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In The Nude

Author: Guest Post

My name is Jess and I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with nude.
Lipstick may I add. I have a grand total of about 47 nude lipsticks in my never-ending quest to find the ‘perfect’ nude. Is there such a colour? Everybody has different colouring and a universal confusion about what ‘nude’ means. For example, are we talking sixties throwback concealer-style pale, a literal barely there nude, my lips but better or a stronger bolder nude lip that is more browny toned? Everyone has a different concept of the nude look and a different style that suits.

For me, I have mid toned skin, dark hair and dark eyes. My eyes are by far my best feature so I want my lips to complement them, not to take away from them. My favourite nude of all time was a Revlon number that I wore for my wedding day which has sadly been discontinued (sob, Revlon how could you?!) and for the past two or three years I’ve been hunting to find the perfect replacement. I know I’m not the only nudist around here as I’ve met many others in my quest to find the perfect barely-there-yet-so-bloody-beautiful shade. So I’ve written up my top ten (yes ten!) because if you’re in the mood for a nude, there’s bound to be one here to suit.

Nude lipsticks

Also, selfishly, I was hoping if I wrote this post that others would let me know their favourite nudes so I could enjoy some much needed dirty enabling myself – because you can never have too many nudes in your make-up bag, amiright? Here they are, my top ten nude shades for everyday…

The Best Nude Matte Moisturising and Sheer Lipsticks

Maybelline – Tantalizing Taupe

£6.99 Superdrug

This cheap and cheerful Maybelline number goes with everything. Sheer and with a pretty sheen, this gives a basic pinky beige hue to the lips, a barely there nude, my favourite type and all for under a tenner. It does need a few applications to build up a bit of colour and even then it’s super subtle and will need multiple applications throughout the day, but it’s a perfect grab and go lipstick for every occasion.

Chanel – Boy

£31 John Lewis

A classic colour, Chanel Boy is one I always reach for. In the tube I’m always put off by the look of it as it looks slightly too dark for me but this doesn’t translate on the lips, it’s gorgeously glossy and a great everyday colour, a total YLBB (your lips but better) option. And need I mention the packaging?

Charlotte Tilbury – Miss Kensington

Part of a trio from Charlotte Tilbury

I’m not normally much of a fan when it comes to mattes. In fact the only matte lipsticks I wear are generally Charlotte Tilbury (plus one Mac lipstick featured below) and even then they are few and far between. Miss Kensington has a rose petal pink hue and feels classy yet understated, inspired by the girls of the sixties and Norman Parkinson’s pictures of his muses, one of which was Audrey Hepburn. To me this equates to… wearing this lipstick equals Audrey Hepburn. Well, that’s my justification anyway.

Clinique – Beige Pop Lip Colour & Primer

£17 John Lewis

Despite being called Beige Pop, this is more pink than beige but I actually really like it, especially for the summer. What I love most about this lipstick though is the formula. I believe it’s my fave formula to date, it’s super moisturising and utterly weightless but with great colour payoff. Technically this is a blog about lipsticks, not about glosses or hybrids but I just have to mention the Clinique Pop Lip Lacquer and Primer in Wink Pop also, I adore it and it’s next on my wish list to buy!

L’Oréal – J Lo’s Nude

£6.99 Superdrug

This is probably in my top three nudes of all time and it comes in at just £6.99. The colour is stunning, the formula feels amazing and the price is fantastic. A pink hued nude, this is a subtle, chic and discreet shade. I have to say, I’m really impressed with L’Oreal, and it even lasts longer than I would have expected although not as long as many others I’ve featured. It is probably the best value lipstick I’ve ever owned for cost to wear ratio, I have a few of these stashed around the house/office/handbag so I’m never without!

Mac – Hug Me

£17.50 Asos

This was recommended to me by a makeup artist who said it’s a universal nude that suits everyone. Based on that I bought it without even trying it (no MAC counter in Cornwall!) I have to say I’m really impressed with how great it looks! It’s a gorgeous formula and a truly flattering shade. It’s not my usual pinky nude, more a my-lips-but-better with a lustrous finish that I truly think would flatter most! A new addition to my lipstick wardrobe but one I think I’ll get lots of wear out of!

