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Father’s Day Presents You Might Not Have Thought Of

Author: Lauren Coleman

It’s Father’s Day on the 17th June and if you’re anything like me, your dad is likely to get some socks or maybe some craft beer. Catherine wrote to us recently requesting a Father’s Day Gift post. With a six week old in tow, Catherine wanted ideas for her other half from her little man which were sentimental but not too cutesy. Any excuse for a bit of online trawling.

I’ve included gifts the littles might want to pass on to their daddies as well as presents you lovely ladies may want to give you to your own dads. Most of them are suitable for both so hopefully there’s a bit of inspiration for all the papas out there.

Personalised Wooden Trinkets

Etsy and Not on The High Street are awash with personalised bits and pieces and we love these daddy and me wooden bears from EdgeInspired which can be customised with three children’s names. Prices from £10.

Custom Mug

If you prefer something he can use on a day to day basis then Sophie Victoria Joy has an adorable range of child and adult mugs for dad and your little one including this personalised Daddy Bear Mug. Prices from £12.50.

Family Poster

Maybe you fancy a family portrait from Posterhaste instead? Choose expressions, hair and accessories for each family member and your personalised stick man family will be conjured up and posted to your door. Prices starting from £20.

Personalised Book

Not On The High Street have a sweet collection of Father’s Day Books, including a cookbook that can be customised with details of your choice. Prices starting from £13.95


If you’re thinking of keeping your purse closed but would like something exceptionally memorable then how about interviewing your kids and making a short iPhone video. Ask them what they love most about their dad and it’s sure to be a tear jerker.

If you’d prefer to give a more tangible gift then on the same lines, there is a 10 things I love about you framed print from Appleyard.

Practical Ruscksack

For something super practical, what about a rucksack? After about a year of deliberation over what rucksack James could take to the office I finally bought him a Herschel Backpack for Christmas and he’s used it every day since. Their designs incorporate various sizes of laptop sleeves with lots of pouches for media and other paraphernalia. Prices from around £55.


Regular location maps became very popular a few years ago and now it’s the turn of the star map. There are multiple Etsy sellers offering maps that you could have customised with the constellation and night sky on your child’s birth date or a date that’s very important to your Dad. Some are printable at home while others will arrive at your front door ready to be gifted.


Experiences are another great gift. It could be a voucher for a meal at his favourite restaurant, or maybe lessons in something like clay pigeon shooting or archery. Perhaps tickets to see his favourite comedian or seats at a gig. I love receiving presents to use at a later date – it’s like a double whammy and the gift that keeps giving!


Maybe you’ll go along to one of the experiences above, or perhaps you could indulge in a bit of bonding experience? Buy all the ingredients for his favourite meal and cook it together or go off and spend the day indulging his favourite hobby with him.

If In Doubt, Chocolate

I’ve seen this on Pinterest many times but if the Dad in question is a chocoholic then this note pieced together from the names of chocolate bars could be good for a laugh.

For Cards

Amy put me on to We Built This City and they have a great selection of items curated from London’s most talented artists, designers and makers. There are some great cards and cute unique pieces.

Any gems you want to share that you’re bought the father figure in your life?

  • EdgeInspired Wooden Bears
    EdgeInspired Wooden Bears
  • Star Map
    Star Map
  • Sophie Victoria Joy Mug
    Sophie Victoria Joy Mug
  • Herschel Backpack
    Herschel Backpack
  • Bloody Love You Card
    Bloody Love You Card
  • Father's Day Books
    Father's Day Books
  • PosterHaste Family Print
    PosterHaste Family Print
  • TicketMaster Voucher
    TicketMaster Voucher

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12 thoughts on “Father’s Day Presents You Might Not Have Thought Of

  1. Some good ideas here.. I’m tempted to try the video with my three year old! This is our fourth Father’s Day for my husband and I like to try and find a book for him to read to Juliet. I may have some up my sleeve for this year recommended by @bookbairn on Instagram but I can’t say too much because he has been known to check the RMS site on occasion!

    Last year, in the airport on the way back from Menorca I saw a Spanish Peppa Pig book called Mi Papi which I bought because David was insistent on learning Spanish.. I hid it away until Father’s Day when, surprise surprise, he’d already abandoned his Spanish speaking quest. It had only been a month..

    Being the first World Cup weekend I’m tempted to just give him a free pass to watch as much football as he wants for the day!

  2. My husband is getting a bumper pack of panini World Cup stickers for Father’s Day 😂
    I wouldn’t normally spend so much (it’s about £60) but the last 2 months he’s worked really hard to make over our garden and it looks absolutely amazing, complete with tree house for our son, so figured he deserves an extra little treat.
    My own father probably won’t get a present because he lives 100 miles away. He’s not the type of man to go collect a parcel from the post office if he’s not in. In fact I’m not even sure where the nearest post office is to him anymore!!

    1. Claire there are times I’ve given my dad a card and he’s looked at me like I’m from another planet, as he had no idea it was Father’s Day. I don’t think he counts down to Father’s Day like my mum does to Mother’s Day!
      A tree house? This is all sorts of amazing.

  3. A gift that has gone down well with men in my family has been a couple of bags of nice coffee and flavoured syrups. I gave my husband a coffee bean grinder and milk frother too!

    My Dad (and Mum too) loved the digital photo frame I gave him a few years ago. It’s not the most attractive house item, but it kind of solved the issue of never printing off nice photographs. I just loaded some nice photos on to a memory stick and it was good to go. A photo book is also a lovely gift.

  4. awww but what about OUR dads?? (Rather than hubby)
    My dad is 71 and I have zero clue of what to get him!

    1. Hi Catrin, my Dad is 70 and I’ve bought him lots of things off this list before; tickets to a concert, fabric bag/ satchel type thing, archery lessons and meals out too.

  5. I get the kids to tell me what to buy him. The results are hilarious. Last year? A tin of sweets. This year? A robot that moves in circles.

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