The Nearly-Nakd Bar

Author: Lisa Soeno

Does anyone else crave something sweet immediately after a meal? I have to admit that I suffer from this even straight after breakfast. Well these Nearly Nakd bars (so called because they’re a DIY version of the blinking delicious, chocolatey-but-still-healthy, Nakd bars) are brilliant for satisfying that sweet tooth, minus the guilt. So they’re even acceptable at 9am.

These bars are fab for three reasons.

Firstly, they’re DEAD easy. As you will see from the instructions below.

Secondly, they are YUM. The cocoa in them really makes them taste like a chocolate treat. I snack on them when I’m working from home, Jenson demolishes them, and they even pass the taste test with Lyra, who’s getting fussier with food by the day. They’re also brill if you have a food allergy (apart from nuts – obvs): our friends’ little boy has a dairy intolerance and I have previously felt so awful when he’s at our house and I have no dairy-free treats to give him when the others are digging in to biscuits/cake. Not any more!

Thirdly, it’s possible that you already have all the ingredients in your cupboards. Ok, so possibly not the dates. But I’m not going to ask you to use mejdool dates, a la Deliciously Ella. Any old dates will do. (Fact for you: dates can shorten labour. So there’s reason number four if you’re pregnant).

Nearly Nakd bar

How to Make Nearly Nakd Bars

1. Whizz together the following ingredients in a food processor.

2 cups dates
1 cup cashew nuts
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1.5 tsp vanilla extract (Make sure you don’t go overboard on the vanilla as it’s such an overpowering taste. I had to chuck a batch once when I accidentally poured in too much).

2. Squidge the mixture down into the bottom of a Tupperware box/boxes. It needs to be around 1.5cm thick. Pop the lid on.

3. Put in the fridge for 20-30 mins.

4. To remove from the Tupperware, run a knife around the inside edge then turn the box upside-down onto a chopping board. Cut into bar shapes and ENJOY!


  • When I’ve been desperate for something sweet but haven’t had any cashews in the cupboards I’ve used almonds/mixed nuts/peanuts. The latter make them taste more Snickers than Nakd.
  • For a slightly less sweet option, try raisins, and next on my to-try list is swapping the dates with cranberries for a tangy-er taste.
  • Instead of chopping the mixture into bars I sometimes shape it into little balls straight out of the food processor. Rolled up they could almost pass for truffles. Almost.

If you have any other tips or tricks up your sleeve when it comes to quenching that post-meal sweet-tooth I’m all ears.

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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12 thoughts on “The Nearly-Nakd Bar

  1. Oh these sound yummy – how long do they last for once made?

    I am the same – post lunch and dinner i always fancy something sweet – so to stop me gorging on too much chocolate – i buy the mini/snack size choc bars in the variety bags – often just one of those is enough to satisfy that craving post lunch and then in the evening i might have some skinny popcorn with a square of dark choc – it works well for me 😀

    1. Kept in the fridge they can last a couple of weeks Janey 🙂

      Skinny popcorn and a bit of dark chocolate sounds like such a good combination!

  2. Ooh i had some very similar cocoa orange bites from Tesco last night, made from dates, cocoa, orange, rice flour, honey and ‘flavouring’. Fab to have a very short ingredient list for a off the shelf product, and only £1.50 for 110g.

    I like the idea of making my own sometime though.

    PS Loved the spread of subjects covered in the blog this week – thank you!

    1. These sound v similar to the nakd ones! Delish.
      Great to hear you’re liking the mix of topics on the blog at the mo 🙂

    1. These look like a healthy Rocky Road! Also love a recipe that doesn’t require a million ingredients. Well up for giving this a try, thank you for the recommendation x

  3. These look fab! Just what I need whilst on mat leave. One question tho – cup measurement – what’s that in grams or ounces?!? Thanks

  4. Having tried this, proper dates, not dried chopped ones from a bag… off to see what I can invent to salvage it!

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