Charlotte Tilbury – Kim KW

£24 John Lewis

I wanted this for a while and bought it in a mini trio set so I could try it first. What I love about it is that it’s a sixties style nude, that pale look that goes perfectly with a smoky eye, I also particularly like the formula, her K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula which I prefer to her matte formula. The light-diffusing pigments mean that it has a full-bodied effect which I love. However, in reality it perhaps washes me out a little. What I have discovered though is that when I mix it with other colours I adore it – it looks lovely mixed with Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink or combined with some of the other nudes featured here. I think it’s excellent that Charlotte Tilbury do some mini lipstick shades because if, like me, you’re based in the back end of nowhere, you can try without committing to a colour.

Mac – Kinda Sexy

£17.50 Asos

Kinda Sexy pretty much sums it up, something about this lipstick makes me feel like Scarlett Johansson. The reality of the matter is that I just look like me with slightly peachier lips but I suppose that’s it, I don’t really do peach colours so it’s a real novelty in my make up bag. Still a nude but with a slight peach/coral hue, I need to be wearing make-up to pull this shade off, otherwise it can pull a little orange and look like I may have just been eating bolognaise! When I get it right though it looks super sexy and I love it, especially with a touch of gloss on top.

Charlotte Tilbury – English Beauty

£16.80 Charlotte Tilbury

I realise there are a fair few Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks in my top ten but to be fair to her, she really does make an amazing formula. Matte, creamy, luxurious, gold packaging and that oh-so-satisfying click (I feel like a Hollywood star just getting it out of my handbag) this is the dream my-lips-but-better shade. This lipstick is apparently a slightly softer and pinker alternative to the iconic pillow talk (makes note to purchase Pillow Talk), making it a subtle and elegant addition to your lipstick wardrobe (and its currently on offer – woo hoo!). Sadly it’s limited edition and I’m a bit attached to it already, it’s in my top five for sure!

Smashbox – Monogamous

£17.50 Boots

Saving the best until last, this is my ultimate favourite nude lipstick of all time. It’s so sheer and beautiful. It might not be for everyone as it really is a barely-there colour, but for me, this is what I look for in a nude. A lipstick that doesn’t make people say “what lipstick have you got on?” but one where people say “you look great” without knowing why. Flattering and feather-light, I adore this colour and it’s one of my favourite formulas too, second only to the Clinique Pop range featured above. This lipstick is lightweight yet long-lasting, one that I stumbled across by chance and I’ve been in lipstick love ever since. Has it made me become monogamous? Sadly not. I don’t think I’ll ever be a one-lipstick girl but if I could only take one lipstick on holiday it would almost always be this one!

Which nudes do you like most and what brand do you swear by? (Digs credit card out in preparation.)


Guest post by Jess Collins

A guest contribution from one of our readers.

29 thoughts on “In The Nude

  1. I thought I was a nude lover, but there are quite a few on this list I haven’t tried. I’m liking the sound of Mac’s Kinda Sexy…
    I’ll throw my Mac fave into the mix while we’re here. Brave… more of a mauve-y nude. But myself and three of my friends own it and it looks completely different yet stunning on us all. Definitely a makeup bag staple for me.

    1. Hi Naomi,

      Oooh Brave sounds awesome, I’ll add it to my list! I don’t own many MAC lipsticks due to no real access in Cornwall but Hug Me is already becoming something I pick up regularly! More MAC please! 🙂

  2. Boy is the queen of summer nudes. I think I go through a tube a year!
    I don’t think I’ve bothered trying any more- they all feel a bit “flat” or too beige/pink/brown and I can’t cope with the disappointment so I revert back to buying my 85th red lippy instead!

    1. Boy is just wonderful isn’t it? I think it’s my most used lipstick of all time and the lady at my local Chanel counter said it’s one of the most popular shades (she also mentioned one called Adrienne that I shall be checking out!)

      1. I was going to say Adrienne is lovely Jess!
        It’s a bit more heavy coverage than Boy but I love it. It’s a touch browner but not quite 90s!

  3. My two faves are Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect (I LOVE that K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula), with a Pillow Talk lip liner underneath, and Mac Velvet Teddy. Although I have recently tried the Fenty lip gloss and that is amaaaazing – it’s like a sheer, sparkly, nude with a hint of rust gloss and I love it!

    1. Gem have you tried Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob? It’s the EXACT same colour as the CT Lip Cheat Liner in Pillow Talk (and about £5 or something). I have both and can’t tell the difference.

