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How to wear leopard print Pin Image

How to Wear Leopard Print

Author: Lisa Soeno

I’m going to spend the next five minutes of your time waxing lyrical about leopard print, and in particular the faux fur number that I’m wearing whilst skipping through the leaves with Lyra in the header above. So if you have an aversion to leopard you might want to look away now.

THE jacket was the result of a rushed shopping trip to John Lewis to buy boring things like school shoes. When we walked through the Boden bit, it pretty much jumped out at me and said ‘BUY ME!’. I didn’t: I did that thing of walking away and seeing if I was still lusting after it a week later. I was, and as I still had £150 John Lewis vouchers left over from my birthday and Christmas it made the £170 price tag much more palatable. (It’s only £127.50 on the John Lewis site and the Boden site with code A4H3 at the moment. I’m telling you this through gritted teeth. Ha!). So it’s definitely an investment piece, but I’ve been deliberating over buying a faux fur for the winter months for the past six years, so I’m confident I’m gonna get my money’s worth over the next six. And it has sparked SO MUCH joy: it’s perfect for days when I want to wear something slightly more glam than a parka. It’s hanging at the bottom of the stairs as I type, and every time I walk past it, it makes me happy and as sad as it sounds, I give it a little stroke (yes, it’s that strokable).

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