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’90s Revival

Author: Naomi Liddell

So Cornonavirus guys… Only joking. You’re about to read a completely frivolous, easy-going post about the 90’s revival. A temporary but welcome escape let’s say. Becky and I have been chatting all about the current ’90s trends. But actually, what it was like to have lived memory in the ’90s. Because, old. We figured it would be a fun way to spend a Tuesday, to remind each other of the nostalgic weird little things that went on twenty-plus years ago. We agreed not to confer and jotted down a list of all of our nineties memories. Amazingly there was no overlap but a hell of a lot of “Ohmygodrememberthaaaaaattttt”. 
I am entirely confident that we’ve left out heaps though, so feel free to chime in on the comments with your best loved nineties gems. 

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