’ and ‘after’ and so I want to invite you to take part in the Rock My Room challenge.

I’ve set myself the task of turning around my living room project in four weeks. 28 days to refresh the walls, add in storage and features, rearrange the furniture and firmly add the Coleman stamp to our new abode.
I’ll be documenting my progress every week with a big reveal at the end of February and I hope you’ll join in too. As thrilling it would be to hear all about my paint drying, I reckon it would be a lot more entertaining to hear about your decorating endeavours as well. It would be smashing for you to select a room to rock too and then we can all support each other while we put in some hard graft. Have you been itching to get your bedroom decorated or retile the bathroom? Then now’s the time to get a wriggle on. You don’t have to do a full room makeover though; maybe you’ve been putting off arranging a gallery wall or perhaps you’ve been meaning to hang those new curtains. Come on folks lets embrace the DIY.

My Room

The living room is situated at the back of the house with a view over the garden. Although it’s north facing is blessed with a boatload of natural light thanks to two skylight windows.
We’ve had a lot of family and friends enjoy this room over Christmas and a few of them questioned why we were even decorating. My friend actually put the same wallpaper we’ll be removing on her walls in the summer. However as we all know it’s different strokes for different folks and we had already decided way back in the autumn we wanted a grey cosy sanctuary to unwind in at the end of the day and so that means the wallpaper has to go.

The Plan

  • Remove the wallpaper and add a chalky matt white or light grey to the walls
  • Replace the lighting with something with an industrial vibe
  • Add a fire surround to create a focal point
  • Add built in storage to house the various paraphernalia we’ve accumulated
  • Finish off with new cushions, a console table, curtains and a few other little touches to make the place feel like home.
  • I’ll be back next Thursday (and every Thursday after) to share my progress and I’ll try my best to keep you updated via Instagram using the hashtag #RockMyRoom. I’ll be using the first week to gather together materials and research possible options and no doubt week two will involve a lot of painting.

    Are you planning on taking part? Which room will you be decorating? Please do share your progress too using #RockMyRoom

    Lauren likes Paris, Prosecco and Paint Charts
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    34 thoughts on “Introducing The Rock My Room Challenge

    1. Morning Lauren,

      Love the shape of your living room – and loving the ideas you both have for it.

      Look forward to following this.

      Good luck xx

    2. Great idea! Especially after yesterday’s post about procrastination this is an ideal way to focus the mind and join you in finishing the projects that have been lingering for a while. We started decorating our bedroom before Christmas but it’s stalled in January. It still needs the wood work doing, the carpet refitting after having wardrobes fitted and the general finishing touches to make it a cosy space so I’m going to join you to get this sorted over the next month. Can’t wait to see how you and everyone else gets on x

      1. So glad you’re going to join us Sophie. Looking forward to hearing about you bedroom – what’s your colour scheme? x

        1. The colour was actually inspired by a couple of RMS interior posts, the one about decorating with dark colours and the one about using indigo, we’ve gone for a deep blue (wickes moon shadow). Initially we were going to go white but I’m so glad we took the plunge with a bold colour.

    3. I would love to make changes in our living room, as it looks the same since we moved in in 2006. However, we are renting the flat and I always think, maybe next year we move to another flat and therefore I always postpone it. At the moment, we have a lilac rug/carpet and lilac curtains. I would love to buy both new in a light grey colour, however, I always dread the trip to IKEA, as this is always so stressful. But maybe we can do it next week, as I found online some nice items.

      1. I always tend to go to Ikea later in the evening in he week. I’ll leave the Sunday trips to the hardcore! Rugs and curtain changes are a great way to update a rental x

    4. We ripped out our bathroom on New Years Day, unfortunately hubby then got sick so zero progress has been made. However we are slowly starting up again so fingers crossed between work, study and kids we will make some progress along with you.

    5. I’m going to cheat (but just a smidge) as I actually started a similar project in my spare room this weekend.
      Aim is to transform from a lift/junk room (the boxes of non essentials which remained unpacked since move date in September) into a relaxing welcoming guest room / room for me when husband is particularly snorey.
      Aiming for a natural palette of natural wood, bottle greeny, with some metallic accents.
      Progress so far includes sorting boxes into clear storage boxes and assembling the bed….
      Will be good to have a kick up the bum to actually finish in a month!

