How to Wear the ’70s Trend in 2019

Author: Alice Chorley

Within my group of friends I am well known for having pretty big parties. My birthday is in February so everyone has gotten over Christmas and Dry January and are ready to P-A-R-T-Y. I’m delighted to say that I think this year I peaked with my ultimate birthday party theme – ’70s.

Think Woodstock (although technically ’60s, I did let it go), disco, sequins, jumpsuits, Studio 54. And of course, the BEST music.
I have to admit, the men in my life were not overly happy with donning shaggy brown wigs, flares, and floral shirts but all my female friends were pretty thrilled.

There is an abundance of ’70s fashion on the high street at the moment and I promise, they don’t all feature sequins (although some of them do – don’t hate me)

’70s Dresses

Oh the dresses! This Topshop number has got a gorgeous ’70s boho feel but also bang on current trend with the snakeskin print. The bell sleeves in this & Other Stories floral dress are oh so dreamy, as is the pretty pastel pattern with this H&M option.
Team all of these with slouchy heeled or flat boots, a huge black hat and a fringed bag and you’ve got a perfect Joni Mitchell look.

  • H&M Tie-Belt Dress
  • Topshop Snakeprint Maxi
  • & Other Stories Midi Dress

’70s Trousers and Jumpsuits

When I think of the ’70s, I immediately think of wide legged trousers or flares. H&M have got some gorgeous wide leg trousers at the moment, in particular with the beautiful William Morris print. If you are a little shorty like me, don’t be afraid of these wide leg numbers, I love them because worn with heels they make me feel like Jerry Hall in her prime. The same goes with flares and our very own Charlotte swears by at least a bootcut to give her legs a bit of length. These Topshop ones are lovely and super comfy if you’re just looking for a hint of 70’s.
Finally, one of my favourite ’70s looks is Bianca Jagger in the white suit she married Mick in. What. A. Dream. In my opinion, this ASOS jumpsuit is an updated version of this – super simple but so sophisticated. And you don’t have to worry about pouring wine down it, because who can really be bothered to wear head to toe white?

  • Asos Jumpsuit
  • Topshop Flared Jamie Jeans
  • H&M William Morris Wide Leg Trousers

’70s Jumpers & Shirts

My ultimate ’70s look is actually a pretty understated one; Farrah Fawcett on the skateboard. With her gorgeous blonde flicks and a sweatshirt she is so effortlessly cool and this Mango jumper is a great updated version. I’m also loving those mustard hues.
If you’re loving these jumpers then you’re in luck because with this one you can pay homage to one of the best selling albums of the ’70s plus be super cosy.
However, if you fancy going a bit more formal but still rocking that 70’s look, M&S have this stunning blouse. I actually love how they have styled it online with statement earrings, worn jeans and cream boots.

  • Mango Contrast Panels Sweatshirt
  • Mango Pink Floyd Sweatshirt
  • M&S High Neck Blouse

’70s Accessories

I couldn’t talk about the ’70s without mentioning a gorgeous headscarf. This ASOS one is an absolute bargain but has that vintage Missoni print feel to it.
Gold, oversized jewellery was huge in the ’70s. More was more and so are these epic Anthropologie earrings. I think you could team these with any of the outfits above to complete the look.
Finally, and I know this is wishful thinking, but if you want to feel like a ’70s superstar, you need a pair of sunglasses. Pop these John Lennon-esque numbers on and imagine you’re basking in the sunshine at Woodstock.

  • Accessorise Hexagon Sunglasses
  • Asos Headscarf
  • Anthropologie Hoop Earrings

Oh, and if you are interested, this is what I wore to my birthday. Full-on sequins. I would recommend every woman has their own disco diva moment because it felt GREAT.

Now, please, I’d like to know; are you loving the ’70s vibe around at the moment? Maybe you hate it? Any other eras you’d like to see come back?

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13 thoughts on “How to Wear the ’70s Trend in 2019

  1. I miss the days of lots of discussion in the comments of RMS, what’s happened?

    Not a big fan of the 70s vibe – think you have to be waif like for it to work!

