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3 Simple Mindfulness Exercises (You Can Do Anywhere)

Author: Naomi Liddell

Meditation, colouring in, going for walks… These are all lovely ways to help bring a bit more calm and peace to life. But I often found that the general mindfulness advice of taking time to switch off didn’t really help me when I was feeling tense or experiencing anxiety in real life situations. If I found myself irritated by a co-worker, overwhelmed by a manic day with the kids or feeling hormonally on edge, the idea of sitting down to meditate would have sounded like a the last thing I wanted to do. So, over time, I built a little arsenal of mindfulness practices to help me out when I needed to calm nerves before an important meeting or for when both kids were having simultaneous meltdowns and I just needed to compose myself. These exercises were given to me by a therapist I saw years ago and have stuck with me ever since. They’re easy to remember, can be done absolutely anywhere, at any time and work a wee treat. 

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