Five Tips if You’re Considering Hacking the Ikea Play Kitchen

Author: Lisa Soeno

Hands down, the most-played with toy in our house is the play kitchen. When we have kids over for playdates it’s the first thing they head to, Lyra has spent literally hours cooking up feasts (plastic slice of cake served on a plate next to a wooden fish anyone?!) and now Jenson is crawling, his favourite thing is to haul himself over to the toy kitchen and empty out all the wooden and plastic food.

When I was choosing which kitchen to buy for Lyra I was torn between a John Lewis country kitchen and the Ikea Duktig kitchen. The Duktig actually looks pretty cool un-hacked but you know me, I love an Ikea hack, and if I had gone for the Duktig I would definitely have tried my hand at hacking it to transform it into a bespoke piece.

I decided to go for an easy life and opted for the John Lewis kitchen, but if you’re considering buying an Ikea Duktig to hack then here are five tips and a bunch of inspiration pics.

1. Give the Cupboards a Facelift

I reckon this is key to making the play kitchen look less Ikea. Before assembling the kitchen, (disassemble if you’ve already put it together), use spray paint to change the colour of the cupboard doors from signature-Ikea-white to navy, or grey, or the lovely mint shade used on the toy kitchen in the header.

2. Update the Worktops

Worktops, worktops, worktops. All Rich and I talk about at the moment is worktops. (I sound like I’m moaning but really I love it). I actually prefer the wooden worktop that comes with the Duktig toy kitchen to my real-life kitchen worktops, but you could go the whole hog and apply marble contact paper to create a super-stylish work surface for your little ones.

3. Add in a Backsplash

I don’t know about you but I’ve got reams of wallpaper left over from decorating rooms in the house (flamingo bathroom, I’m talking to you), and a squillion odd bits of giftwrap. If I were to hack a Duktig I would be hammering a piece of MDF to the back and pasting some wallpaper or giftwrap onto it to create a pretty backsplash. Or hunting down some white hexagonal tile stickers to make the kitchen even more realistic.

4. Replace the Drawer Pulls

As with any furniture, an easy way to give an item a new lease of life is to replace the handles. The leather drawer pulls on the play kitchen in the header would be so easy to recreate using some old leather belts.

5. Create a Belfast Sink

I’m currently trying to work out how we can incorporate a Belfast sink into our actual kitchen. If only it were as easy as spray-painting our current sink white: the sink in this Ikea hack could almost pass for ceramic. Team with a spray-painted chrome tap and you’ve got a toy kitchen almost worthy of a mention in the Howdens lookbook.

You could even create a mini Smeg fridge to sit smartly alongside your creation, as per Brittany from Trodel. (I may steal Brittany’s blackboard idea for our kitchen).

For more inspiration of the hacking variety, click here for our favourite hacks as executed by yours truly and the rest of the Rock My team.

Have your kids got a Duktig? Have you hacked it, or are you tempted?

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Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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14 thoughts on “Five Tips if You’re Considering Hacking the Ikea Play Kitchen

  1. I hacked the IKEA kitchen about 3 years ago and thankfully it’s holding up really well to being constantly played with. It’s in our kitchen and my little boy plays with it when I’m also in the kitchen, I like that there’s something to keep him occupied while I’m cooking. I loved hacking it, such a sense of achievement to create something unique! – BUT I did have to spend quite a bit on it (from memory it was almost as much as the kitchen itself!), blue spray paint for the cupboards, stone effect spray paint for the work-surface, gold for the tap/sink/handles and then cupboard handles to mimic the cooker knobs. Definitely worth it though! xx

  2. Haha this is truly a ‘nice to do’ kind of activity as let’s be frank, the kids won’t care a jot, but what fun!

  3. I hacked my daughter’s Duktig kitchen for her 2nd Christmas when I was 8 months pregnant with her sister! The 4am nights when I couldn’t get comfy were put to good use adding an extra coat of paint in the garage! All worth it for the delighted face on Christmas morning. We chose mint green paint to mimic our own kitchen and she LOVES it. One year old sister now plays happily together with her and it’s hands down the most played with toy in our house – would highly recommend to anyone wavering! I added a sticky back plastic to the wood to mimic an oak worktop and splash back fabric. Basically living my kitchen dreams through hers! Great fun if you’re crafty, I highly enjoyed making it and seeing how much she enjoys it too 🙂 xx

  4. Rose is 1 in a month and we are planning on getting a Duktig for her birthday, I’m so excited to do the hacking – totally more for me getting to play around with kitchen design than for her though!! Hadn’t thought about doing a belfast sink – that’ll definitely be happening.
    Thanks for the post 🙂

  5. We hacked our little boys duktig kitchen for Christmas! White, with gold accessories to match my living room along with a marble kitchen top lol I darent tell my wife how much the stuff cost to hack it… We were still working on it at 11pm Christmas Eve, she was spray painting while I was assembling what I could while swigging sherry from the bottle praying he didn’t wake up. Fun times!! Well worth it though as on Christmas Day morning he walked straight over to it and said ‘WOW! Yay!!’

    1. Brilliant memories all round.

      Half the reason I chose the John Lewis toy kitchen was because it would blend in to our lounge 🙂

    2. Haha! We were also assembling into the night of Christmas Eve! After 5 mins of doing it together, I made an executive decision to stay out of the way as an argument was clearly brewing! Haha. Definitely a Christmas to remember 🙂 xx

  6. I am FAR too lazy to hack anything like this (not to mention too incompetent which is actually the main issue) but I got my 2 year old son a kitchen from George at Asda which is really nice and features gold taps and hardware and a clock etc in a fairly tasteful palette of teal, grey and metallic accents! And for under £40 I think it was pretty good value. They have other colours and variations now, too, it seems.,default,pd.html

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