It's All Messy
It's All Messy
Inspiring Quotes and typography wall art for your home
Inspiring Quotes and typography wall art for your home
Love Cultivates
Love Cultivates
Inspiring Quotes and typography wall art for your home

Inspirational Quotes And Typography Art

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I have a thing for fonts. And words.

This means I have a small obsession with beautiful typography artwork that depict my favourite quotes or sayings.

If you saw my home office feature then you will know one of my all time favourites is “She believed she could so she did” – I ordered mine from Jasmine Dowling. I love the fact she produces limited edition pieces so you feel like you are purchasing something a little unique.

I recently discovered Lovely Day Fleur via Etsy which is where both the “It’s All Messy” print and “Love doesn’t dominate” were bought from. The former describes my life right now (I fully embrace the chaos!) and the latter is just ridiculously pretty calligraphy penmanship. They were both shipped from the U.S super quick.

To kick off the RMS Interiors Week I’m sharing some of my favourites. The “You’re mine and I’m yours” quote was from Shuffle Prints also via Etsy. I love the white text on black but there is also a black text on white version available. I also have the paint drip Chanel that I would like to hang in my new home…..if we ever find one that is.

All of these prints including shipping will set you back about twenty quid, which I think is fairly reasonable for a home decor item that you will probably keep for years – they make great gifts too. In terms of frames I’ve always been a fan of the Croft wooden variety in grey from John Lewis. At £25 they are quite spendy – but they do look solid and expensive.

With so many pieces to hang however I’ve invested in these slightly more basic grey frames from Marks & Spencer. ( I can only find the smaller versions online as I write this but in store they have the 8′ by 10″ which are £12). I’ve also used these in varying sizes for my kitchen gallery wall.

What are your favourite wall art quotes and typography prints? Do you have any recommendations on where to buy reasonably priced frames?

I’m actually running out of wall space for all of mine, not to mention the fact we’re supposed to be moving anyway……

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11 thoughts on “Inspirational Quotes And Typography Art

  1. I’ve never been in to quotes really but recently I bought my husband a birthday card from Paperchase which is white with black typography saying ‘you are the bees knees’ and it’s currently in a pile of things to be framed.

    In terms of frames, we have a massive picture wall and most of the frames are Ribba from IKEA. I struggle to move away from them.. We do have some similar ones from Wilkinsons and Dunelm. They’re of a similar price. All of our frames are white against a dark grey wall but I have been thinking of introducing some coloured frames for a bit of a change. We do also have some frames from charity shops. People always donate hideous pictures to the shops but they can be in quite ornate frames so when I see them I buy them and then paint the frame white and insert my own pictures..


    1. I have never thought of charity shops for frames Jennifer – might be worth a look. White against dark grey sounds lovely – ours is the other way around!

      I have also found some great birthday cards recently – £3 for potential wall art is a bargain! x

  2. For frames we always get ours from the amazing place that is the Range! Amongst the tat they do pretty nice frames. I’ve just bought a glass metal frame one (like Cox and Cox do) for £4! They do nice wooden ones too.

    1. I have never shopped at the Range Victoria! We do have a Home Sense near us though and I keep meaning to go in as their frame selection is huge! Always a bit worried I’m going to come out with loads of other stuff too though…they have some ace perspex make-up storage boxes 🙂

  3. Love these prints! I have a similar problem with almost having run out of wall space so having to seriously ration my print buying habit, and that’s even with a big gallery wall in our living room! Oops.
    In terms of reasonably priced frames, I love the old fave IKEA, plus some surprise places like The Range, Wilko, Sainsbury’s. All those places do classic white ones and also ones with slightly different designs too – different layered mounts etc. that are nice to try sometimes. Looking forward to hearing where everyone else finds their frames!

    1. India I forget about supermarkets, I think because we order our shop online so often now and I never think to look at the home sections x

      1. Yes I know it is so easy to forget about supermarkets – I have had some lovely white frames from Sainsburys which have layered mounts, they are some of my favourite ones actually. Also second the charity shop comment, and have also had some bargains from Ebay (ones without glass in that I turned into fabric notice boards) that I have spray painted as well, so that’s another tip if you have a particular colour in mind.
        Looking forward to the rest of interiors week! xx

  4. I’m a big fan of upcycling frames from charity shops. You could also get mirrors cut for the frames for a fraction of the price it would cost to buy a new one.

    I need to go on the hunt for interesting frames soon. I want to make a display by faming some of our wedding cards. It seems a shame that such lovely cards are just sitting in a box when they can liven up the wall at the top of my staircase. It is about the only clear wall space in my house too!

  5. I love the calligraphy quotes! Are there any other shops you can recommend to look for these?

    For frames you can’t go wrong with ikea ribba! We also have an assortment in creams from dunelm, Asda and Next left over from our wedding. Need to get some prints to make a gallery wall!

  6. Birthday cards are all over our house in frames! Not ones that say happy birthday obviously (that would be a bit off season most of the year) but for our family cards to each other we always choose something arty or inspirational and fill them with our essays to each other… its a nice way to keep all the gushy letters we’ve written and soppy things we’ve written to the children each birthday and anniversary.
    My fave ‘proper print’ thats not a card comes from Lola Hoad… I came across her on instagram after her design for ‘Shop independently this Christmas’ went viral but she got very little credit for it. Her ‘Never forget why you started’ print is positioned at the bottom of my stairs… and on my colleagues desk. I bought us both one to remind us of the days we started our organisation, being paid next to nothing, working ridiculous hours but being head over heels in love with the vision we had and what we wanted to make happen. It challenges me every time I slip into taking things for granted, or feeling a bit mundane in the daily routine. Its such a great message to read before I skip out the door in the morning!

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