Introducing Rock My Room 2017 - the DIY challenge to get your interiors pulses racing. Just four weeks to transform two rooms into functioning bathrooms.
Shower Room
Shower Room
Introducing Rock My Room 2017 - the DIY challenge to get your interiors pulses racing. Just four weeks to transform two rooms into functioning bathrooms.
Family Bathroom
Family Bathroom
Introducing Rock My Room 2017 - the DIY challenge to get your interiors pulses racing. Just four weeks to transform two rooms into functioning bathrooms.
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Introducing The Rock My Room Challenge 2017

Author: Lolly Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Last January we launched a a brand spanking new interiors series on Rock My Style. Those of you who are regular readers of the blog will probably therefore recognise the name of our self-named DIY challenge; Rock My Room. Given the success of the first series and because we all know just how much you folks love a ‘before’ and ‘after’, we’ve decided to continue the fun with round two in 2017. Except this time I’ll be hosting the challenge rather than the uber talented Lauren (I only hope I can try to live up to her interiors genius!) and I’ll be focusing on two rooms rather than one.

For those of you not au fait with the Rock My Room concept…allow me to explain.

I have precisely four weeks to turn two effectively empty shells into living, breathing, fully functional bathrooms. That’s 28 days to tile, grout, complete first and second fix for plumbing and electrics and then hang doors, paint and choose all of the bathroom furniture to go inside the respective areas. Phew!

I’ll be documenting my progress every week with a big reveal at the end of March and I hope you’ll join in too. As thrilling it would be to hear all about my tile choices, what colour to paint the walls and precisely which taps to choose, I’d actually really like to know about your decorating endeavours as well. Last year we asked you to ‘play along’ and choose a room to refurb too as a way of supporting each other while we put in some hard DIY graft and this year is no different. Have you been itching to get your bedroom decorated or refresh the living area? Well now is your moment! You needn’t go the whole hog and start from scratch like could simply be a question of hanging some new curtains or renovating an old vintage cupboard. We’d love for you to play along!

The Bathrooms

Both bathrooms are situated on opposite sides of the house but face each other across the upstairs landing. One possesses a view over the garage into our next door neighbour’s garden and the other adjoins the other neighbour’s property (on our semi-detached side) with a vista into our own rubble filled back jungle of joy. Both bathrooms are blessed with a boatload of natural light thanks to sash windows on the largest walls.

We’re literally starting this challenge, and thus both of these rooms from scratch, with freshly plastered walls and literally not much else. The bathroom on the far side of the house (the one with the view over the garage) will be just that – a bathroom complete with rounded resin bath, toilet and a double sink. The other will function as a shower room with walk-in shower, single sink and toilet. One is intended to be the ‘family’ bathroom whereas Ste and I see the other as more of our domain. Fancy soaps at the ready!

The Plan

  • Choose bathroom furniture as well as fixtures and fittings.
  • Choose tiles and grout and tile aforementioned bathrooms.
  • Complete first and second fix for both plumbing and electrics.
  • Hang doors, choose door furniture and appropriate locks.
  • Decide on paint colours; paint walls and woodwork.
  • Fit bathroom furniture.
  • Select storage options (i.e. bathroom cabinets) and fit accordingly.
  • Choose radiators for both bathrooms and fit.
  • Finish off with beautiful accessories including mirrors.
  • Next Steps

    I’ll be back next Monday (and every Monday after) to share my progress and I’ll try my best to keep you updated via Instagram using the hashtag #RockMyRoom2017. I’ll be using the first week to gather inspiration and research tiling options so be sure to check back then…So far all we have is this bath so there’s lots to get sorted out!

    Are you planning on taking part? Which room will you be decorating? Please do share your progress too using #RockMyRoom2017

    Oh and can we ask you for your help with one more thing too? We’ve been nominated for an award over at Tile Traders for the Best Home & Interiors Blog 2017 and we’d really love to win. If you’ve got a spare five minutes, would you mind popping over and voting for Rock My Style? We’d be ever so grateful…just follow this link to cast your vote. Thanks folks xxx

    Author: Lolly
    Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.
    Follow Lolly on instagram @graceandgable

    23 thoughts on “Introducing The Rock My Room Challenge 2017

    1. Lolly are you mad? All that in a month? loving the inspiration by the way, I have a thing for marble at the moment.

      I’m sure you’ll do it… keep the faith! It’ll be amazing.

      Hmm… I’m just adding the finishing touches to our bedroom. I’ll have to cheat a little bit with a before and almost finished! xxx

      1. Karen I am a little bit insane. But this is a good thing right? At least it means that the pressure will be on for me to complete both bathrooms by the beginning of March which is exactly what Ste and I need at the moment to make sure that we’re in by our self-imposed deadline of May. Currently ordering ‘accessories’ for the bathroom; Ste will go mental when he finds out how much the mirror cost….

