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At Home Cellulite Treatments in Spa Like Bathroom Pin Image

Can You Really Beat Cellulite?

Author: Lauren Coleman

I’ve had cellulite on my thighs as long as I can remember. It’s very rare you’ll see me with those lumps and bumps on show, even if I’m by the pool, with kaftans and sarongs becoming my firm friends.
On Sunday evening I was taking part in a very gentle workout which involved the not-so-strenuous activity of crossing one leg over the other. It was in this moment that I saw it. Cellulite on my CALVES. Who knew the little blighters could make it that far down your legs?! I’m told that post-pregnancy this new addition to my lower legs should disappear but what about all those flippy little knee-length dresses (or should I say tent-like smocks) I’ve been planning on wearing? I’ve done a bit of reading and the jury’s out as to whether or not I can improve its appearance without medical or chemical intervention, but in the meantime a few things might be worth a try.

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