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How To Take Care of Hat Hair

Author: Lauren Coleman

During the winter months I like to sport a hat. In fact, all year round I like to don a bit of headwear to either protect my bonce from the arctic temperatures or the heat of the sun. I’m still wearing last year’s grey felt trilby from H&M but I’ve also included a little selection below of some of my favourite head gear from the high street.

It’s all well and good attempting to look stylish while wearing a hat but it can be a flipping nightmare when said attire is removed. I used to take mine off and be met with a fringe plastered to my head and a distinct lack of bounce.
Now I’ve always been a big fan of dry shampoo – In fact I don’t just apply it when my locks need a wash, I also use it as a bit of a volumiser for freshly washed hair too. However when I was heading off on a weekend break recently I didn’t want to be carting about aerosols in my bag so instead I packed my Batiste XXL Plumping Powder. It’s less than a fiver for a small drum of powder which you sprinkle lightly into your roots to get a volumising lift and a bit of texture – perfect for avoiding the dreaded hat hair. I just add a light dusting to my tresses after I remove my hat.
The only problemo is when you come to rinse out as the formula is almost water resistant thanks to its moisture sapping qualities. I find a couple of rounds of shampoo are necessary to get a good lather on to remove the residue.

Any other tips for hat hair?

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6 thoughts on “How To Take Care of Hat Hair

  1. I use got 2 be powderful volumizing powder, not for hat hair ( as much as I try I can’t make them look good) but does the same thing as bastiste and haven’t found it tough to wash out! Xx

  2. I’ve been using Colab dry shampoo extreme volume leaves no white residue. I use the normal Colab dry shampoo everyday but when I need to give my hair a bit of resuscitation this is my go to.? Xx

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