Glossier – Is It Worth The Hype?

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

The answer is, as with any beauty product, it largely depends on your skin type and your personal requirements.

When the cosmetics brand Glossier launched I literally couldn’t wait for them to ship those millennial pink tubes and pots of alleged magic to the UK. I have read Into The Gloss for years (it is literally the only blog I do regularly read) and the founder Emily Weiss is one of my all time favourite entrepreneurial heroes.

I think the branding and marketing is on point, as is the concept “Beauty inspired by real life”. Weiss took feedback and desires from the vast and diverse readership of her beauty blog to essentially create a cosmetics line that was accessible, easy to use and enhances wearer’s features rather than mask them. And there lies the truth, the make-up in particular is simply not going to cut the mustard for problem skins or those that require any kind of significant coverage.

My Favourite Products From Glossier

Haloscope was my absolute will-buy-again pick of the bunch. A portable stick of subtle luminescent glow-making genius. It reminds me of the RMS luminizer but without the hefty pricetag and unhygienic pot. I bought the shade “Quartz” which is a kind of natural sheeny pearl. It looks fab on the bridge of your nose, the top of your cheekbones and on your cupid’s bow. I find I can re-apply it to freshen up my face when by afternoon I’m looking all dry and drab (which is basically every day at the moment).

I was also pleasantly surprised by the stretch concealer. It really is buildable (but no more than a light/medium coverage) and doesn’t seem to crease or migrate. I have started using intimate lightening cream. I have been reaching for this on days my dark circles are not quite as purple as usual (I think the extreme quantity of water and early nights due to pregnancy are helping) and to cover up the awkward redness around my nose that can often be flaky and look worse with make-up on. Will it replace my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush On Glow BB concealer? I very much doubt it. But I think it will be a super alternative for the warmer months when I require some lightening and brightening but don’t necessarily want to look as though I’m wearing anything at all.

I had high expectations for boy brow and it delivered. This tinted brow gel is their number one bestseller and I can see why. It just makes everything neat, tidy and slightly fuller. It’s also really easy to apply and it stays put. Will it change the appearance of your brows if they are sparse and wayward? No. You need Benefit Goof Proof for that. But I’m personally reaching for it most days now that my brows are tinted and fuller than usual.

Glossier Products That Didn’t Work For Me

I had such high hopes for cloud paint, Glossier’s gel-cream blush. I found it doesn’t really work when you pair it with anything underneath, which is an issue – unless you want to go barefaced except for cloud paint. On my skin in made my powders and tints look patchy and uneven. Perhaps my epidermis is simply too dehydrated, I’m sure on a normal complexion it would look as intended – a subtle flush.

The generation G lipstick was quite good, it wasn’t goopy and smudgy and was more of a “tint” than anything else. I bought the colour “Like” which wasn’t a “light powdery pink” on me as described – it was more of a mauve, and it did turn slightly more purple as the day wore on. It didn’t blow me away but then I’m a lipstick obsessive. If you don’t like the feel of anything but still want to perfect your pout then this might be worth a whirl.

The Perfecting Skin Tint evens out skin tone and the shade “medium” was lovely on my pale yellowish complexion. But I didn’t find it that sheer and glowy if I’m honest, it was a little bit on the dare I say, chalky spectrum? Again, perhaps I simply don’t have the right kind of skin.

Neither the Milk Jelly cleanser or the Priming Moisturiser worked for me for probably the same reasons, I didn’t feel the cleanser did much in the way of cleansing (it doesn’t touch eye liner) and the moisturiser wasn’t anywhere near rich enough – to be fair they do a rich version but it contains lavender which brings me out in a rash hence why I opted for the lighter version. I’ve read other reviews where folks have rated both the regular and the rich version very highly however.

If you fancy trying some products for yourself then the videos on the Glossier website are excellent in terms of giving you an idea of shades and finishes.

Have you tried any products from Glossier? What did you think? What were your favourites?

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18 thoughts on “Glossier – Is It Worth The Hype?

  1. We spoke about this before but I’m pretty much in the same camp as you. I soooo wanted to love it, I love the concept, the brand etc but the products (that I tried) are just meh. I ordered the Milk Jelly Cleanser and agree with what you’ve said above.. Boy Brow (for me) is just meh. I much prefer the Anastasia Beverly Hills version as I can get a good ashy colour from there. I also got Cloud Paint in Haze and I’ve been reaching for it most days. It gives a good “just eaten a bow of berries” look on the lips and it sits well on my skin but I think that’s because I’ve been going big on the winter skincare routine and I’m suitably hydrated for a change! I dithered over Haloscope because I already have a few cream based highlighters that I love (RMS being one) but based on your comments above, I’m adding to cart. It’s half the price of RMS so if it works on me, that’s a win! 🙌🏼

    1. Yay Haloscope is great! And I like the tube stick thing it comes in too. I’m liking the sound of a “Bowl of berries” for an Autumnal lip look, unfortunately with my colouring I just end up looking gothic with anything other than coral or pink. Maybe I need to be more experimental. I desperately need to up my winter skincare game! x

      1. I love a bit of gothic come A/W! 🧛🏻‍♀️

        Honestly, I’m all over the winter skincare just now. Been trying lots of new bits, will drop you an email!

