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How Do You Get Good Hair?

Author: Lauren Coleman

Since the start of the year I feel I’m much more in control of my skincare but in the haircare stakes I’m far from having it sussed. However three discoveries via these pages have got me making steps in the right direction.

You know some people just have good hair? I’m not one of them. I haven’t the patience to style it and get in a right kerfuffle if I attempt to use my straighteners to do anything other than their intended purpose. How does one get a cute wave with their GHDs? It baffles me.

For years I’ve battled with tresses that needs washing every day. On that note, you have no idea how many times I’ve tried to abstain from a daily hair dousing. You don’t need to tell me that such frequent washing strips oils but seriously if you saw my scalp on day two you too would be running for the shower with shampoo in hand.


I had been intrigued by all these paraben and sulphate free shampoos and tried the Herbal Essences Naked range. Sadly for me their detox shampoo did not get on well with my hair. In fact far from detox, it was like I had immense build-up on my tresses – my hairdresser thought I’d taken up a weekly dip in the local swimming pool! Therefore when Charlotte suggested the Olsson Scandinavia Sensitive shampoo I was quick to make the change. As mentioned in Mrs O’s post here, this is a product with no colourants, preservatives or fragrance. It’s the bees knees for fresh, clean and bouncy hair and I’ve just stocked up on the 3 for 2 deal to keep me going over the next few months. This is the only shampoo I’ve ever found which sometimes allow me to go another day without washing.

Intensive Mask

Way back in the early days of RMS one of our readers recommended Bleach London Hair Reincarnation Mask. At just £6 this intensive conditioner is a snip and as I only use three or four times a month a tube lasts me ages. My colour is definitely resurrected after applying the cream for ten minutes and my hair is softer and more nourished. For a few weeks I thought they had discontinued my favourite haircare product but thankfully it’s back on the shelves at Boots. Phew.

Dry Shampoo

Finally I’m a convert to the Colab range after so many recommendations on this texturising post. I have an annoying section of my fringe which insists in parting. I’ve found a few spritzes of the invisible one is just the ticket for keeping my unruly fringe together and adding some volume and texture to boot.

So these are the products firmly on my must-have list but I’d absolutely love to hear what you use on your barnet? Any conditioners or oils or heat protectors you can recommend for my temperamental tresses? What’s your secret weapon for a good hair day?

  • Olsson Shampoo
    Olsson Shampoo
  • COLAB Dry Shampoo
    COLAB Dry Shampoos
  • Bleach London Reincarnation Mask
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16 thoughts on “How Do You Get Good Hair?

  1. Love this post. The only rule of hair is that mine only ever looks good when I don’t need it to! Mine is always so flat, wish I could curl it or have thicker hair 🤷🏻‍♀️ So envious of people with good hair.

  2. Lauren!! Selenium supplements! I’ve been taking selenium supplements since the start of the year and wow. I had a brief break at one point and within two weeks my nails were flaking and my hair was horrible. Back on the supplements and the difference is huge. I’ll be taking them until my dying day.

    1. Hi Naomi, I took supplements a couple of years ago and won’t go into too much detail but the side effects weren’t great! So annoying!

  3. The only way I’ve ever had good hair is by being pregnant!!! My limp fine hair was wonderfully thick and shiny – until it started falling out postpartum. I’m not sure that’s a sustainable way to get good hair though, so I’m resigned to my thin hair for now!

  4. I tried the no-poo method for a while but my hair felt quite dry and it was just too much of a faff sharing apple cider vinager between my shower and my kitchen. I mix our shampoos now with a pure base and add our own oils in – I got into doing that for my 13 year old who needed something to help her get to sleep as well as to combat teenage oily hair so I mixed her an organic lavender, clary sage and tea tree shampoo. Her hair looked so much better so I make them for all of us now with various oils and Neals Yard bases. I also use a supplement from them for hair and nails. Mine is not doing badly considering it’s suffered me bleaching it, bleaching it, bleaching it and then changing my mind and dying it darker. It really shouldn’t be looking shiny or healthy. I also love the Philip Kingsley elasticiser. Once every few weeks I sleep with it on and shampoo out and my hair feels lovely, tangle free and full after. I’m quite careful with styling products. My scalp tends to react badly with everything so I’ve figured, as I always have long hair, the best thing for me to do is aim for a clean and healthy look and step away from the colourants and volume builders!

      1. Neals Yard again. They have a range of oils and bases for shampoo, bubble baths, lotions and ointments to make all sorts (I’ve even just signed up as a consultant as I was spending so much so gathering a my own little apothecary each time I pop orders in).

  5. Oh my hair is sooo fine and needs washing every morning and again if I’m doing anything nice in the evening! I’m going to treat myself to your suggestions, thank you! I tried taking seakelp tablets after seeing a few people on Instagram get good hair growth with them – don’t think it worked. My boyf works in mineral supplements for cows and he says biotin is best. I’ve just started taking an Asda imitation of Perfectil as it contains the same level of biotin for a fraction of the price. It’s too early to tell if it works but will continue.

  6. I hate to say it – but a good haircut is the absolute starting point… Flat hair can have shape, curls can be tamed, you name it. And the cut should grow out well so you don’t need it cut very regularly… That doesn’t mean to say there won’t be bad hair days but boy does it make a huge difference!! I have given up conditioning, nothing other than shampoo as it seems to make my hair stay looking cleaner for longer somehow. Having said that, during pregnancy I tend to get oilier hair which is really irritating, I use the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special shampoo as it seemed to clean my hair better the first time. This time not so much – I shall be looking into the one you recommend above!

    1. Paul Mitchell was the first premium shampoo I ever used Annie! I remember that Tea Tree shampoo – it was so good! Must get my hands on some again.

  7. I swear by Paul Mitchell shampoo 3. Super clarifying and the only thing that stops my hair hulking out and going green (well water plus old copper pipes plus platinum blonde is not a good combo!).

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