    2. I quite like Bitch Perfect also although slightly prefer Penelope Pink. Neither of them made my top ten though! A few people have mentioned Velvet Teddy so I’ll have to check it out! I don’t know about the Fenty lip gloss, off to investigate! 😉

  4. Oooh love this post and I love a good lippie recommendation. I am definitely going to be checking out the Chanel one, sounds lush! I am a big lover of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, they last so long, aren’t drying on the lips and feel really comfortable, not to mention all the lovely shades. Pillow talk is probably my favourite nude xxx

    1. I have the Chanel Boy one Sarah. The colour is so similar to my own lips though (which I suppose is the purpose of a nude!) but I love the finish – makes me feel a bit glossier! x

    2. The Chanel one is amazing! Everyone has been saying how wonderful Pillow Talk is, I just worry that it may pull slightly too brown on me looking at some of the reviews for it. I think I’m going to take the risk though and just buy it as I’ll always wonder ‘what if?’ otherwise!

  5. Dior Addict Lip Glow 001 for me. Granted it has more of a gloss to it than matt and it’s quite sheer but it brings out the colour of your natural lips, so it could be different on every one who uses it. Perfect everyday.

  6. LOVE this feature….:)

    I have Beige Pop – the formula is definitely a favourite and I have CT Kim KW – I tend to wear the latter mixed with Liv It Up to create the perfect pink/beige nude for me.

    I bought Chanel Boy for the team a few years ago when we had a meeting in Sommerset, the lady at the counter said it was a “suit all shade” so I was sold!

    I think I need the Smashbox one x

    1. Haha I thought you might Charlotte, you’re the queen of nude-pink! You would love the Smashbox one, it’s so gorgeous! Oooh I was looking at Liv it Up but it just looks so pink to me, I’m worried it’s too pink (although combined with Kim KW I expect it’s quite nice!) I have my eye on Kidman’s Kiss too, it’s just such a shame that there is nowhere in the south west to try them as it gets expensive buying and hoping!

  7. I highly recommend one from M&S, its the Rosie for Autograph range, one of those crayon shaped lipsticks, I think the colour is called Supermodel Smile. Very sheer subtle colour!

  8. I am a fellow Nudist on the hunt for the perfect shade and the best one I have found it Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Barely Pinking Shine. I always have one of these on me – and another couple spares at home just in case it goes missing / they discontinue (the nightmare!). Its just the right amount of colour to add a little something but defiantly not a ‘your wearing lipstick’ look. It’s just gorgeous!

  9. I’ve never found a lipstick I like… maybe I’m just rubbish at buying them but whenever I’ve asked for advice at counters it’s never been very helpful and I feel a bit stupid ☹️. I just don’t know what suits me so have stopped trying! I tend to use a pink Vaseline or a skin salve like Glossier dotcom or Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. I’m rubbish at buying all make up actually! Maybe I should try again with one of these recommendations…

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I’ve had to try lots to find these as I know what it’s like out there in the lipstick jungle! The idea behind featuring ten was so that people like you would hopefully find one they liked. If you are after a natural and glossy finish, I can not recommend the Smashbox one enough. Boots have them on display so you can try it and see how you feel. The Maybelline one is pretty much a suits-all shade too and is affordable. I advise setting aside a couple of hours, going to Boots and trying a few to get a feel for colours and finishes you like. Let us know how you get on!

    1. Hi Sophie,

      I guess they are. In all honesty, I didn’t want to recommend lip colours that I hadn’t personally tried and tested and so I’ve written this from my perspective and personal experience. I’ve tried to include lipsticks that are all different and as universally flattering as I can but I have to be honest and say that yes this is from a Caucasian (eg my) perspective. It’s not a sponsored post and I’m no beauty expert, I’m just one woman on the hunt for the perfect nude lip colour for me and wanted to share my journey in the hope it inspired others (I actually own every single one of these ten so it’s an insight into my makeup bag above all else). I hope it didn’t offend!

      1. I think you missed my point a bit. By all means write from your own experience, but think about the wording you use. If, as Caucasian women, we don’t think about the world wider than our own then we are complicit in the behaviour that prevents people of colour from advancing. There are loads of other words that could have been used – neutral, blush, pink, rose, beige….. or just “lipstick”!
        I’m not sure RMS is ready to be “woke” but it’s worth a try, hey?!

  10. Having read this post I ( obviously !) immediately started trawling the internet with credit card in hand. Not to enable us any more buuuuuut there’s a sale on the Charlotte Tilbury website, so I just snapped up American Dream and English Beauty for half price 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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