    2. We’re just about to embark on 2 new bathrooms and have started on the master bedroom so will be sure to follow along! Good luck with the tile selection….we’ve gone for very simple grey slate for both bathrooms – and a good buy from B&Q!

      1. Sounds LOVELY Rach! We toyed with simple grey slate and are definitely ‘going grey’ in one of the bathrooms (a request from Ste) but I think it will be on the lighter side of the colour spectrum. Cannot wait to see your progress on instagram…

    3. Voted!!

      Lolly you don’t do things by halves- two rooms?!?? Wow! Can’t wait to see everyone’s work progress.

      This challenge killed me last year as we weren’t in a position to do anything about the problem spaces in our house but this year we have our listed building consent and it is full steam ahead to transform our awful third bedroom (ex elderly relative bedsit for previous owners) into luxuriant guest room with en suite. We have cheated and started early though, as its construction against mycervix- trying to get it all done before new baby, due on 16th March…

      Have used the #tag, if you like old timber and weird spaces you will enjoy! Need to update with last weeks progress…

      Good luck everyone!

      1. Thanks for the vote Lucy! Yeah I know, two rooms! I am slightly insane. But I figured that it was pretty much just a case of doubling up on everything. If the tilers are there to do one bathroom then it makes sense to get them to complete the other at the same time. We’ll be choosing similar accessories for both so again it’s just a case of adding more than one to the virtual shopping basket. I am feeling slightly daunted though by the challenge. I’m off to check out your progress right now!

    4. Love the inspiration Lolly. I’m excited to play along again this year as last year I’ve failed on the deadline and that was only the downstairs loo we’ve had to tackle so you’re very brave with two whole bathrooms but will most likely put me to shame. I’ve got a bit of a head start too having replastered and redecorated our living room before Christmas but there’s still a lot to do to finish it. Builtin shelving inspired by Lauren’s snug, some picture ledges and a mantle shelve to be hung and painted, skirting and mainly bring in some colour as it’s mostly gray so far (think gray walls, sofas and rug). I’m hoping some pictures and spring cushion refresh will sort that out. Game on!

      1. Hurray! So glad you’re playing along Kat! Your living room sounds amazing! And we’re going for grey in one of the bathrooms too so we’re in good colour palette company 😉

    5. Loved Rock my Room last year and pleased I get to play along this year as well!
      We have just started on the bathroom, still at ripping out stage at the moment but I like a deadline/challenge so 4 weeks till completion it is!

    6. I’ve got a nursery to decorate and just over a month as a deadline, so it makes sense to join in! Good luck with your bathrooms!!!

      1. Love a nursery decorating project Jen! All those cutesy things just make it so beautiful. Can’t wait to see your progress xxx

    7. Good timing – we’re redecorating our bedroom in the next month or so, although not sure our curtains will have arrived by the deadline! Will have to play along as best I can! (Also have a nursery to decorate but that may take longer…!)

      1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your curtains will arrive Katie! We’d love for you to still play along even if you don’t think you’ll be finished in time xx

    8. Wow, 2 rooms in 4 weeks! We’ve managed to take almost 12 months to finish one room (the kitchen) and when I say finish, well mostly finished (there are still little niggly bits we need to do!).

      But can nay of you good folks suggest a door mat to go with this flooring?

      It needs to be fairly wide as its for french doors from the kitchen to the back garden, our current one clashes hideously (striped)…. thanks!!

      1. Hi Vicky kitchens are mammoth projects…I’ve been putting mine off not because I don’t know what I want but because I’m terrified of getting it all wrong and not liking the finished look. That said I’ve chosen the floor this week so that’s a start! I’d say that finishing the kitchen in 12 months is pretty good going xxxx

    9. Woah all of that in 4 weeks? I’m in awe. I have no plans myself for our house since I’m currently trying to deal with being back at work after maternity leave, but I’ll love to see your progress!
      Oh and I voted of course.

      1. I know Anja! Four weeks really isn’t much time at ALL! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks for the vote as well xx

    10. You’re too kind Lolly – I get all my inspiration from you!
      While you’re getting very busy with two rooms, we’ve got a much smaller project but I still reckon we need a month to complete it. We’re doing our laundry cupboard/room at the moment. James has started to put a structure in place to hold the appliances and I’ve run ahead of myself buying paint and an amazing vintage laundry box. Who knew you could get so excited about somewhere to keep your iron?! x

      1. I did spy your amazing laundry cupboard on your instastories…can’t wait to see how it turns out and James is really very handy isn’t he! And as for getting excited over storage…I’m with you heart and soul on that one xx

    11. Love this feature and this year I can join in as we’re in the process of moving and the first job is the ensuite and master bedroom, don’t know if we’ll be finished by the end of March but definitely want it sorted by April, so I might be using the hashtag for a little longer than 28days if that’s ok. Lolly’s progress will be a big spur. I must say having renovated a house previously it seems like it takes forever and you’re not getting anywhere and then so quickly it all comes together.

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