Getting Ready For Spring {With JYSK}

Author: Lauren Coleman

Well I’m sure we’ve all spent much of the last few weeks talking about the weather, however at some point this rain is going to break and it’ll be spring. I absolutely promise. Last weekend the lawn was mowed for the first time this year and James and I intend to spend next weekend in the garden getting ready for the season. Next week the weather forecast is telling me the sun is going to shine in Northamptonshire!

As mentioned last week, a new fence is high on back garden wish-list but there are lots of other little jobs we need to tackle over the coming weeks.

Clean Up

This little patio courtyard in front of my kitchen window needs some work so we’re ordering some more stones to cover the bare spots. I’ve had the leaf blower out to clear the area of debris (though clearly from these pictures I need to give it another go) and the other patios at the back of the house are waiting to be swept and scrubbed before the furniture can go back out.
JYSK Garden Furniture

Arrange Furniture

There’s something very uplifting about unveiling the garden furniture for the first time. We were very kindly gifted this super chic five-piece Vebbestrup lounge set from the lovely people at JYSK. The sturdy aluminium frame is rust resistant and the hand-woven polyrattan is weatherproof too (which let’s face it is a must for our climate). The two matching tables are great if you’re entertaining a crowd as one table is never enough. We were also impressed that the grey seat cushions were included too as I know from previous experience they’re often a spendy extra.
The cushions we’ve added are indoor but JYSK have a huge range of garden appropriate pretties for you to feast your eyes on.
It seems crazy to imagine that it’ll be hot enough to sit outside soon but I really feel we’ll be sunning ourselves soon. Anyone else share my optimism?!

Plan Your Planting Schemes

I’ve got big plans for one of the beds in our garden which essentially involves ripping everything out and starting again. We seem to have lost a lot of the plants over the cold winter so it seems like the right time to start again. I’ve been flicking through lots of gardening mags and scouring Pinterest for lots of inspiration and doing my research to get a good grasp of the eventual height and spread of plants, making a shortlist in my notebook of all the flora and fauna I want to get my hands on. I think I’ll be going for a purple and white scheme but am still undecided.

Deadheading, Pruning and Feeding

We’ve already done a lot of pruning but there’s still loads of clearing up to do and lots of the winter debris to clear away. I haven’t given anything a feed yet so I intend to go round and treat all the shrubs and climbers to a Cordon Bleu feast.

Plant Spring Containers

My mum gave me this gorgeous ranunculus for Easter which I’ve planted in a rustic style outdoor planter (also gifted from JYSK). I’m a big fan of the fabric handles and willow finish.
I’ve also planted up lots of pansies and primroses though I’ll probably hold off doing any more until we slip into petunia season next month. Although the planting mentioned in this archive planting feature are more suitable for summer, there’s lots of handy tips if you want a bit of guidance on planting up your pots.

Also it’s GREEN Weekend at JYSK both online and in-store with lots of garden related offers starting today and ending on Sunday (15th April).

What have you got planned for your garden over the next few weeks? Is anyone else already way ahead in the winter clean-up or are you waiting for fairer skies before you get the secateurs out?

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17 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Spring {With JYSK}

  1. This is the first summer that we’ll actually have a garden having spent the last 10 years in a flat and I can’t wait! However it is in a bit of a state. Luckily my husband is already on it – he’s cleared away most of the debris, created some flower beds and given the grass a once over (although it’s now quite patchy so considering our options). We’ve also got a conifer which is taller than the house 🙈 but we’ve just booked a tree surgeon to remove it which will give us so much more sunlight (esp given we’re south facing). However beyond that the garden fixes will be temporary as we’re planning an extension so will have to move the patio area and re-landscape the bottom of the garden then. Will be pinning some of this for future reference and inspiration though- The chairs are gorgeous!

    1. Snap, we’re hopefully moving next week and I am itching to get my green fingers on the garden! It needs landscaping as there is no patio and it has quite a steep slope at one end and the dreaded conifers too! Once it’s done I can fill it with toys for my two boys and maybe I’ll actually get some peace…

    2. Jo, I love how on it your husband is. We feel really far behind this year.
      Removing the tree will make such a difference. We had one removed last year and it was like someone turned a light on!

  2. Gorgeous! My husband has been busy in the greenhouse and garden planting up, hoping to have some veggies too this year. We are currently looking for some garden furniture so this post has come at an excellent time! Has anyone else seen any garden furniture which they would recommend? X

    1. Good luck with the search Anneliese, there are lots of different ranges at JYSK for you to have a gander at x

  3. Two trips to the garden centre last week and then the rain came so it’s all still sitting there looking rather sorry for itself. I’ve got a new raised bed that I’ve cobbled together out of old wood and left over shed paint. Husband has described it as ‘rustic’ so clearly my garden DIY is not up to much. Got a few shop bought bits and pieces but it always seems such an expensive way to create a garden, especially when the starting point is a fairly large rectangle of uneven sloping patchy grass. Was not born with green fingers so any recommendations on really basic guides?

  4. We had a very soggy trip to the garden centre on easter monday, and came back with a few new pots, and plants to go in them. There was a break in the rain in the afternoon that allowed us to get things planted. A new tiny magnolia tree, and some lovely lavender.

    Last year our garden was a building site, and it suffered a lot. The lawn needs some serious repair work as most of it is now moss, and we hadn’t done much with it towards the end of last year other than bung some bulbs in the ground, which are now starting to flower. (I even did the bulb lasagne thing, so we’re getting things through in waves). We have plans to slowly transform the space, though – getting some more herbs in by the kitchen door, adding some climbers, and talk of the patio itself getting tiled (as it is currently just a slab of concrete that used to be the parking space).

    I’m hoping that we can at least get it looking a bit softer this year, and nicer to spend time out in with the toddler (who I understand is getting some gardening tools of her own for her birthday).

  5. Great to get the littles involved when they’re young Rebecca. How lovely are magnolias too?
    I think we’re hiring a scarifier soon as we have loads of moss as well. Hoping it will make a big difference.

  6. So excited for our garden this year. We have a fair bit of land – thankfully most of it is lawned – but the Gardner is coming in to clear for 4 days end of this month in advance of the bank holidays. Just the beds and borders really.
    What I’m REALLY excited about is the treehouse. The old one needs smashing down and a new one is going up!

    1. I’d be very excited about a treehouse too! Is it a kit or do you have to custom build a treehouse?

  7. This post inspired me to actually BUY some garden furniture…this exact set. Thanks so much! We have been searching for something for the last 2 years and always leave it too late in the season / never find anything we really like. Bring on the promised heatwave next week (and fingers crossed the sofa arrives on time). Now for cushion shopping…

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