  2. I have been impressed with my Glossier haul. I am really happy with the Milk Jelly Cleanser but only for a morning cleanse or after my normal balm to take my makeup off in the evening. I agree that it doesn’t have the oomph to remove all makeup. The stretch concealer and boy brow are great as is the wowder. What I was most surprised about loving is the scent Glossier you. I didn’t rate it the first time I tried it but it grew on me and it is now my go to everyday perfume.

    1. Oooh I’m yet to try my sample perfume Megan, based on your thoughts I’ll have to try it. I actually really like stretch for red blotchy cheeks too – I pat it on and it sits really well under powder (I don’t wear foundation). I heard the Wowder was drying which is why I didn’t buy it, is it colourless or does it have a tint to it? Sometimes I find non tinted powders end up looking a bit ashy? x

      1. Wowder has a tint to it. I got light/medium and the colour is great for me. I like that it doesn’t leave a completely matt finish. I brought it alongside the brush which I think works well. We haven’t talked about the little pink bags the products come in either! I am making great use out of them already!

        1. I might have to try it then Megan! And you are right – the packaging is so clever, I didn’t mention it in my review for fear of coming across as uber missing the point “The products were ok I guess but the bag it came in was AMAZING” ha ha hahahaha x

  3. Not tried anything yet but the impression I get is that the skincare product are a it ‘basic’. I’ll try the cleanser for a first cleanse when the 3 I have dwindle but for serums will stick with The Ordinary. Will give boy brow a try as I hate crusty brows and the shower oil sounds yummy. Hangs for cutting through the hype

    1. Hi Rachel, yes I would agree – and basic skincare is fine for younger/non difficult skin and actually good for those that may be overdoing it with rich potions and multiple acids and serums x

  4. I’ve really liked the Cloud Paint – the light pink Puff especially. But the Haloscope – that highlight is absolutely incredible!

    I also really like the cleanser – I’ve tended to use it with a muslin cloth at the end of the night to get rid of makeup.

    1. So glad stuff worked for you Ellie, what did you wear underneath cloud paint? I also have Puff and the colour is great x

  5. My first buy was the boy brow and I love it. I use it over my L’Oréal pencil and it is definitely something I will re-buy. I just placed an order for the cloud paint and generation g. So far I’m happy with those – the cloud paint sits quite well on my skin to say I’ve got really oily skin. The lipstick is ok, the colour (I think I got crush) is nice but wears off very quickly and the packaging is awful. I’ve had it two days and it’s broken already. My next purchase will be the perfume! I love my samples. I also have two samples of the cleanser but reluctant to purchase as reviews are a bit hit and miss!
    I have definitely pared down my beauty routine since the birth of my daughter 10 weeks ago and glossier products are nice and easy to use.

    1. Absolutely Emily, I think the whole range is very easy/quick to use and I definitely think there is a gap in the market for their products, hence why they are doing so well – not everyone has time or inclination to contour with 657 bronzers (I watched Louise Roe do her “simple” make-up routine recently and was like….what is your non simple routine like?!) and these products kind of enhance/give a bit of freshness x

  6. I’ve been disappointed by my generation G lipstick… Unless I apply right away in the morning with a fresh face of makeup, I find it barely shows! So disappointing but just means I’m even more in the market for Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk.

    BUT I am loving the milky jelly cleanser for something more gentle on my skin and after removing makeup with miceller water (I have naturally oily skin but some cleansers dry it out massively), the stretch concealer was a surprise for an everyday coverage concealer (I’ll still be reaching for it cosmetics concealer for days when I need more coverage) and bow brow is just fab!

    Love that this review has come with a more consideration after the launch as most blogs rushed out a review a day or so after, and I can’t help but think how long they’ve actually been using the products?

    1. Thanks Katie, we feel the same – I would never recommend/review anything I hadn’t tried multiple times and under various different conditions/situations.

      Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks are the best, I was styling a shoot recently and the make-up artist said the same – and she’s tried everything. “Valentine” is my every day favourite x

  7. It’s good to hear everyone else’s views on what works. I love the rose balm dot com and boy brow in clear- the blonde one tends to gather under my brows as the day goes on. Didn’t like the smell of milky jelly cleanser at first but as a morning cleanse it is good. Perfume is also growing on me. I had an issue with a broken generation g lipstick and they refunded and replaced it for me, customer service is excellent. The whole range seems like it is ideal for a more natural look and will be excellent for summer too. Might have to try haloscope now…

    1. I’ve not tried Balm Dot com Lisa but I love the sound of the birthday one with gold! Definitely give Haloscope a go if you like a subtle glow x

  8. I couldn’t wait to make my purchase and I loved the box and packaging when it arrived but was very disappointed with the products. I had the same problem with the gel blushers it doesn’t work over foundation which is pretty much useless! The coconut lip balm is nice but not amazing, the milky cleanser is ok but again nothing special. I found the wowder too drying. Have you tried trinny’s new make up range yet?

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