    1. Me too!

      I think that it is partly because the posts are less frequent (sadly, particularly since The Pool is gone now too, so my morning ritual of checking my two favourite sites is no more), but probably more because posts these days are less about the writer’s own opinions/lives?

      Obviously the amount and type of content is a conscious editorial choice, but I think it’s a shame because I loved reading the comments as well as the posts, and always the most commented on posts were those which share an opinion or an insight into someone’s life!

      1. Hi 👋
        I was thinking about this last week too. I don’t engage as much with instagram as I used to with the blog, and I’ve not been checking in here every day like I used too. I was looking through the archives the other day and realising just how long it was since we’d had this kind of post.

        (I’m going to miss the Pool too!)

  2. Not really a fan of the 70’s vibe, agree with Bunny that you need to be a certain shape for it to work! Which of course lots of people are but not really my thing.
    Just following up what the ladies said above it would be nice to know if the blog is staying, I don’t check it very often either these days & used to every morning. I know there was an update a few months saying content was being split between this & instagram but would be interested in future plans too x

  3. I love the 70s style, every time its on the high st i stockpile. Monki has had some amazing things in and ive been living in my asos cord jumpsuits. I love the mango jumper but it wouldn’t suit my figure sadly, got to disagree with above comment, im an average height curvy 12 (with added curves from 3 month baby,!) And i find 70s styles really flattering, i just steer clear of the empire line dresses. Just wishing i could still get out in my 70s style heeled boots but its flats all the way right now!

  4. I don’t have instagram so I had missed out on that update.

    I think not having Lauren and Charlotte’s voices makes a difference. They were my favourites.

    RMS had a buzz about it but seems to be going the same way the Rock my Family did, which is a shame. Sure it will pick up soon.

  5. The shift to post more on instagram rather than the blog in my view is a shame….I check here out of habit but the content and tone is poor in comparison to what is was. I agree – the discussion and conversation in the comments was great – lively, interactive and informative. Always sad when a blog you enjoyed with breakfast as a short escapism dwindles or ceases.

    1. Sadly I agree too. I still check every few days, hopeful but often disappointed with the content. I loved this blog (and Rock My Family) and have been wondering whether it is about to be wound down to be honest? I would love to find out what the plan is going forwards.

      Sorry Alice, lovely to see a post from you but 70s fashion is not my thing either. Not that that matters!! Everyone has their own likes and dislikes 🙂 I just don’t have anything to add on that subject.

  6. Yep – agree with comments above. This site used to be a ‘must read’ for me. Now not so much. Would be very interested to know what the forthcoming plans are with the blog. I love Instagram but found the RMS posts weren’t hitting the mark for me and just full of aff links so seemed to be more about income generation than something I could get interested in.

  7. I agree too – I found Rock my Family SO interesting and absolutely loved all of the stories, I really enjoyed the reader contributions too! Really not feeling the latest posts on this site although Naomi’s mindfulness article was great! Its a real shame that Rock my family disappeared, and Rock my style seems to be going the same way. Maybe more reader submissions could be included, if struggling for articles? Hope it picks up soon.

  8. I’m afraid I also agree with the above comments. When it was first mentioned that there would be a reduction in content here, but increased on Instagram I was a bit sceptical but understood why and was willing to embrace the change. However, given the Insta algorithms, I rarely see new posts on there. Like others have said, I enjoyed the discussion and find that it’s harder on Instagram given the way the comments are ordered. I’m hoping that there will be an update soon on the plans for the blog though! Given the comments, it’s clear there is still a market for it!!

    Alice – whilst 70s fashion is not for me, your party sounds epic and your jumpsuit is stunning!

  9. Hi everyone. So nice to see it’s not just me who misses the interaction. I use to comment on every post. You can sign up for email alerts so you know when a new blog has been posted. I used to love reading both RMS and RMF even though we’re not even engaged never mind married yet! I wrote the Edinburgh mini break blog that was published here between Christmas and NY, mostly because I loved the travel content and also miss the frequent content so much. Hope RMS doesn’t stop because there’s nothing else like it xx

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