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Everyday Jewellery

Author: Lauren Coleman

At a recent Rock My Limited Team meeting the ladies were rocking some of their favourite costume jewels. Whether you’re more of a statement necklace kind of girl or prefer a delicate and dainty chain we hope you’ll like some of our favourite pieces.


I’m ALL about a statement necklace. I just don’t suit dainty, and I love their brilliant ability to transform an otherwise plain outfit. Even on the days when I just want to throw on a black tee I know I can still appear to have pulled it together by adding one of my bold accessories. I’ve already curated a rather large collection, but when they go with everything (chambray shirt, breton tee, collared blouse… no limits!) it would have been rude not to add this Oliver Bonas beauty, wouldn’t it?


I wouldn’t usually wear these two pieces together – if I’ve got a statement necklace on then I usually leave my wrists and fingers jewellery-free. However this Cos bracelet was too cute not to wear.

I love colourful necklaces (and scarves, and handbags!) because they are an easy way of bringing a bit of interest to an outfit. They can transform a plain grey tee or Breton top in an instant. My necklace is an old one from Accessorize but you can find similar at John Lewis. The bracelet is an old favourite too but you can buy similar at Cos.


I tend to favour more classic, understated jewellery mainly as I don’t wear it much any more due to the inevitable breakages caused by two small children. My necklace of choice is my simple single pearl that Edd bought me years ago. I adore it’s simplicity and it just goes with everything. The matching pearl studs are also a staple for me and until I get some giant diamonds these are just perfect 🙂 . These ones were from our local jewellers but you can find similar styles here and here. I very rarely wear bracelets any more as I find they just get in my way but these gold bangles were my granny’s and have sentimental value. I just love the layered look of bangles and these delicate ones from Asos would be great. When I want to jazz up an outfit a bit more my go to is my double layer long pendant from Whistles. I adore it and have worn it so much already.


I discovered the beautiful jewellery by Astrid & Miyu via Rock My Wedding, we featured their founder Connie’s engagement shoot and her gorgeous wedding is coming soon. I’m not a big jewellery wearer, so their dainty pieces really suit my style and I love that most of their collections come in rose gold too. I’m wearing one of their Tuxedo chain ring and the geometric block necklace. Their jewellery is somehow modern, stylish and bohemian all at the same time and is very reasonably priced, they even offer a reward scheme for customers. It’s British designed and made too so all in all they are a brand I love and I’d recommend their jewellery to everyone.

Me {Lauren}

I wore a cheap Topshop necklace to death on our honeymoon and it quickly tarnished. I absolutely loved the sweet and delicate bow and was gutted I had to bin it. For my birthday that year my very thoughtful husband had the same jeweller who crafted my engagement ring make a 9ct gold replica complete with a black diamond. I absolutely adore it and wear it most of the time. I’ve never plucked up the courage to ask him how much it cost but he has mentioned it ‘was a lot less than you’d think’. I’ll leave it at that.

What are you favourite pieces to wear every day? Do you go delicate or daring? Ooh and if you like Lottie and Fern’s threads you can find all the details in our recent fashion post.


Photography by Anna from WE ARE // THE CLARKES

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24 thoughts on “Everyday Jewellery

  1. I have a substantial collection of jewellery – statement pieces, contemporary, vintage costume and delicate things (necklaces, bracelets, brooches and, my latest thing, earrings) – and wear a real mix. My latest purchases was a handful of tiny earrings from the Z for Accessorize range (which are all gold plated) to fill the five holes in my right ear. Lovely contemporary plain and sparkly pieces!

    1. I’ve been tempted by Z for Accessorize several times but haven’t ended up with anything from their collections. You’ve tempted me to look again Caroline! x

      1. Do have another look 🙂
        I haven’t bought any jewellery from Accessorize for a long, long time but that range has convinced me to go back.

        Whistles is also good for jewellery, particularly thierry collaborations with Lulu Frost.

  2. Er Lauren does your husband give lessons in how to do fantastic gifts for more rubbish males? A weekend course? Would totally send his nibs on that.

