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Easy Food To Feed A Crowd

Author: Naomi Liddell

Back when Ethan was little and we lived in Australia, we often would get together with a wide circle of friends for dinners, lunches, breakfasts, any excuse for a drink in the sun (and yes, Mimosas are a weekend breakfast staple there). Most of us were expats with a few Aussies thrown in so it was our equivalent of a big family get together. 

Now that we’re back in Scotland, we definitely don’t entertain as much as we used to (smaller house, more babies), but my years of cooking for 20+ people on a whim definitely left us with some good tips and tricks. These would be perfect for birthday parties, festive gatherings or any other excuse for getting a bunch of your favourite people in one space. Some of these food ideas actually came first, and then the friends flocked to us once we put the word out. A lot of these ideas involved some collaborative element (we found it a more fun and diverse table when everyone brought something), but with a bit of prep, you could absolutely smash them out solo. 

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