    6. we are *fingers crossed* moving at the end of February, so look forward to seeing the results as i have a feeling it could form a nice part of inspiration for our own lounge makeover!

    7. Looking forward to seeing you in action lady! What a fab space, it’s crying out to be Coleman-ised.

      I’m in. No idea which room to choose as we’re pretty much doing it all at once. The hall and bathroom are started, and I think within the next 28 days we’ll probably end up at the ‘everything but the flooring & windows’ stage for both of those.

      The bathroom is probably the most exciting for me (we’ve talked about that scheme already!) as we’re trying to do this as simply and cheaply as possible. To-do list includes:
      – ripping out cheap nasty units/sink/toilet
      – fitting new sink & toilet
      – replacing bath taps
      – patching up plaster and existing tiling
      – fitting wall cladding
      – painting walls and ceiling (it’s a scarily bright blue at the moment with BEIGE ceiling)
      – new flooring
      – finishing touches/accessories/mirror/storage

      Although we’d love to, there doesn’t seem to be much point doing a full re-fit as it’s a small space and we hope to extend in a couple of years. So it’s a patch up& re-style job.

      The new fixtures are in so now it’s all systems go on the fun stuff.

      Looking forward to seeing your progress and everyone elses. xx

      1. Oooh Karen, this is a proper bit of DIY. There’s nothing like tearing out a bathroom suite. Can’t wait to see how it all goes x

        1. It’s the beige ceiling that disturbs me the most. How we’ve lived with it this long is beyond me.

          Will keep you posted x

    8. I’m in! I’ll be turning my spare room from a washing drying room into an office/second guest room. I’d planned to have it finished before my Christmas Soiree, but ended up putting it on the back burner so I’ve already designed it and have (nearly) all the furnishings…just a trip to the salvage yard for some wood so I can build the desk/shelves to do and then I can get on with stripping the wallpaper and re-painting! Honestly, I could probably get it all done in a weekend, but the lure of Friday night Prosecco offers have been too strong!

      1. Ha ha Katie, I’ve found there’s always something else I’d rather be doing. Hopefully we won’t be distracted by fizz over the next few weeks!

    9. Your new living room is already really nice but sure you will make it beautiful Lauren – you have such lovely taste. We have just started work on our ensuite bathroom but think it will take longer than 4 weeks! We are literally ripping everything out, back to brick and floorboards, and starting from scratch. But looking excited to having a bright and modern room by the end. The hardest thing is getting the plumbers booked in!

      1. Aww thanks Rose. We’re really looking forward to putting a bit of our personality on the room.
        It can be so tough tying down trades people can’t it? I thought January would be a quiet time but seems I was wrong. Hope you get the plumbers booked in soon.

    10. Ahhhh it’s so amazing to see so many of you are up for the challenge! We can’t wait to see what you lovelies come up with (we are SO nosy!) xx

    11. I think i’ll join in the challenge. Im just about to move into a new rented house with ‘buttermilk’ yellow walls and a brown carpet in the siting room. Im a bit limited on what i can do with the fixed lights. But I’m looking forward to making it my own home.

      1. Welcome aboard Clare.
        I’m always a big fan of lamp light to help detract from fixed lights. Good luck with the move x

    12. Beatiful room Lauren, and can’t wait to see the end result! Progress at my cottage has been slow and with my 5 and a half month old baby more than ready for her own room I would love to accept the rock my room challenge… I just hope my husband is up for it (as he will be doing most of the labour, I just get to decorate!) We need to strip off all the wood chip (yuk!) in two rooms, knock down the wall separating the two rooms to make one bigger than the other, have them plastered, lay the carpet, paint the walls, then and only then can I start with the colour scheme! A little predictable but I want to go for a cool baby pink with plenty of grey accessories. 4 weeks is ambitious… But here goes!! *off to start scraping the wallpaper as baby naps* #dairymanscottage

      1. Oh wow Maddy, you’re going to be a busy lady. I do think it really helps to set some form of deadline though though – definitely keeps you motivated x

    13. Ooh I’m looking forward to this. We’ve just finishing renovating a 70s 2 bed flat to be rented out, but we’re about to move house so may need to do 2 to 3 rooms at home and then a new project on our adventure. Oh and I’m relocating to my shop so that will be another styling project. Keep the inspiration coming.

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