    Can I plug two brands I LOVE? Eclectic Eccentricity make the coolest, reasonably priced jewellery, with amazing themes- astronomy, dinosaurs, animals, the great outdoors- they are beautiful, and so much fun.

    Also, my friend Jen started Gems Uncovered (uncles) Jewellery a few years ago and makes the most incredible pieces with semi precious stones. A share of profits go to fight trafficking in women and girls, so your beautiful new trinket is changing lives.

    They both have lush Instagram accounts, just saying…

    1. I think he has a lot of help Lucy. I think it would be better if my friend Lindsay ran the weekend course instead 😉

      Off to check out these two brands you speak of x

    2. Off to have a look at both sites now Lucy!
      I should also share
      Laura does really lovely stacking rings, layerable necklaces and earrings for affordable prices, all handmade in her studio in London (just round the corner from where I work!).

  3. I never think to look in whistles for jewellery but have been looking for something like that double layer pendant for ages. It’s beautiful Lottie. I’ve ordered a few similar things that have just not been long enough (why some shops don’t photograph their jewellery on models or give you chain length is just silly)
    Most days I’m also a small jewellery fan and tend to live in my eternity necklace Joel got me from Tiffanys. I have a few stacking rings I like but am waiting for my nannans eternity ring to be resized for me to stack with my wedding and engagement ring – I do love the things I wear to have a story. Accessorize is great though, especially for festival summery extras and I always raid the 70% off sales for a few £3.60 bargains! Loving all these choices though and you’ve inspired me to dig through my jewellery box to make more of an effort when we head off to the park today!

    1. I love things that have a story too. My mum, sister and I all have short necklaces made from a long chain my gran had.
      How wonderful to have your nannan’s rings too x

  4. Lauren, what a lovely gift from your husband! So thoughtful. I love seeing all your different styles. I’m a statement necklace girl myself, and particularly love Lisa’s stripes and jewels combo above! Usually Accessorize is my fave or Stella and Dot for a treat!x

    1. The statement necklace looks so good with Lisa’s stripes doesn’t it?
      Still need to go to a Stella and Dot party – some of their pieces are so good, if a little spendy! x

  5. I hope I don’t bump into Lottie somewhere (!) as I have now purchased the boden top (from the previous article) & the whistles necklace both of which she is wearing! 🙂 thanks for the recommendations, lovely ideas.

  6. I love jewellery, it’s my favourite section in any shop. Even when on a tight budget you can find a little highstreet gem that instantly finishes of an outfit…..

    I got a fab gift for my birthday this year from great little company called Sparkle & Rock who deliver a monthly jewellery box to my door….. I love seeing what is in my box each month!!!

  7. I discovered a great website just before christmas last year which has got a real mix of styles and isn’t too expensive. I’m more of a delicate jewellery wearer myself and I’ve just got into wearing earrings again after having my rook pierced (cartilage bit inside top of ear) Need to check out the Z for accessorize earrings!

  8. It’s a fab idea Lauren and I will definitely be purchasing as a gift for my friends.

    I have a mixed box but you can choose from dainty, boho or statement. Each months box is themed and you get styling tips too. So far I’ve received dainty pendants, statement rings and boho bracelets. I also got sent a personalised necklace in collaboration with Lisa Angel which was lovely and I wear all the time.

  9. I sell Stella & Dot jewellery so I’ve ended up with quite a collection from statement pieces to more delicate pieces I can layer up. I’ve always been a bit of a magpie though so I have quite a collection of other jewellery too.
    My favourite earrings though are some simple diamond studs – made from diamonds my husband brought me back from his tour in Afghanistan. They mean so much to me as they are a reminder that after that tough time apart he came home safe to me x

  10. I have fallen in love with Hapinees Boutique – I found them on Instagram and now own many of their statement necklaces – I even wore one on my wedding day!!! Definitely worth a look!! I am deffo a statement kinda girl and I do love a long statement necklace too!!!

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